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Charlie's Inside Corner: Recycling
Charlie's Inside Corner

The sports world is not unique to it but they are, perhaps, the best practitioners of it. I’m talking about recycling. The practice of recycling old coaches, old administrators, athletes too. Fire a coach here and he pops up as the head man somewhere else. Kick a general manager out and he becomes the brains somewhere else. The sports world is a very small fraternity. The latest example of this is the naming of Lew Perkins to the Board of Directors of USA Boxing, the governing body that oversees amateur boxing, including Gold Gloves and USA Olympic boxing.

We can only hope that Perkins doesn’t do for boxing what he did for/to football in the state of Kansas. This is the same Perkins who was the athletic director that ended football at Wichita State in 1987. He essentially did the same thing to Kansas football, as the Jayhawks haven’t come close to being respectable since Perkins chased Mark Mangino out of Lawrence after he resurrected a moribund football program.

After bringing Kansas football to its knees Perkins was forced to “retire” at KU following the infamous ticket scandals involving Kansas basketball that had his fingerprints all over it. He was accused of giving tickets away in exchange for merchandise which he later paid for and for not providing better overseeing of assistants under him who were skimming a fortune from basketball tickets.
While athletic director at Maryland from 1987-1990, a scandal hit the basketball program and Perkins moved on to Connecticut. The guy has been involved in more “scandals” than the Clintons!
Now Perkins has a new gig, overseeing amateur boxing in the United States. When asked to characterize his knowledge of the sport, Perkins said, “Zero. I know nothing about boxing.” That matches his knowledge of football.

Let’s all hope that boxing in the USA fares better than football did in Kansas under Perkins’ watch.

CHALK TALK: If the voting holds as it is now, eight players from the Kansas City Royals will start at the All-Star game in Cincinnati. Will the commissioner let that happen?  Ironically, the last time this kind of thing happened was in 1957,  and fans of the Cincinnati Reds voted in their heroes to seven positions but Commish Ford Frick said “No, No”, and placed Willie Mays and Hank Aaron in two of those seven positions. | The self-named “Best basketball player in the world”, LeBron James is having a little trouble with the league’s MVP and “Best 3-point shooter in the world”, Stephen Curry. | Count me among those who don’t understand the big hulabaloo surrounding USA  Women’s Soccer goalie, Hope Solo. A year ago she got in a family fight with a sister and THIS is supposed to be big news at the women’s championships? The media’s got to get a life!.........I used to be indecisive,  but now I’m not so sure | The new football playoff format for 6A and 5A teams should be a boon for scheduling problems for teams in the Western Athletic Conference.  The WAC has long been a proponent of 8-team districts. Now league teams need only fill one game to their scheduling.Speaking of leagues, if West Virginia is going to stay put in the Big 12 shouldn’t the conference look eastward if and when they do expand? If so, they are going to have to “steal” some school away from another conference as most of the desirable schools are already pledged.