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You stay classy Bill Snyder
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Will Ferrell’s Anchorman character Ron Burgundy would end his newscasts by saying “You stay classy San Diego.” One person who exemplifies class is Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder.

After what turned out to be a televised scrimmage for the Oklahoma Sooners in a 55-0 drubbing of Kansas State Saturday, Coach Snyder wrote an apology letter to the Kansas State students for his team’s performance.

What coach Snyder has done at Kansas State is simply unexplainable. But to do with the class he has makes it even better.

So, you stay classy coach Snyder.

Prep thoughts

What a big week of high school football for teams in the area. Week eight often times is a huge week and this year is no different. 

Great Bend looks to get a firm grip on a playoff spot at Memorial Stadium. It won’t be easy but a win over Salina Central would go a long way to securing that position. A Great Bend win and a Salina South win over Newton would put the Panthers in the post season.

To the west in Class 4A-II, Larned is in a near must-win at home against Hugoton. The Indians lost to the top team in District 8 at Holcomb last Friday. Pratt and Hugoton will most likely do the same. So the battle will be between those three teams for the final spot.

In Class 3A, Hoisington is in the driver’s seat. The Cardinals already hold a win over possibly the second-best team in District 15 in Ellsworth. This week the Cardinals could clinch a spot with some help when they host Sterling.

In Eight-Man I District 5, this week is for all the marbles so to speak. Central Plains travels to Solomon to take on the Grizzlies. The game pits the No. 2 Oilers against No. 3 Solomon. Both teams are more than likely headed to playoffs. The winner will get bragging rights the right to play at home to start the post-season.

Former Athlete/Coach update

How about a little appreciation for Abbie Thelen. As a sophomore golfer for the Barton women’s team she helped the Cougars to a 10th place finish last season at the National Tournament. It was the second straight year she was part of a Top 10 team at Barton.

The Jefferson West High product capped her Barton career with an Exemplary Academic Achievement Award by the NJCAA.

Things haven’t changed for her much this season. As a junior at Oklahoma Wesleyan she was tabbed among the school’s first NCCAA Women’s Golf Scholar Athletes. 

Congrats Abbie. 

Around Campus

I don’t think there is connection. But you never know. Barton will be hosting a Blood Drive the day before Halloween. As far as I know blood will be drawn from the body in the normal way with no visit from Transylvania natives.

Barton school nurse Kathy Brock keeps the drive moving. She could dress as Dracula that day so you might bring some garlic just in case.

The drive will take place from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Oct. 30 at the Case New Holland Building. Following the signs, they will direct you to the right place I’m sure. 

And Finally

Dressing up for Halloween. Children all across the country do it. As do some adults. I must admit our family is one of them.

When our daughter was little my wife and I would dress up and take her trick-or-treating – always to hit Broadway when we were in town. After all, that is where the good candy is right? As she got older we would just dress up to hand out candy as kids came shuffling up the sidewalk to our door.

Shoot, even our dog Daisy has costumes. We took her out once when we happened to be in Pratt and she scored big time. I was amazed at the number of people who would grab a dog treat from their stash and give it to us. I think she went from eight pounds to 10 pounds that night.

I have missed the occasional Halloween due to football officiating. One in particular a few years ago left my wife, daughter and their friends in a funny situation.

Our friends brought over a projector to put an image on the side of the house. My wife wanted me to set it before I left. Well, it was daylight when I left. I couldn’t actually see what was on the side of the house, just that is was indeed on the side of the house.

I left thinking I had done my duty as the man of the house. I puffed my chest out and went on my way to the football game.

But when they turned it on it was upside down – and it read ‘Happy Holidays’ with a Christmas theme.