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Vote “no” to more government intrusion
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To the editor:

Regarding the proposed constitutional amendment authorizing legislators to freely determine if, when and how a woman is to receive an abortion ... Why are the “keep the government out of our lives” ultra-conservatives trying to overturn a woman’s right to determine if she needs abortion services?  The current constitutional “guarantee” of a woman’s right to choose already severely restricts a woman’s self-determination because, except to save her life or prevent severe physical injury, she can’t have an abortion after only 20 or 22 weeks. Plus, the Kansas Constitution also requires an ultrasound and counseling, restricts health insurance availability for abortion, and more.  

This deeply personal decision should be the woman’s alone, not some bureaucrat applying rigid regulations based on misguided laws written by zealous legislators. More disturbing ... parents’ rights to make the best decision for their underage daughter even after seeking advice from faith leaders, physicians and psychologists would likely be overturned. Relying on the “common sense” and “compassion” of legislators who seldom display those qualities jeopardizes the physical and mental health of every woman (and girl) in Kansas. We don’t know what extremes these legislators will go to if given the authority to write new laws. Please vote “NO” on the abortion amendment to keep government intrusion from making difficult situations worse.  

Felix Revello