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Cardinals, Indians earn gold medals
Jameson Smith
Larned Indian Jameson Smith pins Lakin's Peraza. - photo by Janet Fleske Courtesy Photo

LARNED – Hoisington’s Eastin Redetzke (120), Deryk Yott (138), Ian Smith (170), Tamari Howard (195) and Cole Gilliland (285) and Larned’s Dillen Hook (126), Gatlin Hoch (132), Carter Atteberry (220) earned first places at Thursday's Larned Wrestling Tournament.

GIRLS DIVISION – Hoisington’s Sheena Gocela (101), Kiana Grandclair (120), Daijah Jones (132), Tally Wikum (138) captured first-place gold medals in the girls division.

Ellinwood’s Gracyn Dombroksi (143) placed first with a pin over Stafford’s Morgan Gunter (2:12).


106—3—Jan-Sean George, Larned pinned Nolan Jacobs, H, 2:43; Meza, Hugoton def. George, 16-3; Ramsey, Holcomb def. George, 14-3; George pinned Ortiz, Lakin, 0:22; Meza pinned Jacobs, 1:00; Jacobs pinned Ortiz, 5:10; Ramsey def. Jacobs, 15-10

113—1—Long, Holcomb pinned Austin Armstrong, Larned, 4:56; 3—Landon Beaver, H def. Nathan Norvell, H, 10-0, Armstrong pinned Beaver, 1:04; Armstrong pinned Norvell, 0:48; Long def. Beaver, 16-0; Long pinned Norvell, 0:35

120—1—Eastin Redetzke, H pinned Jameson Smith, Larned, 4:23; Redetzke pinned Peraza, Lakin, 0:19; Smith pinned Peraza, 3;32

126—1—Dillen Hook, Larned def. Josiah Ball, H, 4-2; Hook def. Martinez, Holcomb, 7-2; Hook def. Poulsen, Hugoton, 8-0; Ball def. Martinez, 8-1; Ball def. Poulsen, 8-0

132—1—Gatlin Hoch, Larned def. Gosch, Lakin, 7-5; 3—Montoya, Hugoton def. Xavier Redetzke, H, 12-0; 5—Michael Hipp, H pinned Acord, Chaparral, 3:02; Hoch pinned Gosch, 5:43; Hoch pinned Redetzke, 1:14; Hoch pinned Hipp, 1:39; Redetzke pinned Long, 0:56; Montoya def. Redetzke, 7-2; Redetzke def. Acord, 9-0; Gosch pinned Hipp, 0:22; Hipp pinned Long, 0:31

138—1—Deryk Yott, H def. Cale Batchman, Ellinwood, 11-0; 3—Green, Chaparral pinned Preston Roat, H, 0:42; 7—Brayden Williams, Ellinwood pinned Trace Ritterhouse, Ellinwood, 3:25; Yott pinned Batchman, 4:45; Yott pinned Zambrano, Hugoton, 0:36; Yott pinned Salcido, Lakin, 0:13; Yott pinned Roat, 0:54; Roat pinned Ritterhouse, 1:17; Roat pinned Williams, 3:00; Green pinned Roat, 1:44; Batchman pinned Salcido, 0:40; Batchman pinned Zambrano, 0:41; Batchman def. Green, 7-4; Green pinned Williams, 1:33; Salcido def. Williams, 11-3; Williams pinned Ritterhouse, 1:42; Green pinned Ritterhouse, 0:41; Zambrano pinned Ritterhouse, 0:18

145—3—Tinoco, Hugoton pinned Teron Kraft, H, 2;12; 5—Abe Llanas, Stafford def. Rylan Wirtz, Ellinwood, 7-5, OT; Granado, Lakin pinned Kraft 1:17; Harris, Holcomb pinned Kraft, 2:33; Tinoco pinned Llanas, 1:43; Harris pinned Llanas, 0:35; Kraft def. Wirtz, 15-2; Granado, Lakin pinned Wirtz, 2:23

145B—1—Nix, Hugoton pinned Kaden Herrman, Larned, 1:44; 3—Jackson, Lakin pinned Isaiah Mayers, H, 1:59; Herrman pinned Jackson, 2:10; Herrman pinned Mayers, 5:53; Nix pinned Mayers, 0:16

152—1—Mendoza, Hugoton def. Luke Fischer, Larned, 7-0; 3—Matthew Cook, Ellinwood pinned Alex Mater, H, 1:19; 5—Johnson, Lakin pinned Kayden Kennon, H, 0:26; Fischer def. Mater, 15-0; Fischer def. Mendoza, 13-4; Fischer pinned Johnson, 1:47; Fischer pinned Kennon, 1:04; Cook pinned Ornelas, Lakin, 0:42; Cook pinned Mater, 5:48; Mater pinned Ornelas, 1:04; Mendoza pinned Cook, 0:51; Kennon pinned Arnelas, Lakin, 4:59; Johnson pinned Kennon, 1:28; Mendoza pinned Kennon, 1:06

160—1—Johnson, Holcomb pinned Jacob Colglazier, Larned, 3:43; 3—Aguilera, Holcomb pinned Cooper Gunn, Ellinwood, 1:32; Colglazier pinned Aguliera, 0:46; Colglazier pinned Gunn, 0:16; Colglazier pinned Gunn, 0:16; Johnson pinned Gunn, 1:16

170—1—Ian Smith, H pinned Landon Haney, Larned, 5:23; 3—Curto, Lakin pinned Nathan Hammeke, Ellinwood, 1:35; Smith pinned Curto, 2:51; Smith pinned Hammeke, 2:23; Haney pinned Hammeke, 0:34; Haney pinned Curto, 1:42; Haney pinned Hammeke, 0:34; Smith pinned Hammeke, 2:23

182—1—Polocios, Holcomb pinned Cole Petz, Ellinwood, 2:25; 3—Angel Bowersox, Larned pinned Hernandez, Hugoton, 1:52; Petz pinned Bowersox, 3:23; Petz pinned Hernandez, 5:11; Polocios def. Bowersox, 4-0; Petz pinned Hernandez, 5:11; Polocios pinned Petz, 2:25; 

195—1—Tamari Howard, H pinned Alexis Garcia, Stafford, 2:44; Howard pinned Garcia, 3:08

220—1—Carter Atteberry, Larned pinned Logan Philbern, 3-1, OT; 3—Hawks, Hugoton pinned Elliott Copp, H, 3-1; Atteberry pinned Hawks, 0:43; Atteberry pinned Copp, 1:26; Atteberry pinned Smith, Chaparral, 0:11; Philbern pinned Hawks, Hugoton, 0:57; Philbern pinned Caleb Birzer, Hoisington, 1:04; Philbern pinned Chavira, Lakin, 1:57; Philbern pinned Copp, 0:55; Copp pinned Smith, 1:42; Chavira pinned Birzer, 3:22; Hawks pinned Birzer, 0:41; Smith pinned Birzer, 1:55

285—1—Cole Gilliland, H pinned Noah Deines, H, 0:42; 3—Jonathan Mason, Ellinwood pinned Axel Ortiz, Stafford, 4;33; Gilliland pinned Mason, 0:23; Gilliland pinned Ortiz, 0:13; Gilliland pinned Villatoro, Holcomb, 0:09; Deines pinned Mason, 3:37; Deines pinned Ortiz, 5:21; Deines pinned Villatoro, 0:41; Deines pinned Mason, 3:37; Mason pinned Villatoro, 0:56; Ortiz pinned Villatoro, 2:40


101—1—Sheena Gocela, H pinned Lilliana McKenna, Larned, 1:02; 3—Vazquez, Lakin def. Taylor Redetzke, H, 8-3; Gocela pinned Vazquez, 5:22; Gocela pinned Redetzke, 1:00; McKenna pinned Vazquez, 5:56; McKenna pinned Redetzke, 5:22

109—Ortiz, Lakin pinned Aubrey Brown, H,, 0:30; Santana, Holcomb pinned Brown, 2:23

115—1—Ortiz, Lakin pinned Paige Schwartz, H, 5:36; 3—Lilllian Gradig, H pinned Keighyn Dombroski, Ellinwood, 0:36, Schwartz pinned Dombroksi, 5:47; Ortiz pinned Gradig, 3:25; Schwartz def. Gradig, 7-0; Ortiz pinned Dombroski, 3:36

120—1—Kiana Grandclair, H def. Barajas, Holcomb, 7-6; Grandclair pinned Reese Watkins, Larned, 0:51; Barajas pinned Watkins, 1:31

132—1—Daijah Jones, H pinned Chaves, Chaparral, 0:58; Jones pinned Chaves, 1:17

138—1—Tally Wikum, H def. Flores, Hugoton, 16-0; Wikum pinned Davis, Lakin, 0:39

143—1—Gracyn Dombroski, Ellinwood pinned Morgan Gunter, Stafford, 2:12; Dombroksi pinned Peyton Schneider, H, 1:00; Gunter pinned Schneider, 3:04; Schneider pinned Dombroksi, 4:49

155—1—Rodriguez, Holcomb pinned Katelyn McKloskey, Stafford, 2:24; 3—Lyrica Orosco, H pinned Farnum Hugoton, 1:00; McKloskey pinned Farnum, 1:01; McKloskey pinned Ashlynn Langdell, Ellinwood, 0:12; McKloskey pinned Orosco, 0:39; Orosco pinned Langdell, 0:17; Rodriguez pinned Orosco, 1:45; Orosco pinned Farnum, 0:50; Rodriguez pinned Langdell, 0:15; Farnum pinned Langdell  0:55