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Charlie's Inside Corner: Hitting Singles
Charlie's Inside Corner

A quick perusal of the PGA Top Ten rankings shows how far Tiger Woods has slipped. You will make note that I used his complete name, not just Tiger. His one-word-name does not call for instant recognition anymore. Mr. Woods is nowhere to be found in the rankings. Rory McIlroy is the leader, followed by Jason Day. About the only other recognizable name to the average duffer is that of Jordan Spieth, the Masters Winner. Otherwise, most would be hard pressed to name a top-ten golfer.

The Larned Indians suffered a gut-wrenching 7-4 loss to Concordia in the semifinals of the 4AII baseball championships on Monday. One needs to look no further than this set of statistics for the reason — 14 stranded baserunners and 5 errors. That’ll get you beat almost every time!

Is it just me or does it seem to everyone that LeBron James has been playing professional basketball since...well, since your grampa did? James bypassed college and took his talents to the NBA straight out of high school in 2003, causing shouts of joy in Cleveland . Then, in 2010, he spurned the hearts of the Cavalier fans and was wooed south by the Miami Heat, setting off a nasty divorce in Cleveland. Now, he’s back and all is forgiven. If James and this bunch of Cavaliers can find a way to win it all, Cleveland, once known disparagingly as “The Mistake on the Lake”, will have their first professional sports championship since...gosh, maybe since the beginning! Don’t argue with me! If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong!

Who’d a thunk it? Bill Self is a world traveler. Once again the boss of Jayhawk basketball has found a raw, talented, tall basketball player from a foreign country. This time it is Ole Miss transfer Dwight Coleby, a 6-9, 240-pounder about whom it is said, “he has a high motor”. Coleby is a native of the Bahamas. The Jayhawk coaching staff has developed a reputation as being a great place for “big-men” to hone their skills for the professional game.

Former Larned High School athlete Easton Palmer recently signed scholarship papers to play baseball at Ft.Hays State. Last year Palmer played for Garden City Community College. This summer he is playing for the Topeka Capitals.

There are those that say that Golden State’s Stephen Curry is “the best shooter in NBA history”. He’s good but I have an aversion to giving “best ever” to anyone doing anything. Too many variables, too much history, too many pieces to compare. Let’s just agree that he is a heck of a shooter, especially from the 3-point area. Curry vs. James in the NBA finals makes for some much needed drama. The NBA has long suffered for a truly big audience for their playoffs because most of America is thinking about getting in the back yard and grilling hamburgers this time of year, not watching guys in short pants run up and down the court and dunking a basketball!

Speaking of “Best Ever”, does anybody remember Bob Cousy?
“The Mayor” has left the office! There are those that think that because Fred Hoiberg is leaving Iowa State and taking the Chicago Bulls job that it will be a downer for Cyclone basketball. Not to worry. Iowa State basketball is MUCH MORE than Fred Hoiberg. It was big-time before him and it will be big-time after him. It’s Hilton Coliseum, the concrete monolith, it’s Iowa State fans, it’s Ames in the winter. Their basketball is great because they usually get snubbed in football. Legend Johnny Orr packed the place, but so did Gary Thompson when his Iowa State team beat Wilt The Stilt and the Kansas Jayhawks. Don’t worry, Cyclone fans, another great coach is waiting in the wings.

Barton County Community College continues its long and glorious tradition in track and field. The men recently placed 14th nationally in the outdoor championships and the women 6th, led by Lydia Mato’s three championships which led to her being named NJCAA Woman track athlete of the year.

Life is like baseball. Yogi Berra said this about baseball: “Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.” No wonder most of us never make it!