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We are captives of Biden’s agenda
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To the editor:

The Biden administration was oblivious to the baby formula shortage until it became a political liability. Your babies, like moms with strollers run down in broad daylight or the bleaching bones of illegals in the scorching desert sun are simply collateral damage in their journey forward.

We are in transition to the revolutionary Green New Deal with all that it entails. All other priorities have been rescinded. We are captives in their journey to utopia whether we like it or not.

While Democrats collude with the legacy media and their radical showbiz comrades like Matthew McConaughey performing at the White House, their unyielding assault on the Second Amendment takes a deceptively moderate form.

They become ever more powerful while the rest of us drop a notch on the food chain. 

Unless of course, you are a Marxist founder of Black Lives Matter, in which case you’ve enriched yourself in the revolutionary struggle then abandoned the hood for a multi-million-dollar mansion located in a lily-white neighborhood.

Gregory Bontrager