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Great Bend runners first, second
kaiden esfeld2
Great Bend Panther Kaiden Esfeld (165) earns third-medalist honors at the Great Bend Invitational at the Lake Barton course. The Panthers placed first with 21 points. - photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune

Panthers place first, second

HESSTON – The Great Bend girls captured first place (11 points) and the Panther boys finished runner-up (36) behind Newton (34) in Thursday’s 4-6A Swather Special cross country meet.

Great Bend senior Mayra Ramirez (20:26.3) placed first and McKenna Esfeld placed third (21:47.9). Panther Briana Perez (22:48.8) won the junior division. Emma Loomis (21:45.8) placed third in the sophomore division. Reagan Huslig placed third (22:03.8) and Haley McCormick finished fourth (22:04.4) in the ninth-grade division.

Great Bend’s Collin Hammond placed third (17:19.1) in the senior division. Alex Smith was sixth (17:39.6) and Evan Hammond placed eighth (17:50.1). Matthew Huslig placed fourth (18:43.8) in the junior division. Ninth-grader Kaiden Esfeld won his division (17:42.1).


4-6A TEAM SCORES—1—Newton 34; 2—Great Bend 36

SENIOR—1—Cole, Hutchinson, 16:58.4; 2—Jantz, Newton, 17:18.7; 3—Collin Hammond, GB, 17:19.1; 4—Valverde, DC, 17:23.2; 5—Sage Cauley, 17:38.0

GREAT BEND—6—Alex Smith, 17:39.6; 8—Evan Hammond, GB, 17:50.1

JUNIOR—1—Hoff, GC, 18:05.7; 2—Schmidt, Newton, 18:17.8; 3—Lopez, Liberal, 18:30.3; 4—Matthew Huslig, GB, 18:43.8; 5—Murillo, Liberal, 19:00.6

SOPHOMORE—1—Marquez, DC, 18:33.2; 2—Koontz, Newton, 19:05.0; 3—Chavez, DC, 19:15.6; 4—Griffith, SC, 19:23.7; 5—Hodge, Newton, 19:24.3

NINTH-GRADE—1—Kaiden Esfeld, GB, 17:42.1; 2—Chappel, GC, 18:49.1; 3—Stoffel, Hutchinson, 19:01.2; 4—Goering, Hutchinson, 19:21.0; 5—Gurrola, GC, 19:26.1

GREAT BEND—21—Ellis Long, 21:38.3



4-6A TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 11; 2—Dodge City 24

SENIOR—1—Mayra Ramirez, GB, 20:26.3; 2—Cobb, SC, 21:32.7; 3—McKenna Esfeld, GB, 21:47.9; 4—Salgado, Newton, 22:10.0;5—Torres, SC, 22:16.9

JUNIOR—1—Briana Perez, GB, 22:48.8; 2—Herrera, DC, 23:01.0; 3—Shippy, Hays, 23:15.5; 4—Hay, Liberal, 23:22.4; 5—Eickbush, Mc, 23:29.2

GREAT BEND—26—Abby White, 30:23.6

SOPHOMORE—1—Foster, Hutchinson, 21:22.8; 2—Larson, DC, 21:29.6; 3—Emma Loomis, GB, 21:45.8; 4—Dotts, Hays, 22:21.1; 5—Rodriguez, DC, 22:39.1

GREAT BEND—8—Hannah Loomis, GB, 22:5.80; 32—Amy To, 27:18.3

NINTH-GRADE—1—Sosa, GC, 21:42.4; 2—Inskeep, Hutchinson, 21:50.8; 3—Reagan Huslig, GB, 22:03.8; 4—Haley McCormick, GB, 22:04.4; 5—Jaeger, Hays, 22:11.7

GREAT BEND—14—August Siefkes, 24:29.6