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We are living in a totalitarian nightmare
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To the editor:

The statistics are in about the COVID-19 virus. The Centers for Disease Control had to admit that only 6% of deaths were from COVID-19. It has been downgraded to a flu virus around the world. Sept. 1st, the CDC admitted on their website that the entire Corona Virus Scamdemic was a huge lie and massive mainstream Media Hoax!

I’m not minimizing the 6% deaths that occurred. I understand it’s very contagious and deadly, particularly for people with comorbitities and the elderly. My heart and prayers go to the families that were touched by the virus. The question now is, why are we still being told wear masks, practice social distancing, keep schools closed, stay in our homes, only go out to work and emergencies?

This was a scam from the beginning, unfortunately most of us fell for it. We need this virus to play out, on its own, as we usually do with any other virus. It’s time our nation, our states, our communities need to get back to work.

Matt Bracken at writes Antifa and BLM are cover names for the real organization behind this “Revolutionary Communist Party of the U.S.A.” which has long planned guerilla warfare urban uprising, in an attempt to overthrow the U.S.A.

In your research, look up Antifa BLM who appears? Joe Biden and Karmala Harris. The money from this website is used for promoting riots and their political agenda. Here’s a few stats in other states:

Hawaii - All motorist are now being forced to submit to COVID-19 testing, if they are traveling on a certain highway.

California - Forget teaching history – it will be rewritten. Brain-washing curriculum soon will be mandatory. California opens door for Reparations for Slavery. They want a tax force (sic) to decide compensations.

Florida - U.S. Marshals found weapons, helmets, gas masks, protective vest, illegal fireworks, controlled substance, being shipped to weaponize rioters on the front lines. 

This is some of what is happening in our country. They want to keep us in total fear, total isolation, anything that brings people pride in their country must be stopped. But anything that causes division, fear, panic, anxiety or hatred must be amplified, not caring about all the property destruction, the looting, arson. Just plain anarchy. Think of the damage done to all our children across America, subjected to horrific madness.

We are living in a totalitarian nightmare! We all need to do our research! We own ourselves the truth. This is not for debate. These are facts.

Lou Jay

Great Bend