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Cardinals win four Ellsworth wrestling titles
Hoisington - Josiah Ball.jpg
Hoisington's Josiah Ball pins Cadin Spore of Great Bend. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

ELLSWORTH – Hoisington Cardinals Eastin Redetzke (12-3, 120), Josiah Ball (19-3, 126), Xavier Redetzke (6-3, 132) and Deryk Yott (17-5, 138) earned first-place titles at Saturday’s Ellsworth Wrestling Tournament.

In championship matches, Redetzke pinned Hill City’s Bryten Loughry twice; Ball pinned Hill City’s Carter Underhill (2:53); Redetzke defeated Cheney’s Jenson Hoeme, 6-0; Yott pinned Hill City’s Dayton Stephens (4;31).

Finishing runner-up were Cardinals Landon Beaver (11-7, 113); Teron Kraft (9-12, 145); Logan Philbern (17-6, 220) and Cole Gilliland (17-2, 285).

In championship matches, Ellsworth’s Will Donley pinned Beaver (5:16); Chaparral’s Josef Planasky pinned Kraft (3:08); Lyons’ Eli Martinez  pinned Philbern (0:53); and Hill City’s Thane Walt pinned Gilliland (1:04).

The Cardinals also competed at Larned Thursday.

“Both boys and girls teams made a big step forward. The boys were outstanding Saturday winning 120, 126, 132, and 138 pound championship medal,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “They placed second in four weights. The guys were outstanding on the day. We look to get where they need to be to make a top 10 finish at state. We were solid Thursday night at Larned. We followed that performance with being outstanding at Ellsworth.”

Runner-up finishes were earned by Landon Beaver (11-7. 113), Teron Kraft (9-12, 145), Logan Philbern (17-6, 220) and Cole Gilliland (17-2, 285).

GIRLS DIVISION – Hoisington’s Aubrey Brown (6-4), Sheena Gocela (8-1), Kiana Granclair (10-5), Paige Schwartz (11-5), Daijah Jones (13-6), Emily Lovett (15-5), Lyrica Orosco (3-2) and Peyton Schneider (5-8) swept all their matches. None of the Cardinals faced their teammates for championship medals.

“Our girls were far-and-away the best team at both events,” Schmidt said. “At Larned, all 10 girls placed in the top four.  On Saturday, the girls team did not lose a match. All our girls won their matches by falls. The team brought home seven gold medals.” 



106—Nolan Jacobs (5-11), 3RD; Jacobs pinned Pence, Kingman, 1:12; Bollman, Chaparral pinned Jacobs, 0:51; Hamel, Hill City pinned Jacobs, 3:29; 3RD—Jacobs pinned A.J. Almanza, Lyons, 1:29

113—Landon Beaver (11-7), 2ND; Beaver pinned Kidd, GP, 3:36; Beaver pinned Haley, Chaparral, 4:36; Beaver def. Wald, Hesston, 6-4; Beaver pinned Billips, Hill City, 1:23; 1ST—Donley, Ellsworth pinned Beaver, 5:16

120—Eastin Redetzke (12-3), 1ST; Redetzke pinned Loughry, HC, 0:23; Redetzke pinned Loughry, HC, 1:55

126—Josiah Ball (19-3), 1ST; Ball pinned McClellan, Cheney, 3:32; Ball pinned Hower, Kingman, 0:19; Ball pinned Nowak, GP, 0:24; Ball pinned Bandy, Chaparral, 1:52; 1ST—Ball pinned Underhill, HC, 2:53
132—Xavier Redetzke (6-3), 1ST; Redetzke def. Towne, Kingman, 6-2; Redetzke pinned Butterfield, GP, 0:33; Redetzke pinned Albrecht, SE, 1:01; 1ST—Redetzke def. Hoeme, Cheney, 6-0

138—Deryk Yott (17-5), 1ST; Yott pinned Miller, Ellsworth, 0:11; Yott def. Green, Chaparral, 11-0; Yott pinned Watkins, SE, 1:01; 1ST—Yott pinned Dayton Stephens, HC, 4:31

145—Teron Kraft (9-12), 2ND; Kraft pinned Bettenbrock, Ellsworth, 2:57; Kraft pinned Voth, Hesston, 1:39; Kraft pinned Olm, Kingman, 0:14; 1ST—Planasky, Chaparral pinned Kraft, 3:08

152—Alex Mater (2-16); Taylor, Hesston pinned Mater, 0:16; Dold, Lyons pinned Mater, 0:55; Hays, Ellsworth pinned Mater, 2:42; Dinkel. HC pinned Mater, 2:51;

170—Ian Smith (8-10), 4TH; Smith def. Stuhlsatz, GP, 12-9; Heise, Osborne pinned Smith, 1:49; Smith pinned Ferralez, Hesston, 2:52; Nickelson, HC pinned Smith, 2:44; 3RD—Collin Schreiner, Kingman def. Smith, 4-3
195—Tamari Howard (8-6), 5TH; Adelhardt, GP pinned Howard, 1:03; Howard def. Lee, HC, 4-1; Gates, Chaparral pinned Howard, 2:57; 5TH—Howard def. Lee, HC, 2-0

220—Logan Philbern (17-6), 2ND; Philbern pinned Drake, Kingman, 0:33; Philbern pinned Weller, SE, 2:30; Philbern pinned Smith, Chaparral, 0:10; Philbern pinned Ashbaugh, HC, 1:48; 1ST—Eli Martinez, Lyons pinned Philbern, 0:53

285—Cole Gilliland (17-2), 2ND; Gilliland pinned Jackson, SE, 1:26; Gilliland pinned Laymon, Lyons, 1:00; Gilliland pinned Becker, Cheney, 0:13;  Gilliland pinned Gates, Chaparral, 0:22; 1ST—Walt, HC pinned Gilliland, 1:04



101-109—Aubrey Brown (6-4); Brown pinned Young, Lyons, 2:30; Sheena Gocela (8-1); Gocela pinned Young, 0:08

115 -120—Kiana Grandclair (10-5); Grandclair pinned Alvey, Kingman, 0:53; Paige Schwartz (11-5); Schwartz pinned Alvey, 0:47

126 – 132—Daijah Jones (13-6); Jones pinned Fankhauser, Kingman, 1:09; Jones pinned Hunter, Chaparral, forfeit;  Jones pinned Chaves, Chaparral, 1:31;
Emily Lovett (15-5); Lovett pinned Chaves, 0:25; Lovett def. Hunter, forfeit; Lovett pinned Fankhauser, 0:56

143—Lyrica Orosco (3-2); Orosco pinned Almanza, Lyons, 0:31; Peyton Schneider (5-8); Schneider pinned Almanza, 1:30