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Charlie's Inside Corner: Dec. 1
Blind date
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The trouble with going on a blind date, that starts out in the dark, is that someone always turns on the lights! Then reality sets in. That’s what has happened to us with the Kansas City Chiefs.
The blind date in the dark was the 5-0 start that the Chiefs tantalized us with. But then, someone turned on the lights and all of the warts, the pimples, showed forth. They were there all along but we couldn’t see them. We fell in love, in the dark. Now that the lights are on, we are stuck with the reality of what the Chiefs really are, what they really look like, and that’s not pretty!
Despite Alex Smith’s MVP start to the season, he is now what he has always been: a game manager with a very good short passing game who is not real adept at avoiding a pass rush. Put the pressure on him and he is more likely to make mistakes. Those warts have always been there. We just didn’t see them in the dark of that 5-0 start. Now, that’s not to say that Smith is not datable, not a worthy choice for a dance or two, but he is what he is.
For several years the Chiefs have had trouble stopping the run. They still can’t-well, they DID in that 5-0 start but that was not the norm-the norm is they still have trouble with the run. The Chiefs’ defense has also developed a personality flaw or two over the past couple of years in that they give up big plays on third and long. It is not a becoming trait, not something that will get you asked to the big dance very often.
The Chiefs’ defense is not so talented that they can afford to seldom blitz to provide a solid pass rush, yet, they are hesitant to do so. A look at their vital statistics would make it seem that they are a good-looking date, but by the time the big night arrives, ugly creeps in.
Has Andy Reid suddenly developed a losing personality, become unable or unwilling to put on his finest? Doubtful. Yet, the once productive running game has gone out for popcorn at the movies and not come back! Running the football requires that someone block someone for crying out loud. That ain’t happenin!
So before you start looking around for another date, another better looking partner, just remember: what you’ve got is exactly what you chose, what you picked when the lights were off. You just got caught up in the emotion, the beauty, the scented perfume, of a 5-0 start and that was not reality! Still, I think we’re all just a little bit in love with the guys from Arrowhead.

— As the NFL owners stubbornly refuse to admit they made a mistake, their ratings tumble and they and their TV partners are on track to lose some $500 million

— Before all of you Jayhawk fans get too carried away about how great this basketball team is playing, take a look at some of these games when DeVonte Graham IS NOT on the floor at point guard. Graham cannot play point guard for 40 minutes a game in the Big 12 grind and currently the offense struggles when he is not out there.

— One more season of losing and it will be a decade since Kansas football last played in a bowl game. One can forget that it is even possible in that long of a time.

— Marysville, who edged past Larned 36-28 in sub-state football action, lost a state championship Saturday in a game they should have won. They fell to Sabetha 7-6 on a missed extra point but totally dominated the game. Marysville ran up 340 yards of total offense while holding Sabetha to only 122. Larned turned the ball over three times in their close loss and then Marysville did the same against Sabetha. A tough loss.

— Once, while in Spring training, Yogi Berra was asked by a reporter what his cap size was. He answered, “I don’t know. I’m not in shape yet.”

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