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Great Bend runner Diaz earns state medal
panther emilia diaz2.jpg
Great Bend Panther Emilia Diaz places 12th at the 5A state cross country meet at Lawrence's Rim Rock Farms. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO Huey Counts


LAWRENCE – Great Bend’s Emilia Diaz completed a strong season with a 12th-place medal (19:40.3) at the 5A state cross country championship at Rim Rock Farms.

The Great Bend girls finished eighth (189) with 41st Haley McCormick, 20:49.1; 47th McKenna Esfeld, 20:58.4; 54th Emma Loomis, 21:07.9; 93rd Hannah Loomis, 22:22.8; and 97th August Siefkes, 23:10.9 also competing.

Lenexa St. James (73) beat Blue Valley Southwest (82) for the state title. Wichita Carroll’s Hope Jackson (18:17.9) beat runner-up St. James’ Katherine Moore (18:48.1). 

5A BOYS – Great Bend freshman Kaiden Esfeld finished 31st (17:05.2) and Sage Cauley finished 32nd (17:05.2) to lead the Panthers to 10th place (193). 

Also competing were 51st Alex Smith, 17:28.5; 60th Evan Hammond, 17:37.5; 64th Collin Hammond, 17:41.7; and 101st Matthew Huslig, 19:32.5.

St. Thomas Aquinas (59) defended its state title ahead of Maize South (99). Andover’s Ryan Kinnane (15:58.4) beat Emporia’s Treyson True (16:08.7) for medalist honors.


GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Lenexa St. James 73; 2—BVSW 82; 3—Maize South 94; 4—St. Thomas Aquinas 106; 5—Wichita Carroll 131; 6—Maize 167; 7—Emporia 180; 8—GREAT BEND 189 (12—Emilia Diaz, 19:40.3; 41—Haley McCormick, 20:49.1; 47—McKenna Esfeld, 20:58.4; 54—Emma Loomis, 21:07.9; 93—Hannah Loomis, 22:22.8; 97—August Siefkes, 23:10.9); 9—DeSoto 207; 10—Andover 214; 11—Topeka Seaman 229; 12—Basehor Linwood 293.


1—Hope Jackson, Wichita Carroll, 18:17.9

2—Katie Moore. Lenexa St. James, 18:48.1

3—Alexa Rios. Maize South, 18:52.6

4—McKenna Polus. Blue Valley Southwest, 18:58.5 

5—Allison Strathman. St. Thomas Aquinas, 19:02.5 

6—Gigi Loffredo. Blue Valley Southwest, 19:08.3

7—Addie Curtis. Kapaun Mt. Carmel, 19:22.0

8—Sarah Murrow. Lenexa St. James, 19:22.7

9—Brinn Wilson. Blue Valley Southwest, 19:32.4

10—Zoie Ecord. Maize High, 19:39.3 

11—Alyssa Anderson. Spring Hill,19:39.6

12—Emilia Diaz. Great Bend, 19:40.3 

13—Ellie Ward. St. Thomas Aquinas, 19:43.2

14—Kylie Phillips. Shawnee Heights, 19:44.4

15—Aria Sheldon. Maize High, 19:47.7

16—Jadyn Pavlik. Goddard Eisenhower, 19:49.2

17—Elizabth Vetter. Andover High, 19:51.2 

18—Skye Kroskey. Wichita Northwest, 20:01.2  

19—Elizabeth Willhite. Emporia, 20:06.1

20—Bowi Sargent. Maize South. 20:07.1


BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—St. Thomas Aquinas 59; 2—Maize South 99; 3—Andover 129; 4—St. James 133; 5—BVSW 135; 6—DeSoto 169; 7—Emporia 169; 8—Lansing 171; 9— Wichita Carroll 185; 10—GREAT BEND, 193 (31—Kaiden Esfeld, 17:05.2; 32—Sage Cauley, 17:05.2; 51—Alex Smith, 17:28.5; 60—Evan Hammond, 17:37.5; 64—Collin Hammond, 17:41.7; 101—Matthew Huslig, 19:32.5); 11—Topeka Seaman 225; 12—Newton 267.


1—Ryan Kinnane, Andover, 15:48.4 

2—Treyson True, Emporia,  16:08.7 

3—Aiden Higgerson, St. Thomas Aquinas, 16:11.8 

4—Carson McEachern, Wichita Carroll, 16:13.2 

5—Trey Rios, Maize South, 16:17.0 

6—Austin Fullerton, Goddard Eisenhower, 16:17.3 

7—Ashton Higgerson, St. Thomas Aquinas, 16:22.8 

8—Liam Neidig, Lansing, 16:23.1  

9—Logan Seger, St. Thomas Aquinas, 16:30.7  

10—Carson Sturdy, DeSoto, 16:33.8

11—Cj Kneisler, Blue Valley Southwest, 16:35.4

12—Lenny Njoroge, Topeka West, 16:41.9 

13—Brett Schoenhoffer, Andover Central, 16:42.3

14—Erik Enriquez, Wichita Kapaun Mt. Carmel, 16:44.6

15—Taegan Loy, Topeka Seaman, 16:47.5  

16—Kadyn Dohlman, Maize  16:48.7 

17—Eli Moore, Lenexa St. James, 16:49.2 

18—Terry Robinson, Lansing, 16:50.9

19—Christian Buehler, Blue Valley Southwest, 16:51.4

20—Kory Sutton, Shawnee Heights, 16:51.9