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At the Mike
April Fools Day brings memories of Sidd Finch
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 The Irish can relax. Another celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is in the books. I survived without a hitch. I didn’t get pinched since I didn’t wear green but Kansas was playing basketball that day. I had to wear my red and blue even though I have about 1/4 Irish in me.

Coming up soon on the docket will be April Fools’ Day. This day always makes me think of Sidd Finch. If you haven’t heard of the French-horn playing, fastball-throwing Tibetan you have to look him up.

It was without a doubt the greatest April Fools’ hoax of all time. It was played out by Sports Illustrated and the fantastic writer George Plimpton – “The Curious Case of Sidd Finch’. ESPN even has a 30 for 30 Shorts about it.

From that point forward, April Fools’ Day hoaxes were just chasing second place.

Prep thoughts

It’s a quiet time for the prep sports. Winter sports are over except for the post season honors. Spring sports are preparing for their respective seasons. 

Most spring sports will get their season started next week. Good luck to all the local teams. There should be some successful teams in the area in a variety of sports. 

Former athlete/coach update

A pair of record setting seasons came to an end this past week for ex Cougars women’s basketball coaches. We’ve followed Lane Lord’s team to the Elite in NCAA Division II. That is where it ended as his Pittsburg State Gorillas were upset by Grand Valley State, 59-56.

The game featured 11 lead changes and eight ties but in the end it was the Lakers from the Minnesota school that moved into the semifinals. Pitt State ends with a school record 29-7 record.

Ben Lister, a Barton assistant for three different coaches – Chance Lindley, Jill Barclay, and Keith Ferguson – led Baker to the NAIA title game. The Wildcats run for their first national title came up short to Mid America Nazarene, 49-35. Ironically, Mid America was the last team to beat Baker in the Heart of American Conference title game. The Wildcats finished 28-9 – a school record.

For Lister, it was another step in a great five year tenure at Baker. The school made it to its first NAIA DI National Tournament in 2014 and has now been there three straight years. His first All-American at the school? A girl from Barton he took with him – St. John High graduate Alisha Fanshier, an honorable mention pick in 2013. Shea Shoemaker also played for him and was an All-Conference pick in 2014.

Around campus

It’s back. Well, almost. Camp Aldrich is just about ready to be back in service. A Grand Reopening is slated for next week, March 31. 

The facility has been out of use since a fire in April of 2014. Nearly two full years later, it is ready to go. The Ribbon Cutting is set for 5:30-7:30 with an after-hours event incorporated into it. The event will feature free hot dogs, hamburgers and side dishes.

And finally

I can still cut a rug. At least I think so. For the younger generation that means to dance energetically and extremely well. 

This is probably thanks to my abilities on Just Dance ‘It’s Raining Men’. Or perhaps my high score on the Wii Fit Hip-Hop.

As I informed you a couple of weeks ago, my nephew got married this past weekend. The ceremony was accompanied by a dinner and dance. 

My wife Crystal enjoys dancing. We used to dance more than we do now. In fact, it had been a while. It had been even longer since I danced with my sister, Rhonda. 

I was privileged enough to dance with my beautiful wife and lovely sister Saturday. I was even able to dance with Rhonda’s daughter, my wonderful niece Tori. I still like her even though she chose to go to Kansas State to school. My brother Mark and his wife Cheryl, whose son was getting married, also joined us. Sometimes all at once in a group.

I did figure out one thing. I get winded a bit quicker than I used to. Just out of high school my sister and I would often end up the same venues dancing to local bands. At one point Saturday during an upbeat song Rhonda said to me it reminded her of when we were younger dancing to the Jimmy Dee Band. 

It did. But as the song went on I found myself getting tired. That didn’t used to happen. In fact, I was happy when the song ended so I could sit and rest a bit (and watch KU play basketball on my phone).

All in all it was a good night. Brady got married, my wife got to dance and KU won. And the Jimmy Dee band got a mention. I see the band is still in circulation, singing ‘Hang on Sloopy.’ You can’t beat that.