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Great Bend No. 1 doubles wins title
Popp Moyers
Great Bend Panthers Anna Popp and Abbie Moyers (23-3) finish runner-up at Garden City.

DODGE CITY — Great Bend's Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp captured their third title in the No. 1 doubles division at Tuesday's Dodge City Tennis Invitational. Moyers/Popp (5-0) downed Dodge City's Jewel Escobar/Mariana Ortiz, 6-0 in the championship match. Moyers/Popp (17-1) defeated teams from Hays High, Dodge City, Meade and Cimarron to reach the championship match.

Garden City (29) won the team title and Great Bend Red (22) finished runner-up.

At No. 1 singles, Dodge City's Sammy Nguyen defeated Great Bend's Grace Dougherty, 6-4 for third place. Garden City's Sage Riggs 4-0 defeated Dodge City's Faith Heath, 6-1 in the championship match. Riggs downed Dougherty 6-2 in the semifinals.

At No. 2 singles, Great Bend Panther McKenna Cape defeated Meade's Kaya Harnett, 6-1 for third place. Garden City's Brooke Ptacek (5-0) defeated Liberal's Jaciana Rivera, 6-3 for first place. Rivera defeated Cape 6-3 in the semifinals.

At No. 2 doubles, Great Bend Panthers Madison Huslig/Ruth Williams defeated Dodge City's Michaela Mink/Mia Ochoa, 6-2 for third place. Garden City's Rilee McGraw/Sydney Nanninga defeated Liberal's Riddhi Bombaywala/Brianna Sanders, 6-2 in the championship match. McGaw/Nanninga downed Huslig/Williams 6-1 in the semifinals.


TEAM SCORES—1—Garden City 29; 2—Great Bend Red 22; 3—Dodge City Red 17; 4—Liberal 14; 5—Hays High 12; 6—Cimarron 10; 7—Dodge City Blue 7; 8—Meade 4

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Sage Riggs, GC (4-0) def. Faith Heath, DC Red, 6-1; 3—Sammy Nguyen, DC def. Grace Dougherty, GB Black, 6-4; 5—Abby Osborn, Cimarron def. Alexis Hawkins, Meade, 6-2; Dougherty def. McKenna McBride, Hays 6-1; Heath, DC Red def. Dougherty, 6-4; Dougherty def. Hawkins, Meade, 6-4; SEMIFINAL—Riggs, GC def. Dougherty, 6-2 

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Brooke Ptacek, GC (5-0) def. Jaciana Rivera, Liberal, 6-3; 3—McKenna Cape, GB def. Kaya Harnett, Meade, 6-1; 5—Katrina Delimont, Hays def. Amanda Housman, Cimarron, 6-4; 7—Alyssa Weber, DC Red def. Andrea Morales, DC Blue, 6-1; Cape def. Delimont, Hays, 6-1; Cape def. Weber, DC Red, 6-3; Harnett, Meade def. Cape, 6-5 (7-2); SEMIFINAL—Rivera, Liberal def. Cape, 6-3

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Abbie Moyers/Anna Popp, GB (5-0) def. Jewel Escobar/Mariana Ortiz, DC, 6-0; 3—Ashleigh Chappel/Syd Nanninga, GC def. Liz Goetz/Emily Goetz, Cimarron, 6-2; 5—Taylor Deines/Ginny Ke, Hays def. Katie Classen/Ara Jurado, Liberal, 6-3; 7—Becca Unruh/Jazmin Rios, DC Blue def. Karsen Jones/Hailey Ellis Meade, 6-4; Moyers/Popp def. Deines/Ke, Hays, 6-3; Moyers/Popp def. Escobar/Ortiz, DC Red, 6-0; Moyers/Popp def. Jones/Ellis, Meade, 6-1; SEMIFINAL—Moyers/Popp def. Goetz/Goetz, Cimarron, 6-2

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Rilee McGraw/Sydney Nanninga, GC def. Riddhi Bombaywala/Brianna Sanders, Liberal, 6-2; 3—Madison Huslig/Ruth Williams, GB def. Michaela Mink/Mia Ochoa, DC Red, 6-2; 5—Emmy Morley/Mylah Potter, Hays def. Sadie Jantz/Mariah Dechant, Cimarron, 6-3; 7—Paige Mink/Arely Gamez, DC Blue def. Lily Ritter/Holly Reimer, Meade, 6-2; Mink/Ochoa, DC Red def. Huslig/Williams, 6-3; Huslig/Williams def. Ritter/Reimer, Meade, 6-0; Huslig/Williams def. Morley/Potter, Hays, 6-3; SEMIFINAL—McGraw/Nanninga, GC def. Huslig/Williams, 6-1