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Hays soccer shuts out Panthers, 4-0
GBHS Girls Soccer.jpg

HAYS — Hays High converted two goals in the final 10 minutes of each half for a 4-0 Western Athletic Conference soccer victory over Great Bend. Great Bend (1-9, 0-7 WAC) plays at Dodge City (3-8, 1-3 WAC) Thursday.

Isabel Robben scored at the 30-minute mark on an assist by Allison Shubert. Caroline Robben scored on a rebound shot in the 35th minute. Shubert scored in the 71st minute and added a penalty kick in the 76th minute. 

Hays (8-1-2, 4-0-2 WAC) plays Hays-TMP Thursday. Hays has outscored opponents 23-1 during the past eight games, which includes two ties.


Garden City 4-0-1 7-1-3

Hays High 4-0-2 8-1-2

Liberal 3-2-1 5-5-1

Dodge City 1-3 3-8

Great Bend 0-7 1-9

MONDAY—Hays High 4, Great Bend 0

TUESDAY—Garden City at Dodge City

THURSDAY—Hays at Hays-TMP; Great Bend at Dodge City

GARDEN CITY (4-0-1, 7-1-3)—Goddard Tournament (W Andover 2-1; W Goddard 3-0; L Goddard Eisenhower 0-4); TIE Guymon, Okla. 0-0; W *Great Bend 5-1; TIE Wichita Trinity 1-1; W *Liberal 3-0; W Hays-TMP 4-0; W *Dodge City 4-0; TIE *Hays High 1-1; W *Great Bend 7-2; 4-23—*at Dodge City; 4-29—*at Hays High; 5-2—Hays-TMP; 5-7—*at Liberal; 5-10—Wichita South

HAYS HIGH (4-0-2, 8-1-2)—W Hays-TMP 7-1; McPherson Tournament (W Salina South 3-1; L Maize South 1-2, OT, W Andover Central 1-0); W *Dodge City 1-0; TIE*Liberal 0-0; W Junction City 7-0; W *Great Bend 7-0; TIE *Garden City 1-1; W * Liberal 2-0; W *Great Bend 4-0; 4-25—at Hays-TMP; 4-29—*Garden City; 5-2—*Dodge City; 5-7—Nickerson; 5-9—at Wichita Trinity

LIBERAL (3-2-1, 5-5-1)—W *Dodge City 1-0; W Wichita Classical 1-0; Goddard Tournament (L Wichita East 0-2; L Wichita Northwest 1-2; L Wichita Heights 1-2) W *Great Bend 1-0; TIE *Hays High 0-0; L Garden City 0-3; W *Great Bend 2-1; W Hays-TMP 3-0; L *Hays High 0-2; 4-29/5-4—Wichita North Tournament; 5-7—*Garden City; 5-9—*at Dodge City

DODGE CITY (1-3, 3-8)—L *Liberal 0-1; L SM South 0-4; L Blue Valley SW 0-8; Wichita South Titan (W Winfield 5-2; L Salina Central 0-1; L Hutchinson 2-5); L *Hays High 0-1; W Hays-TMP 3-1; W *Great Bend 6-1;  L *Garden City 0-4; L  Wichita Trinity 1-6; 4-23—Garden City; 4-25—*Great Bend; 4-30—Wichita South; 5-2—*at Hays High; 5-9—*Liberal

GREAT BEND (0-7, 1-9)—L Wichita Trinity 2-4; W Hays-TMP 4-0; L *Liberal 0-1; L *Garden City 1-5; L *Dodge City 1-6; L *Hays High 0-7; L *Liberal 1-2; L Garden City 2-7; L Nickerson 3-4; L *Hays High 0-4; 4-25—*at Dodge City; 4-29—Hays-TMP; 4-30—at Wichita Southeast; 5-6—Manhattan; 5-7—at Wichita South; 5-9—Junction City