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Cardinals capture CKL wrestling title
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Cardinals capture CKL wrestling title

HILLSBORO – Every point and every pin counted as Hoisington’s boys (154.5) surprised Pratt (153.5) to capture the 2022 Central Kansas League wrestling championship Thursday.  

Hoisington featured four champions – Eastin Redetzke (120), Deryk Yott (138), Tamari Howard (195) and Cole Gilliland (285).

In championship matches, Redetzke beat Smoky Valley’s Conner Barnes 3-1; Yott defeated Pratt’s Ethan Stimatze 9-0; Howard defeated Hesston’s Hayden Hartung 6-4; and Gilliland pinned Pratt’s Jesus Ornelas (1:18).

“It was amazing we won it,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “It was a great job by all our wrestlers after our 220-pounder Logan Philbern was injured.”

Larned’s Dillen Hook (126) edged Hoisington’s Josiah Ball 6-1 in the championship match.

Hoisington’s Landon Beaver (113) was CKL runner-up with a 9-6 loss to Pratt’s Maddox Riffey.

Larned’s Luke Fischer (152) was runner-up with a 4-0 loss to Pratt’s Keishaune Thompson.

Placing third were Hoisington’s Nolan Jacobs (106) and Larned’s Carter Atteberry (220) and  Ian Smith (170).


TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 154.5; 2—Pratt 153.5; 3—Halstead 103.5; 4—Hillsboro 83; 5—Smoky Valley 72; 6—Larned 55; 7—Nickerson 51.5; 8—Haven 52; 9—Lyons 30; 10—Hesston 23

106—Nolan Jacobs, H pinned Dalke, Hill, 3:12; Jacobs pinned Almanza, Lyons, 1:18; Kreutzer, N pinned Jacobs, 3:46; Considine, Hal pinned Jacobs, 1:56; 3RD—Jacobs def. Hoskinson, Haven, 6-2

113—Landon Beaver, H pinned Simmons, Hill, 1:12; Beaver pinned Hauck, SV, 0:55; Beaver pinned Brinkley, N, 0:54; 1ST—Maddox Riffey, P def. Beaver, 9-6

120—Eastin Redetzke, H pinned Fickes, Hill, 3:29; Redetzke pinned Smith, Larned, 1:41; Redetzke pinned Davis, Lyons, 3:34; Redetzke pinned Moore, Haven, 3:46; 1ST—Redetzke def. Connor Barnes, SV, 3-1; Fickes def. Smith, 5-3; Davis pinned Smith, 0:45; Smith def. Overton, Hal, 9-1; 5TH—Fickes pinned Smith, 2:25

126—Dillen Hook, Larned pinned Clark, Hess, 1:30; Hook def. Loughrie, Haven, 3-0; Hook pinned Gardner, 5:15 Ball, H pinned Ochs, N, 0:12; Ball pinned Winsor, P, 2:25; Ball def. Gardner, SV, 15-1; Ball def. Loughrie, 9-1; 1ST—Hook def. Josiah Ball, 6-1

132—Moore, Haven pinned Xavier Redetzke, H, 1:51; Sample, SV def. Redetzke, 5-0; Wilson, P def. Redetzke, 5-0; Redetzke def. Giles, N, forfeit; 3RD—Sample, SV def. Redetzke, 5-0

138—Deryk Yott, H pinned Reed, Hess, 1:09; Yott pinned Divine, Hal, 3:27; 1ST—Yott def. Ethan Stimatze, P, 9-0

145—Dold, Lyons def. Faron Kraft, H, 12-11; Geer, Hal def. Kraft, 12-10; Kraft pinned Fickes, Hill, 1:46; Kraft def. Young, SV, forfeit 5TH—Kraft pinned Weve, Haven, 3:58

152—Luke Fischer, Larned pinned Johnson, SV, 1:45; Fischer pinned Alex Mater, H, 1:41; Fischer pinned DeBord, Haven, 1:11; Fischer def. Helmer, Hill, 6-2; 1ST—Thompson, Pratt def. Fischer, 4-0; Helmer, Hill pinned Mater, 1:05; Mater def. DeBord, 5-3; Mater def. Johnson, 8-4; 5TH—Alex Mater, H pinned Kraus, Halstead, 1:26

160—Thompson, P pinned Jacob Colglazier, Larned, 0:29; Colglazier pinned Loehr, Haven, 0:50; Dalke, Hill pinned Colglazier, 3:24; Colglazier pinned Kelly, N, 1:57; 3RD—Wise, Hal pinned Colglazier, 2:17

170—Ian Smith, H pinned Herman, Hal, 0:59; Smith pinned Jarett Seeman, Larned, 2:00; Zeller, SV pinned Smith; Smith pinned Eilert, Hess, 4:23; 3RD—Smith pinned Eilert, 1:41; Eilert pinned Seeman, 3:37; Herman pinned Seeman, 2:39; Campbell, Lyons pinned Seeman, 2:02

182—Rogers, Hill pinned Angel Bowersox, Larned, 0:59; Slaughter, P pinned Bowersox, 2:40; Nolde, N def. Bowersox, 4-0; VanDyke, Hal def. Bowersox, 6-2; 5TH—Bowersox def. Luis, SV, 4-1

195—Tamari Howard, H def. Meyer, Hal, 8-6; Howard pinned Rogers, Hill, 0:57; Howard pinned Orantes, P, 3:41; 1ST—Howard def. Hartung, Hess, 6-4

220—Carter Atteberry, Larned pinned Logan Philbern, H, 1:40; Atteberry def. Baker, P, 11-1; Atteberry pinned Street, Hess, 0:24; Wise, Hal def. Atteberry, 9-3; 3RD—Atteberry, Larned def. Martinez, Lyons, injury; Baker def. Philbern, injury; Street def. Philbern, forfeit; Wise, Hal pinned Philbern, 2:28

285—Cole Gilliland, H pinned Rose, Hal, 0:09; Gilliland pinned Reazin, Lyons, 0:24; Gilliland pinned Loop, Haven, 5:00; Gilliland pinned Logan, N, 2:21; 1ST—Gilliland pinned Ornelas, P, 1:18