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Cardinals' Ball earns first-place medal
josiah ball
Hoisington Cardinal Josiah Ball works an opponent. - photo by Janet Fleske Special to the Tribune

PRATT — Hoisington's returning state runner-up Josiah Ball (138) captured the first-place medal at Saturday's Pratt Wrestling Tournament. Bal defeated Holcomb's Greg Martinez 2-0 in the championship match.

Hoisington's Jhadyn Turner (126) placed fourth with a 9-0 loss to Wichita Carroll's Caden Denton.

Wichita Carroll (186) placed first. Hoisington (51) placed 10th.

HOISINGTON GIRLS — Paige Schwartz (115) placed runner-up with an 8-4 loss to Holcomb's Jaylee Santana. Cardinal Amerie Hinz (235) placed runner-up losing in 3:12 to Liberal's Alexis Macias in the championship match.

Placing third were Daijah Jones (125), Lillian Gradig (130) and Haylee Holinde (235). Jones pinned Ulysses' Jeymi Rosales (2:20). Gradig defeated Augusta's Gentry Mallon, 4-0. Holinde pinned Wichita Northwest's Grace Alessi (2:35).

Hoisington's Kassie Linsner (120) placed fourth with a loss (1:38) to Pratt's Gabriella Cervantes.

Pratt's girls (211) won the team title and Hoisington (132) finished runner-up.



113—Kalob Lamb, H (1-2); Lamb pinned Thompson, Clearwater, 3:19; Riffey, Pratt pinned Lamb, 4:36; Caldwell, Ulysses pinned Lamb, 2:40

126—Jhadyn Turner, H (2-2), 4TH; Turner def. Peters, Remington, 9-6; Moore, Haven pinned Turner, 2:52; Turner pinned Copeland, GE, 2:35; 3RD—Denton, Carroll def. Turner, 9-0

138—Josiah Ball, H (4-0), 1ST; Ball pinned Engle, Buhler, 1:53; Ball pinned Rothenberger, GE, 4:40; Ball def. Denton, Carroll, 8-0; 1ST—Ball def. Martinez, Holcomb, 2-0

144—Landon Beaver, H (1-2); Hershberger, Buhler pinned Beaver, 0:41; Beaver pinned Wagner, Remington, 1:31; Monroe, Nickerson pinned Beaver, 2:44

150—Preston Roat, H (2-2); Roat pinned Schwab, Stafford, 1:00; Roat pinned Walker, Circle, 0:31; Winsor, Pratt def. Roat, 15-0; Starnes, GE def. Roat, 8-2

165—Alex Mater, H (0-2); Gattis, Kingman def. Mater, 6-3; Pablo, Liberal def. Mater, 10-3


132—Tuff Pope, S (1-2); Aaron, Andale pinned Pope, 3:00; Pope pinned De La Rosa, Remington, 2:09; Harman, Clearwater pinned Pope, 2:45

150—Lane Schwab, S (0-2); Roat, Hoisington pinned Schwab, 1:00; Starnes, GE pinned Schwab, 3:31

215—Axel Ortiz, S (1-2); Ohlde, Clearwater pinned Ortiz, 5:57; Ortiz pinned Patty, Circle, 2:38; Altman, Andale def. Ortiz, 9-3


106—Chase Welch, N (1-2); Hermann, Carroll pinned Welch, 2:17; Welch pinned De Viriglio, Haven, 3:46; Chavez, Pratt def. Welch, 20-2

120—Addrick Nelson, N (2-2), 4TH; Nelson pinned Pechanec, Clearwater, 1:55; Foy, Augusta def. Nelson, 7-3; Nelson def. Parson, Buhler, 13-7; 3RD—Haegen Hartman, Holcomb pinned Nelson, 1:40

126—Sebastian Tidd, N (1-2); Moore, Haven pinned Tidd, 0:56; Tidd pinned Richards, Wichita NW, 4:13; Copeland, GE pinned Tidd, 1:59

132—Dakota Brinkley, N (1-2); Harman Clearwater pinned Brinkley, 3:24; Brinkley pinned Crowford, Wichita NW, 3:22; Rosales, Ulysses pinned Brinkley, 2:39

144—Kristopher Monroe, N (3-2); Monroe pinned Lange, Clearwater, 3:20; Loughrie, Haven def. Monroe, 12-5; Monroe pinned Beaver, Hoisington 2:44; Monroe pinned Thomas, Augusta, 1:32; Blasi, GE pinned Monroe, 1:53

150—Calvin White, N (0-2); Saldana, Holcomb pinned White, 5:36; Osborn, Kingman def. White, injury



100—MJ Sneath, H (0-2); Wall, Circle pinned Sneath, 0;11; Espino, Ulysses pinned Sneath, 0:48

105—Bailey George (1-2); George pinned York, GE, 2:54; Gutierrez, Liberal pinned George, 1:22; Moore, Circle pinned George, 1:56

110—Jayda Bailey, H (3-2); Bailey pinned Luna, Liberal, 2:54; Carter, Wichita NW pinned Bailey, 0:40; Bailey pinned Atha, Circle, 0:28; Bailey pinned Stevens, Goddard, 0:24; Lyons, GE pinned Bailey, 2:41

115—Paige Schwartz, H (2-1), 2ND; Schwartz pinned Dulgarian, Goddard, 5:25; Schwartz pinned Prieto, Pratt, 0:34 1ST—Santana, Holcomb def. Schwartz, 8-4

120—Kassie Linsner, H (4-2), 4TH; Linsner pinned Rocha, DC, 0:54; Webb, Pratt pinned Linsner, 0:51; Linsner def. Hyre, Chaparral, injury; Linsner pinned Leiker, Buhler, 1:44; Linsner pinned Pinkston, Remington, 1:41; 3RD—Cervantes, Pratt pinned Linsner 1:38; Madaline Kolas, H (2-2); Kolas pinned Hyre, 2:36; Pinkston pinned Kolas, 1:09; Kolas pinned Rocha, 2:03; Creadick, Pratt pinned Kolas, 4:58

125—Daijah Jones, H (4-1), 3RD; Jones pinned Applegate, Buhler, 1:49; Jones pinned Cain, Clearwater, 1:23; Hembree, Pratt pinned Jones, 4:37; Jones pinned Applegate, 0:53; 3RD—Jones pinned Rosales, Ulysses, 2:20

130—Lillian Gradig, H (5-1), 3RD; Gradig pinned Tristin Compton, Hoisington, 1:06; Candia, Pratt pinned Gradig, 2:00; Gradig pinned Martinez, Remington, 1:32; Gradig pinned Steiner, Clearwater, 0:37; Gradig pinned Martinez, Wichita NW, 2:53; 3RD—Gradig def. Mallon, Augusta, 4-0; Santiago, Liberal pinned Compton, 2:30; Jaidyn Stevenson, H (0-2); Alpers, DC pinned Stevenson, 1:37; Martinez pinned Stevenson, 1:30

135—Clair Birzer, H (2-2); Ledford, Buhler pinned Birzer, 3:25; Birzer pinned Osborne, Wichita NW, 1:11;  Birzer pinned Ausmus, DC, 0:58; Quezada, Liberal def. Birzer, 2-0

140—Marly Brewer, H (0-2); Richardson, Pratt pinned Brewer, 2:36; Valenzuela, Liberal pinned Brewer, 4:51

145—Miette Kaiser (0-2);  Parks, Buhler pinned Kaiser, 0:36; Ramos, DC pinned Kaiser, 0:36

155—Peyton Schneider, H (3-2); Schneider pinned Martin, Stafford, 3:53; Rogers, Haven pinned Schneider, 0:35; Schneider pinned Lizarraga, Liberal, 1:26; Schneider pinned Blake, Clearwater, 0:56; Garcia, Plainville pinned Schneider 2:13; Jaylin Kolas, H (1-2); Kolas pinned Gonser, Pratt, 0:42; Rodriguez, Holcomb pinned Kolas, 0:21; Masters, Circle pinned Kolas, 1:16

170—Zayda Urban, H (2-2); Urban def. Alexis Orosco, Hoisington, forfeit; Bradley, Goddard pinned Urban, 1:01; Urban pinned Pope, Stafford, 0:40; Stimatze, Pratt pinned Urban, 2:42; Meraz, DC pinned Orosco, 1:39

235—Amerie Hinz, H (2-1), 2ND; Hinz pinned White, Chaparral, 0:49; Hinz pinned Alessi, Wichita NW, 1:16; 1ST—Macias, Liberal pinned Hinz, 3:12; Haylee Holinde, H (3-1), 3RD; Holinde pinned Figueroa, Liberal, 2:00; Macias def. Holinde 2-0; Holinde pinned White, 1:54; 3RD—Holinde pinned  Grace Alessi, 2:35


130—Morgan Gunter (1-2); Gunter pinned Allen, Goddard, 1:50; Delarosa, DC pinned Gunter, 0:57; Williams, Haven pinned Gunter, 3:48

135—Kyle Haskins, S (1-2); Haskins pinned Garcia, Haven, 0:37; Newell, Clearwater pinned Haskins, 1:39; Quezada, Liberal pinned Haskins, 1:31

155—Cora Martin, S (0-2); Schneider, Hoisington pinned Martin, 3:53; Masters, Circle def. Martin, forfeit

170—Trinity Pope, S (0-2); Meraz, Dc pinned Pope, 1:45; Urban, Hoisington pinned Pope, 4:40