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Stafford's Ortiz wins wrestling title at Nickerson
ellinwood wrestle
Stafford's Axel Ortiz pinned Ellinwood's Nick Miller for the 215-pound Nickerson wrestling title Jan. 19.

NICKERSON – Ellinwood’s Nick Miller (7-8, 215) placed runner-up at the Nickerson Wrestling Tournament Jan. 19. Stafford’s Axel Ortiz pinned Miller (1:19) in the championship match. Ortiz (11-6) pinned all five opponents.

Ellinwood’s Colton Gibson (11-5, 120) placed third with a 15-0 win over Maize’s Adryn Carter and  Cason Merritt (12-15, 165) placed third with a pin over Kingman’s Garrett Gattis (2:08); Rylan Wirtz (15-11, 157) pinned Smoky Valley’s Erickson (2:51).

Placing fourth were Gabe Martinez (10-15, 150),  Nathan Hammeke (11-12, 190) and Jonathon Mason (19-10, 285). In third-place matches, Wichita Southeast's Vondonyea Williams, WSE pinned Martinez, 0:33; Wichita Carroll's Leo Doerger pinned Hammeke (1:31) and Maize's Atticus Marcenaro defeated Mason, 6-1.


TEAM SCORES—1—Smoky Valley 251; 2—Haven 239; 3—Wichita Carroll 235; 4—Halstead 179;  5—Nickerson 177; 6—Ellinwood 174; 7—Maize 154; 8—Wichita Southeast 131; 9—Kingman 107; 10—Circle 98; 11—Stafford 87


120—Colton Gibson, E (11-5), 3RD; Gibson pinned Trissal, Circle, 2:00; Gibson pinned Herrman, TMP; Gibson pinned Carter, Maize, 2:00; Hunter, Carroll def. Gibson, 9-2; 3RD—Gibson def. Adryn Carter, Maize, 15-0

132—Russell Kern, E (2-21), 6TH; Pope, Stafford pinned Kern;  Barnes, SV  pinned Kern, 0:18; Zimbelman, Carroll pinned Kern, 0:29; Kern def. Brinkley, Nickerson, forfeit; 5TH—Pope pinned Kern, 2:07

150—Gabe Martinez, E (10-15), 4TH; Williams, WSE def. Martinez, 12-3; Martinez def. Overton, Halstead, 6-5; Martinez pinned Anschutz, TMP, 2:29; Monroe, Nickerson pinned Martinez, 2:27; 3RD—Williams, WSE pinned Martinez, 0:33

157—Rylan Wirtz, E (15-11), 3RD; Wirtz pinned Erickson, SV, 2:51; Wirtz pinned Jackson, WSE, 1:39; Overton, Halstead def. Wirtz, 6-3 ; Orangi, WSE def. Wirtz, 5-4;

165—Cason Merritt, E (12-15), 3RD; Merritt pinned Johnson, Maize, 2:33; Stein, TMP pinned Merritt, 0:20; Merritt def. Smith, Chaparral, forfeit; Hays, Nickerson pinned Merritt, 3:28; 3RD—Merritt  pinned Garrett Gattis, Kingman, 2:08

175—Cooper Gunn, E (9-10), 6TH; Queen, Halstead pinned Gunn, 5:01; Schreiner, Kingman pinned Gunn, 4:38; 5TH—Carrillo, Carroll def. Gunn, 11-8

190—Nathan Hammeke, E (11-12), 4TH; Hammeke pinned Hall, Chaparral, 0:35; Hammeke def. Reyes, Chaparral, 12-9; Rose, Circle pinned Hammeke, 0:51; Hammeke pinned Nelson, Nickerson, 1:53; 3RD—Doerger, Carroll pinned Hammeke, 1:31; Jonas Kern, E (3-10); Kern pinned Denio, Stafford, 1:35; Luis, SV pinned Kern, 0:31; Nelson, Nickerson pinned Kern, 1:27;

215—Nick Miller, E (7-8), 2ND; Miller pinned Reyes, Chaparral, 2:30; Miller pinned Pride, Nickerson, 5;49; Miller pinned Everitt, WC; Miller def. Bailey, Maize, 11-7; 1ST—Axel Ortiz, Stafford pinned Miller, 1:19

285—Jonathon Mason, E (19-10), 4TH; Wilson, Maize def. Mason, 3-1 (OT); Mason pinned Goodnight, WSE, 0:26; Mason pinned Pittman, WC, 1:31; Herman, Halstead pinned Mason, 4:17; 3RD—Marcenaro, Maize def. Mason, 6-1


132—Tuff Pope, S (11-18), 5TH; Pope pinned Kern, Ellinwood; Zimbelman, Carroll def. Pope, 8-1; Barnes, SV def. Pope, forfeit; Pope def. Chapman, WSE, 4-0; 5TH—Pope pinned Kern, 2:07

144—Lane Schwab, S (10-16), 6TH; Divine, Halstead pinned Schwab, 0:44; Osborn, Kingman pinned Schwab, 0:42; Schwab pinned  Carson, Carroll, 0:57; Schwab def. Herl, WSE, 11-7; 5TH—Johnson, Maize pinned Schwab, 0:29

190—Dylan Brozek, S (11-13); Brozek pinned Goode, Halstead, 2:00; Hoang, WSE def. Brozek, injury; Hall, Chaparral def. Brozek, injury; Tanner Denio, S (0-4); Kern, Ellinwood pinned Denio, 1:35; Andersen, Kingman pinned Denio

215—Axel Ortiz, S (11-6), 1ST; Ortiz pinned Stussy, Haven, 2:34; Ortiz pinned Brashear, WSE, 1:47; Ortiz pinned Smith-Bolin, SV 1:29; Ortiz pinned Anderson, Circle, 0:34; 1ST—Ortiz pinned Miller, Ellinwood, 1:19


113—Chase Welch, N (3-5); Crain, SV def. Welch, 14-2; Cornejo, Circle pinned Welch, 1:23; McGlory, WSE def. Welch, 15-0; Morgan, Carroll def. Welch, injury; 5TH—Welch pinned Brannan, Kingman, 1:21

126—Sabastian Tidd, N (4-7), 5TH; Denton, Carroll pinned Tidd, 1:40;  Considine (Halstead pinned Tidd, 4:00; Tidd def. Martinez, Maize, 21-8; Tidd pinned Elliot, Circle, 2:11; 5TH—Tidd  pinned Raymundo-Rodriguez, Carroll, 1:56

132—Dakota Brinkley, N (8-16), 8TH; Brinkley pinned Chapman, WSE, 4:50; Keller, Carroll def. Brinkley, 11-0; Hoskinson, Haven def. Brinkley injury; Kern, Ellinwood def. Brinkley, injury; 7TH—Chapman, WSE def. Brinkley, injury

138—Connor White, N (2-7), 8TH; Orangi, WSE def. White, 7-2; Hauck, SV pinned White, 1:49; Stanley, Haven de. White, injury; 7TH—Kirkpatrick, Chaparral def. White, injury

144—Koltyn Giles, N (11-6), 4TH; Giles pinned Walker, Circle, 0:56; Giles pinned Patterson, Chaparral, 0:23; Giles pinned Johnson, Maize, 0:03; Loughrie, Haven pinned Giles, 3:34; 3RD—Kade Osborn, Kingman pinned Giles, 2:05

150—Kristopher Monroe, N (25-5), 1ST; Monroe pinned Lastinger, Haven, 3:05; Monroe def. Young, SV, 8-4; Monroe pinned Martinez, Ellinwood, 2:27; 1ST—Monroe pinned Andy Young, SV, 2:16

165—Landen Hays, N (9-6), 2ND; Hays pinned Chege, Halstead, 3:51; Hays def. Myers, Haven, forfeit; Hays pinned Merritt, Ellinwood, 3:28; 1ST—Eli Stein, TMP def. Hays, 17-6

165—Riley Spurlock, N (2-7), 9TH; Coslett, Circle pinned Spurlock, 1:39 ;Smith, Chaparral def. Spurlock, 17-6; Sanders, WSE def. Spurlock, 7-4; Spurlock pinned Johnson, Maize, 4:46

175—Kaden Ketterl, N (10-12); 7TH; Ketterl def. Zeller, SV, 10-2; Carrillo, Carroll def. Ketterl, 9-8; Loehr, Haven pinned Ketterl, 1:06; Gardner, SV pinned Ketterl, 1:03; 7TH—Ketterl def. Miller, WSE, injury

190—Atton Nelson, N (4-6); Andersen, Kingman pinned Nelson, 2:42; Nelson pinned Kern, Ellinwood, 1:27; Nelson pinned Hall, Chaparral, 0:50; Hammeke, Ellinwood pinned Nelson, 1:53

215—Daniel Pride, N (4-5), 5TH; Pride pinned Bailey, Maize, 2:46; Miller, Ellinwood pinned Pride,3:49; Pride pinned Reyes, Chaparral, 1:17; Everitt, Carroll pinned Pride, 2:31; 5TH—Pride pinned Stussy, Haven, 0:38