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BCC golfers compete at NJCAA national championship
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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Rain drenched golfers at the NJCAA women’s national championship at Legends Golf Course during the four-day event.
A water-logged Barton Community College Lady Cougars golf team finished 17th overall at 1,731 in 72 holes.
“It rained every day, except the practice round,” Barton head coach Doug Kaiser said. “It was beautiful during the practice round. It was sunny, warm and a little muggy. It was perfect weather.
“The girls shot well in the practice round. We can handle wind, but we’re just not used to the rain.”
Barton trailed in the 17-team field from Day 1.
The Lady Cougars finished Day 2 ahead of Paradise Valley, but couldn’t maintain the lead in the final days of the championship.
“When you first look at it, it doesn’t look like much, but you have to figure there are 127 teams in the nation and we are in the top 20,” Kaiser said. “Most teams didn’t have enough players qualify to compete as a team, so this is pretty good.”
The Lady Cougars had to work through multiple rain delays.
“(On Wednesday), we had three delays,” Kaiser said. “The first one was an hour and 45 minutes, the second was an hour and 20 minutes and the third one was about an hour.
“The girls didn’t finish their third round. We had to mark our balls with tees and come out the next day at 6:45 in the morning to finish the third round and then play the fourth.”
Chelsea Dietz led the Lady Cougars, finishing at 419. Dietz’s best round was the fourth when she shot 99.
Brittany Axman finished at 425, Lindsey Wait shot a combined 437 and Alyssa Dickman shot 460.
“I think the girls did OK,” Kaiser said. “They’re in good spirits. We just haven’t had to play in this kind of rain. There was no wind. It just came pouring down.”

                                     — Kevin Price


At Daytona Beach, Fla.
Legends Golf Course
Par 72



Team standings
1. Redlands, 1,176; 2. Seminole State, 1,225; 3. Western Texas, 1,235; 4. Daytona State, 1,243; 5. McLennan, 1,253; 6. Mesa, 1,301; 7. Texarkana, 1,303; 8. Tyler (Texas), 1,341; 9. Rend Lake, 1,396; 10. Des Moines Area, 1,516; 11. Iowa Western, 1,524; 12. North Idaho, 1,566; 13. Chandler Gilbert, 1,568; 14. Dodge City, 1,570; 15. Iowa Central, 1,643; 16. Paradise Valley, 1,708; 17. Barton, 1,731

Top 10 individuals
1. Sarah Schober, Redlands, 282; 2. Elcin Ulu, Redlands, 290; 3. Stephanie Bertelsen,  Western Texas, 292; 4. Bethany Darrough, Redlands, 300; 5. Erika Wardzinski, Seminole State, 306; 6. Maria Palacios, Western Texas, 307; 7. Elia Folch, Seminole State, 308; 7. Noriko Inoue, Daytona State, 308; 9. Alyssa Smith, McLennan, 309; 9. Rachael McQueen, McLennan, 309; 9. Lauren Shuford, Seminole State, 309; 9. Alejandra Arellano, Seminole State, 309

Barton results
Chelsea Dietz 102-112-106-99 — 419; Brittany Axman 105-104-114-102 — 425; Lindsey Wait 112-101-119-105 — 437; Alyssa Dickman 109-122-117-112 — 460