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Cardinals win Hoisington wrestling title
Kadin Spragis, GB vs. Jantzen Borge, M .jpg
Kadin Spragis, GB vs. Jantzen Borge, M - photo by Hugo Gonzalez


HOISINGTON — The Hoisington Cardinals earned five first-place finishes to capture Friday's Cardinal Corner Classic boys wrestling championship. The 3A Cardinals scored 170 points to edge 5A Great Bend (144).

Cardinals Evan Foltz (8-2, 138); No. 5 ranked Cole Steinert (5-0, 170); No. 1 ranked Joshua Ball (9-0, 182); Logan Philbern (6-1, 220); and Noah Deines (2-0, 285) captured first-place medals. 

In first-place matches, Foltz defeated Liberal's Tom McClure, 5-4; Steinert downed Great Bend's Gage Reimer 8-5; Ball defeated Liberal's Tony Rivero 5-0; Philbern pinned Larned's Carter Atteberry (3:52); and Deines pinned Larned's Konner Dill (0:51).

Earning runner-up finishes were No. 6 Josiah Ball (8-1, 113) and Quentin Boxberger (6-3, 145). Great Bend's No. 4 Avery Wolf downed Ball 9-0. Eureka's Brody Harrison pinned Boxberger (5:03). Nicolas Rubio (126) and Hunter Morris (160) placed third.

"It doesn't get any better than winning a tournament right before Christmas," said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. "What a great Christmas gift for our wrestling community.They did so with great effort from the whole squad. It was especially satisfying to win a tournament that had a ton of elite wrestlers. We filled 12 of the 14 weight classes. Our coaching staff could not have been prouder of our team."

Great Bend also earned first-place medals from No. 2 Kaden Spragis (9-1, 106); Wolf (11-0, 113) and Cooper Liles (10-1, 126). Spragis pinned teammate Emanuel Preito (2:51). Liles pinned Holcomb's Greg Martinez (1:54).

"Overall we performed well with the amount of kids that we competed with," said Great Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman. "We were missing two varsity boys in Skyler McMullen and Scott Heilman."

Placing runner-up were Panthers John Szot (8-3, 132); Gage Reimer (8-3, 170); and Keyven Schroeder (3-5, 195). Placing third were Robby Gutierrez (9-3, 120) and Austin Moore (6-7, 138).

Larned's first-place champions were No. 5 Dillan Hook (9-0, 120) and No. 4 Gatlin Hoch (9-0, 132). Hook downed Eureka's Connor Hughes 6-2. Hoch pinned Great Bend's John Szot (2:46).

Finishing second were Samajay Alboyd (8-1, 160); Carter Atteberry (1-1, 220) and Konner Dill (2-3, 285). Austin Armstrong (6-2, 113) placed third. Eureka's No. 2 ranked Brennan Lowe edged No. 1 Alboyd 4-2 in the finals. 

Stafford's Mathyas Montoya (152) and Caden McCandless (195) earned first place. Montoya downed Holcomb's Edgar Ramirez 5-3 in the finals. McCandless defeated Great Bend's Keyven Schroeder 4-3 for first place. Tarrant Young (7-2, 132) placed third.  


TEAM RESULTS—1—Hoisington 170.5; 2—Great Bend 144; 3—Larned 118.5; 4--Eureka 81; 5--Holcomb 65.5; 6—Cimarron 53; 7—Stafford 50.5; 8—Liberal 49


113—Josiah Ball, HH 8-1, 2nd; Ball def. Armstrong, Larned, 7-0; Ball pinned Garcia, Cimarron, 1:52; Ball pinned Smith, Larned, 1:31; Ball pinned Spore, GB, 0:53; Wolf, GB def. Ball, 9-0

120—Eastin Redetzke, HH 4-6, 4th; Redetzke pinned Hoffman, GB, 1:07; Hughes, Eureka def. Redetzke, 9-1; Gutierrez, GB def.  Redetzke, 13-3; Hook, Larned pinned Redetzke, 3:10; Redetzke pinned Doan, Hoisington, 1:42; Grant Doan, HH, 0-5; Hughes, Eureka pinned Doan, 0:43; Gutierrez, GB pinned Doan, 0:19; Hook, Larned pinned Doan, 0:24; Hoffman, GB pinned Doan, 0:40; 

126—Nicolas Rubio, HH, 4-4, 3rd;  Martinez, Holcomb pinned Rubio, 3:16; Rubio pinned Ruddick, Stafford, 1:22; Liles, GB pinned Rubio, 0:29;  Rubio def. Biering, Eureka, 12-2

132—Karter Wolf 4-5, 5th; Wolf pinned Szot, GB, 3:48; Harris, Holcomb pinned Wolf, 4:36; Young, Stafford pinned Wolf, 0:29; Hoch Larned pinned Wolf, 0:27; Wolf pinned Millershaski, Cimarron, 0:58

138—Evan Foltz, HH, 8-2 1st; Foltz def. McClure, Liberal, 5-4; Foltz pinned Dye, Cimarron, 0:17; Foltz pinned Hipp, Hoisington, 0:09; Foltz def. Moore, GB, 15-5; Foltz pinned Doss, Hoisington, 0:45; Ian Doss, HH 4-5, 4th; Moore, GB pinned Doss, 1:41; Doss pinned Hipp, Hoisington, 0:33; McClure, Liberal pinned Doss, 0:52; Doss pinned Dye, Cimarron 1:28;  Micheal Hipp, HH, 2-6, 5th;  Hipp def. Dye, Cimarron, 6-5; McClure pinned Hipp, 0:37; Moore, GB pinned Hipp, 0:34

145—Quentin Boxberger, HH, 6-3, 2nd; Boxberger pinned Aguilara, GB, 1:48; Boxberger pinned Ardery, Holcomb, 1:47; Boxberger pinned Arias, GB, 1:20; Boxberger pinned Colglazier, Larned, 2:28; 1st Place--Harrison, Eureka pinned Boxberger, 5:03

152—Ian Smith, HH, 5-3, 5th;  Sanchez Liberal def. Smith, 7-1; Smith def. Enriquez, GB, 5-4; Montoya, Stafford pinned Smith, 0:47;  Smith pinned Brown, Hoisington, 2:37; 5th Place—Ian Smith def. Hensley, Cimarron, 11-6; Trevan Brown, HH 2-5, 7th;  Montoya, Stafford pinned Brown, 0:24; Sanchez, Liberal pinned Brown, 2:21; Brown def. Enriquez, GB, 1-0; 7th Place—Brown def. Seeman, Larned, forfeit

160—Hunter Morris, HH 7-3, 3rd; Morris def. Boles, Eureka, 10-3; Morris pinned Metzger, Stafford, 1:02; Morris def. Johnson, GB, 5-3; Alboyd, Larned pinned Morris, 1:15; 3rd Place—Morris def. Johnson, Holcomb, 13-7

170—Cole Steinert, HH 5-0, 1st; Steinert pinned Harmon, Cimarron, 3:49; Steinert pinned Britain, Eureka, 1:00; Steinert pinned Bogner, Cimarron, 0:47; Steinert def. Kramer, Larned, forfeit; 1st Place—Steinert def. Reimer, GB, 8-5

182—Joshua Ball, HH, 9-0, 1st; Ball pinned Wilkens, Cimarron, 0:36; Ball pinned Birzer, Hoisington, 0:30; Ball pinned Policios, Holcomb; Ball def. Rivero, Liberal, 5-0; Caleb Birzer, HH, 1-6, 4th; Birzer pinned Wilkens, Cimarron, 3:36; Rivero, Liberal pinned Birzer, 0:25; Policios, Holcomb pinned Birzer, 3:05

220—Logan Philbern, HH, 6-1, 1st;  Philbern pinned Keener, Hoisington, 0:07; Philbern pinned Atteberry, Larned, 3:52; Steven Keener, HH;  Atteberry, Larned pinned Keener, 0:31 285—Noah Deines, HH 2-0, 1st; Deines pinned Gunter, Stafford, 1:33; Deines pinned Dill, Larned, 0:51


106—Kaden Spragis, GB, 9-1, 1st; Spragis pinned Gravatt, Eureka, 2:00; Spragis pinned Garcia, Cimarron, 2:57; Spragis pinned Preito, GB, 2:51; Emanuel Prieto, GB, 11-2, 2nd; Preito def. Garcia, Cimarron, 10-4; Preito pinned Gravatt, Eureka, 2:45

113—Avery Wolf, GB, 11-0, 1st; Wolf pinned Smith, Larned, 0:22; Wolf pinned Spore, GB, 0:41; Wolf pinned Garcia, Cimarron, 0:50; Wolf pinned Armstrong, Larned, 0:23; Wolf def. Josiah Ball Hoisington, 9-0; Cadin Spore, GB, 7-3, 4th; Spore def. Garcia, Cimarron, 10-3;  Armstrong, Larned pinned Spore, 1:22; Ball, Hoisington pinned Spore, 0:53; Spore pinned Smith, Larned,1:36

120—Robby Gutierrez, GB, 9-3, 3rd; Hook, Larned pinned Gutierrez, 0:42; Gutierrez pinned Doan, Hoisington, 0:19; Gutierrez def. Redetzke, Hoisington, 13-3; Hughes, Eureka def.  Gutierrez, GB, 12-2; Gutierrez pinned Hoffman, GB, 4:20; Kaiden Hoffman, GB, 9-5, 5th; Redetzke, Hoisington pinned Hoffman, 1:07; Hook, Larned pinned Hoffman, 1:22; Hughes, Eureka def. Hoffman, 17-0; Hoffman pinned Doan, Hoisington, 0:40

126—Cooper Liles, GB, 10-1, 1st; Liles pinned Ruddick, Stafford, 1:18; Liles pinned Biering, Eureka, 0:48; Liles pinned Rubio, Hoisington, 0:29; Liles def.  Martinez, Holcomb, 15-4

132—John Szot, GB, 8-3, 2nd; Wolf, Hoisington pinned Szot, 3:48; Hoch, Larned pinned Szot, GB, 2:46; Szot pinned Harris, Holcomb, 0:54; Szot pinned Millershaski, Cimarron, 1:58; Szot def. Young, Stafford, forfeit

138—Austin Moore, GB, 6-7, 3rd; Moore pinned Doss, Hoisington, 1:41; McClure, Liberal pinned Moore, 5:15; Moore pinned Payton Dye Cimarron 0-12 0:25; Foltz, Hoisington def. Moore, 15-5; Moore pinned Hipp, Hoisington, 0:34

145—Jorge Aguilara, GB 6-10, 7th; Boxberger, Hoisington pinned Aguilara, 1:48; Colglazier, Larned pinned Aguilara,

1:27; Aguilara pinned Arias, GB, 3:10; Ardery, Holcomb pinned Aguilara, 0:45; 7th Place—Aguilara pinned Llanas, Stafford, 1:44; Mario Arias, GB, 1-6; Colglazier, Larned pinned Arias, 1:57; Boxberger, Hoisington pinned Arias, 1:20;  Ardery, Holcomb pinned Arias, 1:51

152—Mario Enriquez, GB, 4-10, 9th; Montoya Stafford pinned Enriquez, 3:23; Sanchez, Liberal def. Enriquez, 9-2; Smith, Hoisington def. Enriquez, 5-4; Brown, Hoisington def. Enriquez, 1-0; 9th Place—Enriquez pinned Aguilar, Holcomb, 3:05

160—Matthew Johnson, GB, 4-8, 5th; Alboyd, Larned pinned Johnson, 0:27; Morris, Hoisington def. Johnson, 5-3; Johnson pinned Metzger, Stafford, 1:28; Johnson def. Boles, Eureka, 14-2; 5th Place—Johnson pinned Bogner, Cimarron, 1:10

170—Gage Reimer, GB, 8-3, 2nd; Reimer pinned Legg, Cimarron, 1:54; Reimer pinned Rodriguez, Holcomb, 0:27; Reimer pinned Hilton, Eureka, 3:44; 1st Place—Steinert Hoisington def. Reimer, 8-5

195—Keyven Schroeder, GB 3-5, 2nd; Schroeder pinned Johnson, Cimarron, 0:50; McCandless Stafford def. Schroeder, 4-3


113—Austin Armstrong, L, 6-2, 3rd;  Ball, Hoisington def. Armstrong, 7-0; Armstrong pinned Spore, GB, 1:22; Wolf, GB pinned Armstrong, 0:23; Armstrong pinned Garcia, Cimarron, 1:35; Armstrong pinned Smith, 1:10; Jameson Smith, L, 0-5; Wolf, GB pinned Smith, 0:22; Ball, Hoisington pinned Smith, 1:31;  Garcia, Cimarron pinned Smith, 1:29; Spore, GB pinned Smith, 1:36

120—Dillan Hook, L 9-0, 1st; Hook pinned Gutierrez, GB, 0:42; Hook pinned Hoffman, GB, 1:22; Hook pinned Doan, Hoisington, 0:24; Hook pinned Redetzke, Hoisington; 3:10; Hook def. Hughes, Eureka, 6-2

132—Gatlin Hoch, L, 9-0, 1st; Hoch def. Young, Stafford, 6-2; Hoch pinned Szot, GB, 2:46; Hoch pinned Millershaski, Cimarron, 0:45; Hoch pinned Wolf, Hoisington, 0:27; Hoch def. Harris Holcomb,5-3

145—Jacob Colglazier, L, 6-4, 4th; Colglazier pinned Arias, GB, 1:57; Colglazier pinned Aguilara, GB, 1:27; Colglazier pinned Ardery, Holcomb, 1:23;  Boxberger Hoisington pinned Colglazier, 2:28; 3rd Place—Kite, Cimarron pinned Colglazier, 2:59

152—Jarrett Seeman, L, 3-7, 8th; Hensley, Cimarron def. Seeman,13-9; Seeman pinned Aguilar, Holcomb, 2:53; Ramirez, Holcomb pinned Seeman, 1:13; Greene, Cimarron def. Seeman, injury; 7th Place—Brown, Hoisington def. Seeman, forfeit

160—Samajay Alboyd, L, 8-1, 2nd;  Alboyd pinned Metzger, Stafford, 0:15; Alboyd pinned Johnson, GB, 0:27; Alboyd pinned Boles, Eureka, 1:32; Alboyd pinned Morris, Hoisington, 1:15; 1st Place—Brennan Lowe, Eureka def. Alboyd, 4-2

170—Joshua Kramer, L, 2-5; Bogner, Cimarron pinned Kramer, 3:59

220—Carter Atteberry, L, 1-1, 2nd; Atteberry pinned Keener Hoisington, 0:31; Philbern Hoisington pinned Atteberry, 3:52

285—Konner Dill, L, 2-3, 2nd; Deines, Hoisington pinned Dill, 0:51; Dill pinned Gunter, Stafford, 1:18


126—Gatlin Ruddick, S, 0-6; Biering, Eureka pinned Ruddick,1:15; Liles, GB pinned Ruddick, 1:18; Rubio, HHS pinned Ruddick, 1:22; Martinez, Holcomb pinned Ruddick, 0:20

132—Tarrant Young, S, 7-2, 3rd; Hoch, Larned def. Young, 6-2; Young pinned Millershaski, Cimarron, 2:44; Young pinned Wolf, HHS, 0:29; Szot, GB def. Young, forfeit

145—Abe Llanas, S 0-8; Kite, Cimarron pinned Llanas, 1:06; Harmon, Cimarron pinned Llanas, 4:18; Harrison, Eureka pinned Llanas, 1:22; 7th Place—Aguilara, GB pinned Llanas,1:44

152—Mathyas Montoya, S10-1, 1st; Montoya pinned Enriquez, GB, 3:23; Montoya pinned Brown, HHS, 0:24; Montoya pinned Smith, HHS, 0:47; Montoya pinned Sanchez, Liberal, 1:06; 1st Place—Montoya def. Ramirez, Holcomb, 5-3

160—Dylan Metzger, S, 4-9; Alboyd, Larned pinned Metzger, 0:15; Morris, HHS pinned Metzger, 1:02; Boles, Eureka pinned Metzger, 3:38; Johnson, GB pinned Metzger, 1:28

195—Caden McCandless, S, 7-2, 1st; McCandless pinned Johnson, Cimarron, 0:50; McCandless def. Schroeder, GB, 4-3

285—Mason Gunter, 0-2; Deines, HHS pinned Gunter, 1:33; Dill, Larned pinnd Gunter, 1:18