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Eagle Britton Dutton headlines all-state players
Brit Dutton drives up to the basket.jpg
Brit Dutton drives up to the basket. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

Ellinwood’s Britton Dutton (27 ppg, 5.6 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 3 steals) earned top 15 all-state basketball honors to headline all-state certification by teams selected by KSHSAA Covered. Dutton shot 39% (3 pointers); 69% (2 pointers) and 85% (free throws) and was named a top five player in 2A boys.

Eight area players earned top 15 all-state honors with 11 players meriting honorable mention honors.

Macksville coach Jeff Kuckelman was 1A Division 1 Boys Coach of the Year. Mustang Ryan Kuckelman earned top 5 Division 1 honors.

Others named top 15 all-staters were Pawnee Heights Tiger Alec Carlson, top 5, 1A Division 2; Stafford’s Josh Hildebrand, top 15, 1A Division 2; Great Bend’s Sadie Spray, top 15, 5A;  Ellinwood’s Brittany Simpson, top 10, 2A; Central Plains Oiler Brynna Hammeke, top 5, 1A Division 1; and Olivia Hands, top 15, 1A Division 2.


5A—HM Ian Premer, Great Bend

2A—1ST TEAM—Britton Dutton, Ellinwood (TOP 15); HM Koy Behnke, Ellinwood

1A DIV. 1—1ST TEAM—Ryan Kuckelman; Coach Jeff Kuckelman; HM Lance Lickiss, Macksville; HM Rogelio Ibarra, Macksville; HM Alexis Barron, Macksville; HM Peyton Ryan, Central Plains

1A DIV. 2—1ST TEAM—Alec Carlson, Pawnee Heights; HM Davin Hamby, Pawnee Heights; 3RD TEAM—Josh Hildebrand, Stafford; HM Dakota Rodriguez, Stafford


5A—3RD TEAM—Sadie Spray, Great Bend

3A—HM—Kylee Hahn, Hoisington

2A—2ND TEAM—Brittany Simpson, Ellinwood; HM Bella Baker, Ellinwood

1A DIV. 1—1ST TEAM—Brynna Hammeke, Central Plains; HM Melissa Soeken, Central Plains

1A DIV. 2—3RD TEAM—Olivia Hands, Pawnee Heights