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Great Bend doubles first, Panthers place runner-up
Alexis Folkerts, Abbie Moyers

Great Bend’s No. 1 doubles Alexis Folkerts-Abbie Moyers earned first place and the Panthers placed runner-up with 54 points to team champion Garden City (64) at Saturday’s Great Bend Tennis Invitational at Shannon Schartz courts. 

Folkerts-Moyers won five consecutive matches with their tightest match an 8-7 (7-5) tiebreaker over Hoisington’s Brooke-Steinert-Kelsi Dalton, who placed fourth. Hoisington’s tandem also lost a tiebreaker in the semifinals.

Great Bend’s No. 2 singles Anna Popp (4-1) placed runner-up with a 8-2 loss to Garden City’s Sage Riggs. 

Garden City’s No. 1 singles Carson Linenberger defeated WaKeeney-Trego’s Carolina Brungardt, 8-4 for first place. Great Bend’s Remi Ingram (4-1) finished third with a 8-4 victory over Liberal’s Priscilla Vasquez. Ellinwood’s Wittney Hammeke nearly upset Linenberger in a tiebreaker, losing 8-7 (8-6).   

Hoisington’s No. 2 doubles Samantha Colson-Isabelle Gonzalez (3-2) placed third with a 8-5 victory over Great Bend Black’s McKenna Cape-Sahara Rziha. Garden City’s Carole Galia-Brooke Ptacek defeated Dodge City’s Jewel Escobar-Mariana Ortiz,  8-2 for first place.  


TEAM TOTALS—1–Garden City 64; 2–Great Bend 54; 3—WaKeeney-Trego 50; 4—Dodge City 38; 5—Hoisington 26; 6—Liberal 23; 7—Great Bend Black 13; 8—Ellinwood 12

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Carson Linenberger, GC def. Caroline Brungardt, WT, 8-4; 3—Remi Ingram, GB def. Priscilla Vasquez, L, 8-4; 5—Jordyn Trombley, DC def. Wittney Hammeke, E, 8-7 (8-6); 7—Mollie Phillips, GB Black def. Audrie Harms, H, 8-0 

Ingram def. Vasquez, 8-6; Ingram def. Trombley, 8-4; Ingram def. Harms, 8-4; Brungardt def. Ingram, 8-5; Linenberger def. Hammeke, 8-7 (8-6); Brungardt def. Hammeke, 8-5; Hammeke def. Phillips, 8-0; Hammeke def. Harms, 8-2; Linenberger def. Phillips, 8-2; Brungardt def. Phillips, 8-3; Trombley def. Harms, 8-5; Vasquez ded. Harms, 8-7 (13-11) 

NO. 2 SINGLES–1—Sage Riggs, GC def. Anna Popp, GB Red, 8-2; 3—Gracie Hickson, WT def. Faith Heath, DC, 8-3; 5—Jaciana Rivera, L def. Tessa Fry, H, 8-4; 7—Lakyn Smith, GB Black def. Jasmin Rios, DC, 8-5

Popp def. Rivera, 8-1; Popp def. Heath, 8-2; Popp def. Fry, 8-2; Popp def. Hickson, 8-7 (7-2); Heath def. Fry, 8-2; Rivera def. Fry, 8-4; Fry def. Rios, 8-4; Hickson def. Smith, 8-4; Riggs def. Smith, 8-2; Rios def. Smith, 8-7 (7-3); Rivera def. Smith, 8-1

NO. 1 DOUBLES–1—Alexis Folkerts-Abbie Moyers, GB Red def. Hannah Kinderknecht-Tillie Malinowsky, WT, 8-2; 3—Hannah Kipp-Ashleigh Chappel, GC def. Brooke Steinert-Kelsi Dalton, H, 8-6; 5—Ashlynne Winans, Sam Nguyen, DC def. Monica Hammeke-Taryn Robl, E, 8-6; 7—Riddhi Bombaywala-Brianna Sanders, L def. Ruth Williams-Dinah Newman, GB Black, 8-3

GB Red def. Liberal, 8-1; GB Red def. DC, 8-0; GB Red def. Hoisington 8-7 (7-5); GB Red def. GC, 8-1; Hoisington def. DC, 8-3; Hoisington def. Liberal, 8-4; WT def. Hoisington, 8-7 (8-6); GC def. Ellinwood, 8-5; WT def. Ellinwood, 8-6; Ellinwood def GB Black, 8-0; Ellinwood def. Liberal, 8-4; WT def. GB Black, 8-0; GC def. GB Black, 8-5; DC def. GB Black, 8-0  


NO. 2 DOUBLES–1—Carole Galia-Brooke Ptacek, GC def. Jewel Escobar-Mariana Ortiz, DC, 8-2; 3—Samantha Colson-Isabelle Gonzalez, H def. McKenna Cape-Sahara Rziha, GB Black, 8-3; 5—Madison Huslig-Mya Ward, GB Red def. Shae Cleland-Desiree Littlechild, WT, 8-2; 7—Aracely Jurado-Katie Classen, L def. Daphne Doll-Madisyn Schloctermeier, E, 8-0

DC def. Hoisington, 8-2; Hoisington def. Liberal, 8-5; Hoisington def. GB Red, 8-2; GC def. Hoisington, 8-4; GB Black def. WT, 8-3; GC def. GB black, 8-5; GB Black def. Ellinwood, 8-5; DC def. GB Black, 8-2; GB Red def. Liberal, 8-4; DC def. GB Red, 8-4; GB Red def. Ellinwood, 8-2; GC def. Ellinwood, 8-1; WT def. Ellinwood, 8-1