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We must preserve our blessings
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To the editor,

I recently received an email from my son suggesting that socialism might be an option to heal our troubled nation. Following is my reply.

“There’s no question that the U.S. is in decline. We badly need welfare, prison, tax, educational and political reform. Our national debt and fake news are both terrifying and the poverty in many parts of our country unconscionable and unnecessary. The rich are getting richer, the poor, poorer, and the middle class disappearing. We desperately need to create jobs for the lower and poverty level classes and provide training for those jobs. 

National infrastructure repair would create the jobs, while changing the emphasis from college education to vo-tech would provide training. Restrictions imposed by the Obama administration prohibiting the private sector from profitably participating in infrastructure repair need to be rescinded.

Under Biden, meaningful reform or positive political and economic gains will not occur. They will worsen as there is so much wide-spread corruption in our government that will remain unchallenged and unchecked. President Trump, in spite of his obnoxious personality was making positive inroads in many areas, sincerely trying to “clear the swamp” which I think terrified the establishment who could never allow that to happen. 

A Biden administration is essentially a third Obama administration that will give back all the progress Trump has made in the last four years.

In spite of all our problems, our systems of Democracy and Capitalism are still the best political and economic systems in the world. 

Perhaps the most important component in our decline is the attitude of many of our people. From the very wealthy to the very poor, few people are satisfied. Greed and entitlement rule. Many of us do not take responsibility for our behaviors or life status, but want to blame someone else. Others want a free ride. In many of our poverty areas, the underlying problem is alcohol and drug abuse worsened by single mother families.

We are still the greatest country in the world. Look at the standards of living in Africa; and in North Korea, Cuba, China, Yugoslavia, Russia and every other country that has ever experimented with socialism or communism. Yet we are not satisfied. 

We want something more or different. We don’t appreciate what we have even when the majority of our poor are better off than most people in other countries in the world. And, it is very frustrating that we have opportunities to improve the standards of living for many people in our society and don’t do it. 

I have asked myself what I, an ordinary citizen can do to change the course of our country. I’ve spent the last several years doing hundreds of hours of research; written a book on our country’s problems and possible solutions; written many articles to local newspapers, politicians, religious leaders, friends and loved ones; and voted. I’ve gotten one response from one politician and one response from one minister. This is sad. I think many of my friends and family either divert themselves in order to avoid thinking about what the future might hold or feel helpless to do anything about it.

Although I’m not sure that I’m doing a bit of good, I’m going to continue writing, speaking and trying to set an example for all people I can possibly reach to do the most important thing that can be done to reverse the course of decline; change attitudes by convincing Americans to be aware of the importance of preserving the blessings of freedom we still possess. I urge you to do the same.”

Don McCullough