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You don’t need a mandate to do the right thing
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To the editor:

We can do better than this. COVID-19 cases are rampant in our communities at this time. Our Central Plains School District is going to remote learning for 2 1/2 weeks because we have more Jr. High students quarantined than can attend class. We have so many staff members out at the elementary school that we can’t cover the classrooms.

I don’t feel comfortable shopping in Great Bend anymore because so many patrons in the stores aren’t wearing masks. I don’t eat out in Great Bend because many of the restaurants, not all I might add, don’t require their employees to wear masks. Therefore, those people preparing and serving our food may be spreading the virus to their customers. It is spread by droplet, you know. I was in Salina recently and felt much safer there. Everyone I came in contact with was wearing a mask.

It would be great if our commissioners would pass a mask mandate but we don’t have to wait for that. I’m asking Barton County citizens to do the right thing. Step up and wear your masks to protect those around you. It seems like such a small sacrifice to make. Help us get our children back to school.

Pam Stiles