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Write in Morris for county attorney
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To the editor:

Dear Fellow citizens of Barton County,

2020 has been a tumultuous and trying year for many of us. Between the coronavirus epidemic, civil unrest, and political uncertainty many unforeseen situations have developed. One of the situations involves the upcoming election for Barton County Attorney.

On election day this November, no name will appear for the position of County Attorney on your ballot. Election of a County Attorney will depend solely upon “write-in” votes. That is why I am asking you, my fellow citizens, to write in Levi Morris for Barton County Attorney.

Mr. Morris and I have had a good working relationship since he became County Attorney. Many times, cops and prosecutors do not agree about the disposition of a case. Many times, prosecutors and judges do not agree about disposition of cases. But what is important to me is that our cases are getting reviewed and filed for prosecution. This is a definite improvement from the previous administration. Since Mr. Morris has been the County Attorney, we have had frequent communication about the prosecution of cases.  

As reflected in Mr. Friedeman’s letter to the editor of Oct. 13, 2020, many people will either skip the County Attorney’s race and not write in a name, or on a whim write in some person’s name in jest. Please realize that for your local law enforcement officers this race is very serious. Therefore, I humbly ask you to take a few extra seconds and write-in Levi Morris for Barton County Attorney.

Sheriff Brian J. Bellendir