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We’re watching the decline of an empire
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To the editor:

Our country is falling apart. A close look at many of our major systems like welfare, health care, prison, and unemployment show that they are poorly organized, inefficient, archaic, and much more expensive than they need to be. Our educational system is teaching subversive and divisive concepts like critical race theory, white supremacy and systemic racism. Our national debt is currently about $31 trillion and rapidly growing. We are being swamped by a serious pandemic.

Recent executive orders to open our border and legalize millions of illegal immigrants; rescind the ban on travel from terrorist hotspots; approve welfare and stimulus for illegal aliens; rejoin corrupt and ineffective organizations like the Paris Climate Agreement and WHO; cancel the Keystone project and restrict the fracking of oil all make our struggling country much more vulnerable to complete failure. The frivolous and foolish gender decisions allowing men to compete with women; the potential to pay additional $ billions to Iran so they can continue to enrich uranium are beyond rational belief.

These decisions will eliminate a huge number of jobs, endanger our national security, and increase the incidents of COVID 19. They will stress our social, educational, economic, prison and health systems to the breaking point and very probably devastate our country. The first 30 days of the Biden administration have been a disaster; an inevitable acceleration into failure: socialism or communism.

The disastrous situation we currently find ourselves in is a combination of the abuse of executive orders and the existence of wealthy, elite, often corrupt career politicians in both our legislative and executive branches of government who have no way to relate to the average American. We desperately need political reform.

My grandson, Dylan McCullough, who has three undergraduate degrees, one in political science, has been a foreign exchange student who studied in Germany, is fluent in German and currently working on a masters degree and teaching part time at Kansas State University has helped me develop a plan for political reform to hopefully end this insanity.

We know that Congress will never pass any legislation limiting their own power or ability to line their pockets with taxpayers’ money. There is, however, a very rarely used procedure to bypass Congress and amend the Constitution.

The Constitution allows for two-thirds of the states, through their legislatures, to call for a national convention to amend the Constitution. The proposed amendments would then have to be approved by three-fourths of state legislatures. 

No member of Congress should be paid more than the average American or have special retirement or health plans. There should be limits on age, length of term, executive orders and campaign donations. Each member should have to completely disclose any conflict of interest. Current or future profits from book contracts, speaking engagements, excess campaign donations or donations from lobbyists should all be forfeited to the government. Public service should be a patriotic privilege, not a pathway to undeserved wealth.

All Americans, despite party affiliation should contact State legislatures encouraging them to organize a national convention to pass political reform through constitutional amendment.

None of us want to see our children, grandchildren or great grandchildren living in poverty without food, clean water, heat, medical care or other necessary supplies. I have little doubt that this is our future if we don’t stop the insanity now!

Don McCullough