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Great Bend tennis wins Garden City title
L Abbie Moyers

GARDEN CITY — Great Bend’s newly formed No. 1 doubles Abbie Moyers-Anna Popp enjoyed a perfect debut with a first-place finish at Saturday’s Garden City Tennis Invitational. Moyers-Popp downed Meade’s Monica Gleason-Alison Unruh, 6-3, 6-1 in the championship match.

Great Bend captured the team title (32 points) in a tiebreaker with Colby (32 points) by winning two-of-three head-to-head matches.

Great Bend’s No. 2 singles McKenna Cape finished runner-up with a 6-1, 6-1 championship loss to Colby’s Emeline Hutton.

The Panthers’ No. 1 singles Remi Ingram downed Hays High’s Lynsie Hansen on a default. Scott City’s No. 1 singles champion Abbie LeBeau downed Ingram, 8-3. LeBeau defeated Colby’s Makenzie Dodson, 6-3, 6-3 in the finals. 

Great Bend’s No. 2 doubles Madison Huslig-Dinah Newman placed fourth with an 8-2 loss to Scott City’s Bella Meyers-Sadi Hermosillo. Garden City’s Yen Nguyen-Rylee Ortiz defeated teammates Sydney Nanniga-Chloe Powell, 8-4 in the finals. 



1—Great Bend 32 (2-1 head-to-head)

2—Colby 32 

3—Garden City Black 30

4—Scott City 27

5—Dodge City 22

6—Garden City White 21

7—Meade 20

8—Hays High 15

9—Cimarron 14

10—Ulysses 7


1—Abbie LeBeau, SC def. Makenzie Dodson, Colby, 6-3, 6-3 

3—Carson Linenberger, GCB def. Sage Riggs, GCW, 8-5

5—Remi Ingram, GB def. Lynsie Hansen, H, default

7—Faith Heath, DC def. Casidy Schmidt, Cimarron, 8-2

9—Shamira Findley, U def. Kaya Hartnette, 8-6

LeBeau def. Ingram, 8-3; Ingram def. Heath, 8-1; Linenberger def. Ingram, 8-7 (7-5)


1—Emeline Hutton, Colby def. McKenna Cape, GB, 6-1, 6-1

3—Cynthia Gonzalez, SC def. Sammy Nguyen, DC, 8-5

5—Sigrid Heringstad, Meade def. Macey Speer, H, default

7—Lizbeth Guevara, GCB def Cheyenne Benton, Cimarron, 8-2

Cape def. Benton, 8-3; Cape def. Nguyen, 8-7 (7-2) 


1—Abbie Moyers-Anna Popp, GB def. Monica Gleason-Alison Unruh, Meade, 6-3, 6-1

3—Hannah Kipp-Carole Galia, GCB def. April Swartz-Kaitlynn Faber, Colby, 8-5 

5—Jewel Escobar-Mariana Ortiz, DC def. Melody Carter-Dani Kugler, Cimarron, 8-1

7—Asheigh Chappel-Brooke Ptack, GCW def. Taylor Deines-Kayler Wellbrock, H, 8-1

9—Jen Johnson-Leonela Martinez, U def. Lanae Haupt-Madison Westergard, SC, 8-5

Moyers-Popp def. Escobar-Ortiz, 8-3; Moyers-Popp def. Swartz-Faber, 8-4 


1—Yen Nguyen-Rylee Ortiz, GCB def, Sydney Nanniga-Chloe Powell, GCW, 8-4 

3—Bella Meyers-Sadi Hermosillo, SC def. Madison Huslig-Dinah Newman, GB, 8-2

5—Isabel Dixon-Jeana Unruh, Colby def. Michaela Mink-Arieth Dozal, DC, 8-1

7—Abby Klassen-Karsen Jones, Meade def. Mariah Dechant-Sade Jantz, Cimarron, 8-7 (7-5) 

9—Maggie Robben-Caroline Robben, H def. Xochitl Rojas-Clara Garcia, U, 8-2

Nanniga-Powell def. Huslig-Newman, 8-0; Huslig-Newman def. Rojas-Garcia, 8-6; Huslig-Newman def. DSechant-Jantz, 8-3; Huslig-Newman def. Dixon-Unruh, 8-6