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We have to remember the source of the message
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To the editor:

Every time I hear the terms white privilege, climate change or the Jan. 6 conspiracy, I remember that this is coming from the same sect of the Democratic Party that advocated banning portions of Dr. Seuss or believes that placing sanitary napkin dispensers in boys’ restrooms is rational.

This same sect would have us believe that the Black Lives Matter riots were a proletariat revolt against racism instead of the savage hooligan rage that it was, or that industrial climate change is settled science, which it is not.

We must remember that these people are pushing an agenda that is not based on fact but on the same subjective truth that gave us the ill-conceived COVID-19 lockdowns that have damaged the long-term outlook for millions of American children.

This aberrant strain of Democrats accepts the dehumanization of society by groups like Hamas not because they believe it but because it’s the current fashion on campus. Campuses that are starting to look more like a scene out of “A Clockwork Orange” than institutions of higher learning.

Gregory Bontrager