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Cardinal girls win CKL wrestling title
hhs girls

Cardinal girls capture CKL title

NICKERSON – The Hoisington Cardinal girls earned five gold medals to capture the inaugural Central Kansas League girls wrestling championship with 99 points.

Cardinals placing first were Sheena Gocela (13-1, 101); Paige Schwartz (13-5, 115); Emily Lovett (15-4, 126); Tally Wikum (14-0, 138) and Lyrica Orosco (9-4, 155). Placing runner-up were Aubrey Brown (109) and Daijah Jones (132).

The No. 6 ranked Cardinals upset No. 1 ranked Pratt 99-88 for first place.

“What a very exciting night for our girls team because bringing home the first-ever Central Kansas League title was a pleasant experience,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “The field of teams at the top of our league are outstanding. I could not be prouder of a bunch of athletes. We will enjoy this for a day, and try to get back to work as some of our matches made it clear we have tons to improve on.”



TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 99; 2—Pratt 88; 3—Smoky Valley 84.5; 4—Nickerson 32; 5—Haven 14; 6—Halstead 13; 7—Lyons 11; 8—Larned 8


101--Sheena Gocela , H(13-1), 1ST;  Gocela pinned Giles, N, 0:48; Gocela pinned McKenna, Larned, 0:09; Gocela pinned Crain, SV, 0:18

109—Aubrey Brown, H (8-7), 2ND; Brown pinned Kreutzer, N, 5:55; Brown def. Young, Lyons, injury; 1ST—Peters, SV def. Brown, 9-3

115—Paige Schwartz, H (13-5), 1ST

120—Kiana Grandclair, H (13-8), 2ND; Grandclair pinned Reese Watkins, Larned, 2:34; 1ST—Thompson, (Pratt def. Grandclair, 4-0

126—Emily Lovett, H (15-4), 1ST; Candia, Pratt pinned Lovett, 1:04; Lovett pinned Candia, 1:56; Lovett pinned Candia, 2:58

132—Daijah Jones, H (13-7), 2ND; Thompson, Pratt def. Jones, 18-13; Thompson def. Jones, 17-9

138—Tally Wikum, H (14-0), 1ST; Wikum pinned Haigh, SV, 1:33; Wikum pinned Primrose, Pratt, 1:51

143--Peyton Schneider (6-12), 3RD; Swift, Pratt pinned Schneider, 0:16; Schneider pinned Almanza, Lyons, 2:45; 3RD—Rogers, Haven pinned Schneider, 0:51;

155—Lyrica Orosco, H (9-4, 1ST; Orosco pinned Revel, Lyons, 0:35; Orosco pinned Webb, Pratt, 1:58; Peterson, SV pinned Orosco, 2:20


101--Liliana McKenna, Larned (8-12), 4TH; Crain, SV pinned McKenna, 1:25; Giles, N def. McKenna, 16-1; Gocela, H pinned McKenna, 0:09

120--Reese Watkins, Larned (11-15); Grandclair, H pinned Watkins, 2:34; Thompson, Pratt pinned Watkins, 0:19