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Cardinal girls place fifth, sixth
Teagen Walker
JANET FLESKE Great Bend Tribune Larned Indian Teagen Walker (100) defeats Baldwin's Brianna Mitchell 12-7 at the 3-1A state wrestling tournament.


SALINA — Hoisington's No. 3 ranked Daijah Jones (36-9, 130) and No. 5 ranked Lyrica Orosco (29-9) advanced to the semifinals before losing three matches to finish sixth at the 4-1A girls state wrestling tournament.

Halstead's No. 2 ranked Callyn Divine pinned Jones (5:24) in the semifinal. Phillipsburg's Isabella Keesee beat Jones 10-3 for fifth place. Jones pinned Independence's Dawnne Anderson (1:47) and defeated Eudora's Harper Andrews 18-7 to reach the semifinals.

Orosco (29-9, 145) lost 5-4 for fifth place against Plainville's Zoe Brown. Orosco lost 6-0 to Santa Fe Trail's No. 1 ranked Hailee Crosland in the semifinals. Orosco defeated Buhler's Macey Parks 5-3 and pinned Atchison's Oktavija Burnett (3:06) in the first two rounds. 

Nevaeh Graves (33-11, 170) placed sixth with an 8-2 loss to Tonganoxie's Grace Stean.

No. 4 ranked Haylee Holinde (30-5, 235) placed fifth with a pin over Baldwin's Fin Kellerman (3:48).

Hoisington (43) placed 10th. Rossville (82.5) edged Oakley (80) for the team title.

TEAM SCORES—1—Rossville 82.5; 2—Oakley 80; 3—Chanute 80; 4—Fort Scott 64; 5—Paola 63; 6—Pratt 60; 7—Colby 59; 8—Baldwin 46; 9—Tonganoxie 45; 10—Hoisington 43


130—No. 3 Daijah Jones (36-9); 5TH—Keesee, Phillipsburg def. Jones, 10-3; Jones pinned Anderson, Indy, 1:47; Jones def. Andrews, Eudora, 18-7; No. 2 Divine, Halstead pinned Jones, 5:24; Candia, Pratt pinned Jones, 1:52

145—No. 5 Lyrica Orosco (29-9); 5TH—Brown, Plainville def. Orosco, 5-4; Orosco def. Parks, Buhler, 5-3; Orosco pinned Burnett, Atchison, 3:06; No. 2 Crosland, SFT def. Orosco, 6-1; Parks def. Orosco, 2-1

170—Nevaeh Graves (33-11); 5TH—Stean, Tongy def. Graves, 8-2; Graves pinned Blake, Clearwater, 3:27; No. 6 Taylor Plumley, Cherryvale, 7-5; Graves pinned Canny, Stanton Co. 3:48; Graves pinned Cannon, CG, 2:27; Simmers. Atchison pinned Graves, 2:18

235—No. 4 Haylee Holinde (30-5); 5TH—Holinde pinned Kellerman, Baldwin, 3:48; Holinde def. Dick, Nickerson, 4-0; No. 1 Kena Leonard, Paola def. Holinde, 3-1; Holinde def. Hahn, Ellinwood, 2-1 (OT); Holinde def. Watkins, Halstead, 3-1; Cox-Haliburton, PV def. Holinde, 2-0


100—Teagan Walker (25-17); No. 6 Wescoat, FS pinned Walker, 5:39; Walker def. Mitchell, Baldwin, 12-7; Walker pinned Sharpe, Indy, 4:09; Klein, Plainville pinned Walker, 2:14

110—Liliana McKenna (37-11); McKenna def. Riedel, 7-4; Miles, FC pinned McKenna, 1:33; McKenna pinned Shepard, Uniontown, 3:59; DeGood, Colby pinned McKenna 2:56

120—Cara Herbert (37-11); Stevenson, Wellsville pinned Herbert, 1:19; Webb, Pratt pinned Herbert, 4:07

125—Reese Watkins (32-15); Debois, Wellsville def. Watkins, 10-4; Bailey, Girard pinned Watkins, 4:30


235—Emma Hahn (9-13); No. 2 Rawson, McPherson pinned Hahn, 0:31; Hahn pinned Davis, Labette, 4:34; Holinde, Hoisington def. Hahn, 2-1 (OT)


235--Elizabeth Dick (18-16); Holinde, Hoisington def. Dick, 4-0; Dick pinned Banfield, Sabathea, 2:08; Kellerman, Baldwin pinned Dick, 0:15