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At the Mike
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Skip headed to Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame
Congratulations Skip. Mike Warren was just named an inductee in the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame. Warren will be inducted the first Saturday in February in Wichita.
His Hall of Fame career is built on his time at Barton. Skip coached for 30 years on the hill and won more than 900 games. During his 35 year career combined at Pratt, Dodge City and Barton, he won more than 1,000 games.
So way to go Skip. You’ve earned it my friend.
Prep thoughts
The week between Christmas and the New Year kind of brings a little different intensity to the gym. Preparation is starting to take place for the first basketball game of 2016. It becomes a little more regular.
As a player I always liked the time before Christmas. For us, anyway, we did more fun type activities. One of my favorites was getting to play the recent players. As they were back from college and whatnot we always had a day or two when we would scrimmage against them.
I think it was actually more fun after I was in college and coming back to play against the high schoolers. I know as a player it helped us keep interest and have some fun during the long break.
Former Athlete/Coach update
A little more on Coach Warren. He is set to be inducted with another coaching legend in long-time Wichita State coach Gene Stephenson. Stephenson coached at WSU for 36 years and won nearly 1,800 games. That’s a lot wins and a lot of umpire arguments between the two.
Joining the two will be Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore.
Two players will also be inducted. Wichita natives Nate Robertson and Billy Hall. Robertson, a left-handed reliever pitched in the big leagues for eight seasons. Hall played at Butler then walked on at WSU and became an All-American at second base. He got as high as AA in pro ball.
Around Campus
Campus is just about set to reopen. The campus will be open for business Monday. Students, however, are still about 10 days away from starting classes.
The basketball teams will be back the quickest. The Cougars will be off to Allen County Saturday for another Jayhawk conference game. The men will take a 3-0 conference mark into the game in Iola while the women are 0-3 in the conference with some close losses. Overall the men are now 11-3 while the women are 8-6.
The games should be a good chance for both teams to pick up wins. The Allen women are 0-4 in the Jayhawk and 4-10 overall. The Allen men are 1-3 in the conference and 9-5 overall.
And Finally
Its been a busy and interesting week. A radiator issue with the car which means no heat. It’s winter. I need heat. A trip to the vet for the animals. All this around two Christmases which included a jaunt to Glen Elder.
Getting your car fixed over the Holidays is not a quick issue. The radiator had to be ordered so we had a dealer car over Christmas. A dealer car that I found out had a tail light out when the Great Bend police stopped us. Fortunately the policeman in vehicle 82 was good about it. Since the car they gave us was just like ours I had lights at home and fixed the issue.
Then came the trip to the vet. Two cats and two dogs. Actually the newest dog, Waffle, has to wait until January. In addition to his shots he is going to lose his manhood.
So off we went with two cats and a little dog. I always wonder if they know what is going on. The cats especially. They never leave the house so they knew something was up I’m sure. They were not happy. Yelling in the car like kids. They do take shots better than my daughter, though.
Finally, since my daughter Katelyn evidently has plans to be a zoo keeper some day we added yet another pet to the household. She wanted a guinea pig for Christmas.
Against my rule of no more living, breathing things in the house she got one. This goes with her hermit crab and beta as well as the two dogs and two cats. When Donovan came over the other day he brought his hamster. This gave us eight pets in the house at one time.
I probably need to check city ordinances.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.