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Cardinals, Panthers earn two champions
Hoisington - Joshua Ball fall over Ryan Policios.jpg
Hoisington High School’s Joshua Ball wrestles Holcomb’s Ryan Policios at the Cardinal Corner Classic on Friday. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

HOISNGTON -- The Hoisington Cardinals and Great Bend Panthers each featured two first-place medalists at Friday's Hoisington Corner Wrestling Classic. Hoisington finished third (79) behind Pratt (104) and Salina Central (89). 

Hoisington's champions were Sheena Gocela (8-2, 101) and No. 4 ranked Tally Wikum (8-0, 138). Gocela upset Liberal's No. 2 ranked Mana Chanthansone 9-0 for first place. Wikum pinned Great Bend's Sierra Ferguson (0:52) in the title match.

The Cardinals' second-place medalists were Emily Lovett (7-2, 120) and Lyrica Orosco (2-3, 143). Salina Central's Katie Jennings downed Lovett 4-2 in the finals. Pratt's No. 1 ranked Livia Swift pinned Orosco (1:05).

 "I was very pleased with our performance," said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. "We had two champions, two seconds, and one third. Our five girls are pioneers in the sport, and they have outstanding to coach. The success they bring to the program is starting to become contagious. This group is generating entertainment to watch moving forward."

Great Bend's winners were No. 2 ranked Breanna Ridgeway (12-0, 126) and Lexi Deines (6-2, 132). Ridgeway pinned Salina Central's Lydia Dong (1:09) for first place. Deines pinned Pratt's Emmaline Primrose (1:50) for first place.

Panther Dakota Baldwin (5-4, 191) lost to Liberal's Leilani Torres (5:16) for first place. Katie Kuhlman (9-6, 126) placed third.

"We were pretty short handed being open at four weights. We were missing No. 1 ranked Breckyn Elliott," said Great Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman.

Larned's No. 2 ranked Ava Mull (11-0, 170) pinned Salina Central's MaKayla Anderson (0:17) in the championship match.


GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Pratt 104; 2—Salina Central 89; 3—Hoisington 79; 4—Great Bend 74; 5—Eureka 37; 6—Kingman 35; 7—Liberal 30; 8—Holcomb 25; 9—Larned 20; 10—Cimarron 13.5; 11—Stafford 8


101—Karley Stukey, GB, 2-8; Herrrman Pratt pinned Stukey, 1:00; Gocela, Hoisington pinned Stukey, 0:45; Chanthansone, Liberal pinned Stukey, 2:41; Greene Cimarron def. Stukey, 6-5

120—Daizy Gomez, GB, 6-7; Lovett, Hoisington pinned Gomez, 5:35

126—Breanna Ridgeway, GB, 12-0, 1st; Ridgeway pinned Fankhauser, Kingman, 0:19; Ridgeway pinned Kuhlman, GB, 0:25; Ridgeway pinned  Woody, Pratt, 1:15; Ridgeway pinned Dong, SC, 1:09; Ridgeway pinned Marlar, Eureka, 0:24; Katie Kuhlman, GB 9-6, 3rd; Kuhlman pinned Woody, Pratt, 3:48; Ridgeway pinned Kuhlman, 0:25; Dong, SC, pinned Kuhlman, 1:31; Kuhlman pinned Marlar, Eureka, 0:59; Kuhlman pinned Fankhauser Kingman 1-5 0:50

132—Lexi Deines, GB, 6-2, 1st; Deines pinned Fankhauser, Kingman, 0:58; Deines pinned Campos, 0:27; Deines pinned Watkins, Larned, 1:27; Deines pinned Miles, Eureka, 0:27; Deines pinned Primrose, Pratt, 1:50; Rosa Campos, GB 3-2, 3rd; Campos pinned  Watkins, Larned, 3:06; Campos pinned Miles, Eureka, 3:54; Primrose, Pratt pinned Campos, 1:19; Campos pinned  Fankhauser, Kingman, 2:34

138—Sierra Ferguson, GB, 7-6, 2nd; Ferguson pinned Lawler, SC, 0:56; Winchell, Liberal pinned Ferguson, 2:56; Wikum, Hoisington pinned Ferguson, 0:52; Ferguson pinned Smith, Pratt, 4:09

155—Kim Escobedo, GB, 2-10, 6th; Escareno, Eureka pinned Escobedo, 1:43; Murray, Kingman pinned Escobedo, 0:37; Thompson, Pratt pinned Escobedo, 0:47; McCloskey, Stafford pinned Escobedo, 1:14; Gunter, Stafford pinned Escobedo, 3:12

191—Dakota Baldwin, GB, 5-4, 2nd; Torres, Liberal pinned Baldwin, 5:16; Baldwin pinned Talbot, Kingman, 0:36


132—Reese Watkins, L 4-8, 4th; Campos, GB pinned Watkins, 3:06; Primrose Pratt pinned Watkins, 1:44; Deines  pinned Watkins, 1:27; Watkins pinned Fankhauser, Kingman, 2:51; Watkins pinned Miles, Eureka, 0:39

170—Ava Mull, L 11-0, 1st; Mull pinned Watt, Liberal, 1:51; Mull pinned Lynn, Cimarron, 1:23; Mull pinned Anderson, SC, 0:17


101—Sheena Gocela, HH, 8-2, 1st; Gocela def. Greene, Cimarron, 11-1; Gocela pinned Stukey, GB, 0:45;  Gocela pinned Herrrman, Pratt, 3:10; Gocela def. Chanthansone, Liberal, 9-0

115—Kiana Grandclair, HH, 0-2; Martinez, Holcomb def. Grandclair, forfeit; Thompson, Pratt def.  Grandclair, 11-1

120--Emily Lovett, HH, 7-2, 2nd; Lovett pinned Gomez, GB, 5:35; Lovett pinned Fox, Pratt, 1:11; Lovett pinned Hall, Kingman, 0:37; Jennings, SC def. Lovett, 4-2; Lovett pinned Barajas, Holcomb, 3:36

138—Tally Wikum, HH, 8-0, 1st; Wikum pinned Winchell, Liberal, 0:28; Wikum pinned Smith, Pratt, 0:12; Wikum pinned Ferguson, GB, 0:52; Wikum pinned Lawler, SC, 1:27

143—Lyrica Orosco, HH 2-3, 2nd; Orosco pinned Hilton, Eureka, 0:26; Swift Pratt pinned Orosco, 1:05


155—Katelyn McCloskey, S, 10-4; 4th; Thompson, Pratt pinned McCloskey, 0:55; Escareno, Eureka pinned McCloskey, 1:29; McCloskey pinned Gunter, Stafford, 1:00; McCloskey pinned Escobedo, GB, 1:14; Murray, Kingman pinned McCloskey, 0:56; Morgan Gunter, 2-9, 5th; Murray, Kingman pinned Gunter, 0:39; Thompson, Pratt pinned Gunter, 4:10; Escareno, Eureka pinned Gunter, 3:51; Gunter pinned Escobedo, GB, 3:12