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Four Cardinals capture gold medals
Hoisington cardinal logo


HOISINGTON — Hoisington's Landon Beaver (20-11, 144 JV); Teron Kraft (31-5, 175), Ian Smith (20-6, 190) and Layton Hoffman (285) captured weight division titles at Friday's Hoisington Cardinal Wrestling Classic. 

Kraft defeated Ellsworth's Micah Galvan 6-1 and Smith pinned Cimarron's Andrew Bogner (4:41) and Beaver pinned Cimarron's Isaac Hernandez (4:55) in championship matches.

Minneapolis' Brayton Peters pinned Cardinal Jhadyn Turner (17-6, 126); Alex Mater (18-13, 165) lost 12-0 to Ellsworth's Keegan Urbanek; and Minneapolis' Braylon Smith pinned Cardinal Michael Hipp (15-5, 150) in championship matches.

Placing third were Ruger Sneath (5-5, 106); Taylen Morales (14-9, 144) and Colin Mater (18-14, 215).

Stafford's Axel Ortiz (15-7, 215) placed runner-up with a loss to Osborne's Grant Middleton (2:45).


TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 140; 2—Minneapolis 137.5; 3—Beloit 95.5; 4—Ellsworth 87.5; 5—Osborne 69; 6—Lakin 68; 7—Cimarron 65; 8—Hillsboro 45; 9—Stafford 31; 10—Rawlins County 22.5

106—Ruger Sneath, H (5-5), 3RD; Mcmillan, Beloit pinned Sneath, 0:25; Sneath def. Sauers, Minneapolis, 11-1; Bermudez, Lakin pinned Sneath, 1:58; Sneath def. Andreas, Hillsboro, forfeit; 3RD—Sneath def. Kinsley, Ellsworth

113—Christian Redetzke, H (1-14); Wheeler, Minneapolis pinned Redetzke, 0:27; Garcia, Cimarron def. Redetzke, 17-1; Klein, Minneapolis pinned Redetzke, 0:54

126—Xavier Stevenson, H (4-14); Dalke, Hillsboro pinned Stevenson, 3:26; Peters, Minneapolis pinned Stevenson, 1:12; West, Ellsworth pinned Stevenson, 3:39

126—Jhadyn Turner, H (17-6), 2ND; Turner pinned Larson, Minneapolis, 1:01; Turner pinned West, Ellsworth, 0:37; Turner pinned Tice, Beloit, 4:27; Turner pinned Dalke, Hillsboro, 2:30; 1ST—Peters, Minneapolis pinned Turner, 3:21

132—Thomas Higgins, H (6-15), 6TH; Higgins pinned Rodrick, Beloit, 0:24; Larson, Minneapolis pinned Higgins, 1:51; Higgins def. Wyant, Hoisington, 13-6; 5TH—Lomax, Beloit pinned Higgins, 1:02; Donley, Ellsworth def. Higgins, 17-2; DJ Wyant, H (8-22), 8TH; Donley pinned Wyant, 3:43; Larson pinned Wyant, 1:58; Wyant pinned Rodrick, 3:27; 7TH—Pope, Stafford pinned Wyant, 3:22; Nathan Norvell, H (4-10); Lomax pinned Norvell, 4:44; Pope def. Norvell, 9-0; Lancaster, Lakin pinned Norvell, 1:04: Waner, Marion def. Norvell, injury; 9TH—Rodrick, Beloit def. Norvell, injury

138—Kolter Hahn, H (5-8), 6TH; Nash, Cimarron pinned Hahn, 2:26; Minear, Ellsworth def. Hahn , 9-7; Hahn def. Simmons, Hillsboro, 6-2; 5TH—Arribas, Hillsboro def. Hahn, 4-2 (OT); Knoxly Nettleingham, H (1-16); Abell, Minneapolis pinned Nettleingham, 1:13; Elam, Beloit pinned Nettleingham, 0:35; Arribas, Hillsboro pinned Nettleingham, 2:18; Fry, Osborne pinned Nettleingham, 0:27

144—Taylen Morales, H (14-9), 3RD; Hein, Hillsboro pinned Morales, 3:46; Morales pinned Alexander, Greeley Co. 4:26; Morales pinned Schlesener, Cimarron, 1:34; Sramek, Atwood pinned Morales, 1:51; 3RD—Morales pinned Schwab, Stafford, 2:32

144 JV—Landon Beaver, H (20-11), 1ST; Beaver pinned Muchow, Ellsworth; Beaver pinned Hartman, Lakin, 0:13; Beaver pinned Sorensen, Hillsboro, 1:19; 1ST—Beaver pinned Hernandez, Cimarron, 4:55 

150—Micheal Hipp, H (15-5), 2ND; Hipp pinned Bergkamp, Lakin, 2:51; Hipp pinned Davis, Ellsworth, 1:57; Hipp pinned Elam, Beloit, 2:51; Hipp pinned Barranca, Cimarron, :51; 1ST—Smith, Minneapolis pinned Hipp, 1:55

157—Corbyn Holinde, H (8-11); Jermark, Beloit def. Holinde , 22-5; Holinde def. Baringer, Minneapolis, 11-2; Tatro, Cimarron pinned Holinde, 1:14; Werner, Hillsboro pinned Holinde, 1:40

165—Alex Mater, H (18-13), 3RD; Mater pinned Tarpley, Lakin, 3:07; Mater pinned Kleiber, Hillsboro, 1:26;  Urbanek, Ellsworth def. Mater, 12-0; 3RD—Mater def. Mguyen, Marion, injury

175—Teron Kraft, H (31-5), 1ST; Kraft pinned Kendig, Osborne, 4:48; Kraft pinned Mooney, Hoisington,  0:30; Kraft pinned Lomax, Beloit, 0:47; Kraft pinned Schoen, Osborne, 1:32; Kraft def. Galvan, Ellsworth, 6-1; Leyton Mooney (7-13), 5TH; Galvan pinned Mooney, 1:14; Lomax pinned Mooney, 1:03; Kendig pinned Mooney, 0:48' 5TH—Mooney def. Schoen, 11-5

190—Ian Smith, H (20-6), 1ST; Smith pinned Seifried, Osborne, 4:47; 1ST—Smith pinned Bogner, Cimarron, 4:41

235—Colin Mater (18-14), 3RD; Mater pinned Wessling , Beloit, 0:59; Middleton, Osborne pinned Mater, 2:11; Ortiz, Stafford pinned Mater, 1:31; 3RD—Mater def. Nguyen, Marion, injury

285—Layton Hoffman, H (0-0), 1ST


132—Tuff Pope, S (13-21), 7TH; Lancaster, Lakin def. Pope, 6-4; Lomax, Beloit pinned Pope, 1:15; Pope def. Norvell, Hoisington, 9-0; Waner, Marion def. Pope, 6-3; 7TH—Pope pinned Wyant, Hoisington, 3:22 

144—Lane Schwab, S (12-19), 4TH; Schwab pinned Schlesener, Cimarron, 1:58; Hein, Hillsboro pinned Schwab, 1:03; Sramek, Atwood pinned Schwab, 1:55; Schwab def. Alexander, Greeley Co. injury; 3RD—Morales, Hoisington pinned Schwab, 2:32

215—Axel Ortiz, S (15-7), 2ND; Ortiz pinned Rogers, Hillsboro, 0:58; Ortiz pinned Johnson, Minneapolis, 1:25; Ortiz def. Nguyen, Marion, forfeit; Ortiz pinned Mater, Hoisington, 1:31;  1ST—Middleton, Osborne pinned Ortiz, 2:45