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Panther swimmers earn two state times
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Panther golf places seventh at Hays.



Great Bend's girls took advantage of Friday's home swimming meet with two state qualifying times against top-notch competition from Manhattan (477) and Newton (439). Great Bend scored 435 points to place third. 

Panther Aubrey Snapp improved by six seconds to earn a state qualifying time in the 200 freestyle (2:11.71). The Panthers' 400-yard free relay improved by four seconds to earn a state qualifying time (4:12.19) with Zoe Jerke, Ruth Williams, Katherine Snapp, and Aubrey Snapp competing.

"Our swimmers really took advantage of swimming at home in front of family and friends," said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont "We swam hard and swam with a purpose. We competed much better Friday than we did earlier in the week."

Beaumont liked how his swimmers raised their level against top-notch competition.

"The best thing was the opportunity to swim against really good swimmers from Manhattan and Newton," Beaumont said. "Those are two really tough teams. We held our own against them for the whole meet. Our relays really came through for us again and were key to us scoring well." 

The 200 medley relay placed third 2:09.56) with Katherine Snapp, McKenna Cape, Ruth Williams and Brynn Boxberger competing. The 200 freestyle relay placed runner-up (1:54.6) with Zoe Jerke, Brynn Boxberger, Rachel Panzer and Aubrey Snapp swimming. 


TEAM SCORES—1—Manhattan 477; 2—Newton 439; 3—Great Bend 435; 4—Salina Central 237; 5—Dodge City 171; 6—Hays High 121; 7—Liberal 121; 8—Holcomb 78.5; 9—Salina South 72.5

50 freestyle—1—Schroeder, New, 25.84; 3—Jerke, 27.26; 8—Boxberger, 28.07; 12—Lang, 30.06

100 backstroke—1—Randall, Man, 1:05.44; 4—K. Snapp, 1:13.61; 7—Amy To, 1:19.6; 8—Panzer, 1:21.65

100 breaststroke—1—Cummings, Man, 1:14.34; 2—Ibarra, 1:24.87; 9—Boxberger, 1:30.25; 13—Dougherty, 1:37.48

100 butterfly—1— Francois, Man, 1:07.85; 2—Williams, 1:10.32; 7—K. Snapp, 1:13.72; 11—Panzer, 1:24.3; Jones, 1:41.77

100 freestyle—1—Schroeder, New, 57.01; 3—Aubrey Snapp, 58.92; 7—Jerke, 1:02.5; 11—Lang, 1:08.86

200 freestyle—1—Blaise, Man, 2:08.38; 2—A. Snapp, 2:11.71; 6—Mayhill, 2:27.46; 13—Soupiset, 2:42.03

200 IM—1—Cummings, Man, 2:31.4; 5—Williams, 2:47.07; 9—Amy To, 2:51.26; 10—Cape, 2:55.0

500 freestyle—1—Blaise, Man, 5:51.41; 4—Mayhill, 6:37.45; 6—Cape, 6:43.59; 12—Pedigo, 7:24.08

200 free relay—1—Manhattan, 1:52.23; 2—GB A, 1:54.6 (Jerke, Boxberger, Panzer, A. Snapp); 7—GB B, 2:03.39 (Lang, Ibarra, Soupiset, Mayhill); 14—GB C, 2:15.94 (Barton, Popp, Dougherty, Pedigo); GB D, 2:17.85 (Mason, B. Allen, Holguin, Jones); GB E, 2:43.08 (Irwin, B. Allen, Stout, Muth) 

200 medley relay—1—Newton, 2:01.65; 3—GB A, 2:09.56 (K. Snapp, McKenna Cape, Williams, Boxberger); 6—GB B, 2:20.15 (Amy To, Ibarra, Panzer, Soupiset); 11—GB C, 2:33.25 (Pedigo, Dougherty, Popp, Mason); GB C, 2:52.51 (Irwin, Holguin, Jones, Allen); GB E, 3:02.18 (Reyes, Muth, Barton, Stout)

400 freestyle relay—1—Newton, 4:01.46; 3—GB A, 4:12.19 (Jerke, Williams, K. Snapp, A. Snapp); 8—GB B, 4:41.25 (Cape, Mayhill, Amy To, Lang); 10—GB C, 5:10.22 (Soupiset, Barton, Popp, Pedigo); GB D, 5:18.61 (A. Allen, Holguin, Jones, Mason); GB E, 6:11.57 (Irwin, Muth, B. Allen, Reyes)