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Central Plains Oilers win two tennis divisions
spt_hg_emily ryan

ELLSWORTH — Emily Ryan of Central Plains cruised to three easy wins to capture No. 1 singles at Tuesday’s Ellsworth Tennis Tournament. Two-time 3-1A state runner-up Ryan defeated Smoky Valley’s. Lena Rauchholz, 8-0, in the finals.

Central Plains’  No. 2 doubles Brynna Hammeke/Kyla Metro defeated Ellsworth’s Maggie Windholz/Nicole Hasse, 8-2, for first place. 

Smoky Valley (61) placed first. Concordia (39) and Ellsworth (39) tied for second and Central Plains (38) finished fourth. Ellinwood (16) finished eighth. 

Smoky Valley’s No. 2 singles Isabella Wright defeated WaKeeney-Trego’s Gracie Hickson, 8-2, in the finals.  

Smoky Valley’s No. 1 doubles Rachel Yenni/Karik Elliott downed Concordia’s Ciara Kearn/Macy McMillan, 8-7 (7-5) in a tiebreaker for forst place. Ellsworth’s Jaycee Cunningham/Jaide Talbott downed Ellinwood’s Whitney Hammeke/Taryn Robl, 8-3, for third place.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Smoky Valley, 61; 2—Concordia, 39; 2—Ellsworth, 39; 4—Central Plains, 38; 5—Hutchinson Trinity, 32; 5—Wakeeneey-Trego, 32; 7—Lyons, 21; 8—Ellinwood, 16


1—Emily Ryan, CP def. Lena Rauchholz, SV, 8-0

3—Kristina Head, Lyons def. Maggie Vinduska, HT, 8-6

5—Caroline Brungardt, WT def. Stephanie Soukup, E, 7-6 (8-6)

7—Arista Bombardier, C def. Monica Hammeke, Ellinwood, 6-3

Ryan def. Hammeke, 8-0; Ryan def. Brungardt, 8-2; Soukup def. Hammeke, 8-6


1—Isabella Wright, SV def. Gracie Hickson, WT, 8-2; 

3—Hayley Hughes, HT def. Riley McMillan, C, 8-2

5—Hayley Sanchez, E def. Daphne Doll, Ellinwood, 8-2

7—Stormy Thompson, (Ellsworth X) def. Brooke Armstrong, CP, 8-2

Hughes def. Doll, 8-2; Doll def. Thompson, 8-7 (7-1); McMillan def. Doll, 8-3; McMillan def. Armstrong, 8-0; Sanchez def. Armstrong, 8-0 


1—Rachel Yenni/Karik Elliott, SV def. Ciara Kearn/Macy McMillan, C, 8-7 (7-5)

3—Jaycee Cunningham/Jaide Talbott, E def. Whitney Hammeke/Taryn Robl, Ellinwood, 8-3

5—Tillie Malinowsky/Shaelyn Cleland, WT def. Hannah Khokhar/Alexis Flores, HT, 7-5

7—Zoe Potter/Jennah Jeffrey, CP def. Devany Gamez/Tessa Miller, Lyons, 6-0

Kearn/McMillan def. Potter/Jeffrey, 8-4; Cunningham/Talbott, E def. Hammeke/Robl, 8-5; Hammeke/Robl def. Potter/Jeffrey, 8-2; Hemmeke/Robl def. Khokhar/Flores, 8-7 (7-1) 


1—Brynna Hammeke/Kyla Metro, CP def. Maggie Windholz/Nicole Hasse, E, 8-2

3—Bethanie McCall/Nicole Turner, C def. Elaina McMillan/Riley Ahlstedt, SV, 8-3

5— Bella Bryant/Jayme Belote, Lyons def. Ashley Neufeld/Harper Cain, HT, 6-3

7—Hannah Kinderknecht/Desiree Littlechild, WT def. Rachel Sebesta/Cassie Most (Ellsworth X), 6-2

Hammeke/Metro def. McCall/Turner, 8-4; Hammeke/Metro def. McMillan/Ahlstedt, 8-2