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Great Bend Bat Cats schedule
spt_hg_(19) Carson Bell pitches copy.jpg
Great Bend Bat Cats (19) Carson Bell pitches against the Hutchinson Monarchs. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

GREAT BEND BAT CATS (16-9, 18-10)

W—Salina Shock—9-1 (non league)

L—Hutchinson Monarchs—5-11 (non league)

W—Salina Shock—7-6 (non league)

W—Derby Twins—15-9

W—El Dorado Broncos—6-1 

L—El Dorado Broncos—6-7

L—Salina Shock—6-8

W—Andale Warhawks—13-6

W—Mulvane Patriots—8-4

W—Mulvane Patriots—1-0

LL—Wichita Sluggers DH—0-6, 4-5

W—Cheney Diamond Dawgs—12-6

L—Newton Rebels—2-13

W—Hutchinson Monarchs—4-3

W—Hutchinson Monarchs—6-2

W—Newton Rebels—9-6

W—Derby Twins—3-2

W—Andale Warhawks—6-4

WW—Andale Warhawks—11-2; 10-5

L—Haysville Aviators—3-11

L—Haysville Aviators—4-7

L—Cheney Diamond Dawgs—4-14

L—El Dorado Broncos—3-9

W—Newton Rebels—5-3

7-9—Haysville Aviators at Wichita Eck Stadium, 5:30 

W—Salina Shock—forfeit 

7-11—Wichita Sluggers DH, 5:30

7-12—at Mulvane Patriots, 7

7-13—Cheney Diamond Dawgs, 6

7-14—at Cheney Diamond Dawgs, 5

W—Salina Shock—forfeit 

7-16—Hutchinson Monarchs, 7

7-17—at Hutchinson Monarchs, 7

7-18—at Derby Twins, 7