One seriously injured in Great Bend explosion
One person received what were described as critical injuries in an explosion reported at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday at 705 10th St. in Great Bend.
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Hoisington boys capture Cardinal Classic title
hhs boys wrestling

Three Cardinals earn titles

HOISINGTON – Hoisington’s Eastin Redetzke (11-3, 126), Josiah Ball (20-3, 132) and Deryk Yott (31-8, 150) captured first-place medals at the recent Cardinal Classic Wrestling Tournament. Hoisington won the team title with 181 points.

In championship matches, Redetzke defeated Ellsworth’s Will Donley, 6-1; Ball pinned Beloit’s Ayden Loomis (3:03); and Yott defeated Cimarron’s Holden Kite 8-0.

Cardinals who finished second were Jhadyn Turner (12-9, 113), Taylen Morales (15-14, 144),  Teron Kraft (14-6, 157) and Cole Gilliland, H (21-3, 285).

In championship matches, Beloit’s Coe Neilson defeated Turner, 20-15; Beloit’s Raiden Gilley pinned Morales; Hillsboro’s David Schafer pinned Kraft, 2:19; and SE of Saline’s Brody Chambers pinned Gilliland, 4:50.

Hoisington’s third-place finishers were Alex Mater (11-17, 165), Elliott Copp (14-17, 215).

Stafford’s Caden McCandless (22-10, 175) was a runner-up with a 5-0 championship loss to SE Saline’s Mac Chambers.


TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 181; 2—Goddard Eisenhower 73.5; 3—Cimarron 62.5; 4—Lakin 42.5; 5—Stafford 39.5; 6—Abilene 37.5; 7—Abilene 22; 8—Hillsboro 10; 9—SE Saline 7


113—Jhadyn Turner, H (12-9), 2ND; Turner pinned West, Ellsworth, 1:43; 1ST—Neilson, Beloit def. Turner, 20-15

120—Nolan Jacobs, H (1-3), 6TH; Nation, Cimarron pinned Jacobs, 4:57; Robles, Lakin pinned Jacobs, 0:31; Jacobs pinned Fabian Lopez, Hoisington, 2:52; 5TH—Minear, Ellsworth pinned Jacobs, 1:30; Fickes, Hillsboro pinned Lopez, 0:50; McVay, SE pinned Lopez, 1:08; Minear pinned Lopez, 0:58

126—Eastin Redetzke, H (11-3), 1ST; Redetzke pinned Luce, Lakin, 0:31; Redetzke pinned Westhoff, SE, 1:10; Redetzke pinned Simmons, Hillsboro, 0:37; 1ST—Redetzke def. Donley, Ellsworth, 6-1

132—Josiah Ball, H (20-3), 1ST; Ball pinned Friesen, SE, 1:43; Ball pinned Eli Lewis, Hoisington, 0:26; Ball pinned Schlesener, Cimarron, 1:46; Ball pinned Shults, Marion; 1ST—Ball pinned Loomis, Beloit, 3:03; Lewis (4-20), 5TH; Schlesener pinned Lewis, 1:08; Loomis pinned Lewis, 0:20; Shults pinned Lewis, 1:52 5TH—Lewis pinned Friesen, 2:44

138—Landon Beaver, H (12-17), 4TH; Beaver pinned Lollar, Mario, 2:45; Hein, Hillsboro pinned Beaver, 2:37; Beaver pinned Schwab, Stafford, 2:00; Vaughan, SE pinned Beaver, 1:09

3RD—Hein pinned Beaver, 3:14; Micheal Hipp, H (16-11), 5TH; Gosch, Lakin def. Hipp, 12-10; Vaughan pinned Hipp, 3:41; Hipp pinned Schwab, 0:09; 5TH—Hipp pinned Lollar, Marion, 3:16

144—Taylen Morales, H (15-14), 2ND; Morales def. Peraza, Lakin, 9-4; Morales pinned Smith, Cimarron, 1:06; Morales pinned Bergkamp, Lakin, 0:44; 1ST—Gilley, Beloit pinned Morales

150—Deryk Yott, H (31-8) 1ST; Yott pinned Lippold, SE, 1:58; Yott def. Galvan, Ellsworth, 12-2; Yott pinned Anderson, Beloit, 3:17; Yott def. Granado, Lakin, 8-2; 1ST—Yott def. Kite, Cimarron, 8-0

157—Teron Kraft, H (14-6), 2ND; Kraft def. Llanas, Stafford, forfeit; Kraft pinned Thille, Beloit, 1:12; Kraft pinned Hays, Ellsworth, 2:49; 1ST—Schafer, Hillsboro pinned Kraft, 2:19

165—Alex Mater, H (11-17), 3RD; Urbanek, Ellsworth def. Mater, 7-5; Redger, Hillsboro pinned Mater, 1:12; 3RD—Mater pinned Burns, Stafford, 2:21

215—Elliott Copp, H (14-17), 3RD; Copp pinned Rogers, Hillsboro, 0:56; Chavira, Lakin def. Copp, 7-0; Adolph, Beloit def. Copp, 9-3; 3RD—Copp pinned Tamari Howard, Hoisington, 2:26; Howard, H (6-10); Adolph def. Howard, 2-1; Chavira def. Howard, 6-2; Howard pinned Rogers, 1:56

285—Cole Gilliland, H (21-3), 2ND; Gilliland pinned Boudreaux, Beloit, 1:53; Gilliland pinned Noah Deines, Hoisington, 0:35; 1ST—Chambers, SE pinned Gilliland, 4:50; Noah Deines (7-6); Chambers pinned Deines, 2:46; Boudreaux pinned Deines, 3:02


138—Lukas Schwab, S (5-28); Hein pinned Schwab, 0:35; Lollar pinned Schwab, 1:48; Beaver pinned Schwab, 2:00; Hipp pinned Schwab, 0:09

157—Abe Llanas, S (11-19), 6TH; Kraft def. Llanas, forfeit; Hays pinned Llanas, 2:54; Llanas def. Thille, Beloit, 7-5; 5TH—Minneman, SE def. Llanas, 9-3

165—Keaton Burns, S (7-16); Redger pinned Burns, 0:18; Urbanek pinned Burns, 0:36; Mater pinned Burns, 2:21

175—Caden Mccandless, S (22-10), 2ND; Mccandless pinned Vogel, Cimarron,0:50; Mccandless pinned Zander Nickelson, Stafford, 1:40; Mccandless pinned Lomas, Beloit, 1:55; Mccandless pinned Lattin, Beloit, 1:00; 1ST—Mac Chambers, SE def. Mccandless, 5-0; Lattin pinned Nickelson, 2:00; Chambers pinned Nickelson, 0:33; Lomax pinned Nickelson, 2:48; Vogel pinned Nickelson, 1:04