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Hoisington, Larned compete at CKL girls wrestling
hhs girls wrestling
The Hoisington girls wrestling team finishes runner-up in the Central Kansas League with four champions.

NICKERSON – The No. 10 ranked Hoisington girls earned the runner-up spot earning four weight champions at the Central Kansas League wrestling tournament.

Cardinal champions are Paige Schwartz (115), No. 5 ranked Lyrica Orosco (145), Nevaeh Graves (170) and No. 5 ranked Haylee Holinde (235).

In championship matches, Schwartz defeated Smoky Valley's Echo Clark Pavlovich 5-2; Orosco pinned Pratt's Webb (0:43); Graves pinned Smoky Valley's Kate Griffin (3:27); and Holinde pinned Halstead's Zandri Watkins (4:35). 

Hoisington's No. 3 ranked Daijah Jones (130) lost the championship match to Halstead's No. 2 ranked Callyn Divine (1:37).

No. 1 ranked 4-1A Pratt won six of the 14 brackets Tuesday to capture the team title with 172 points.



105—Bailey George, H; McCloud, P pinned George, 2:26; Young, Lyons pinned George, 1:39; George def. Schroeder, Haven, forfeit

110—Jaya Bailey, H; Bailey def. Hembree, P, 19-2; Grizzle, Lyons pinned Bailey, 4:26; McKenna, Larned pinned Bailey, 3:31; Riedel, SV pinned Bailey, 4:32

115—Paige Schwartz, H, 1ST; Schwartz def. Craft, Larned, 6-2; Schwartz def. Creadick, P, 4-1; 1ST— Schwartz def. Pavlovich, SV, 5-2

120—Kassie Linsner, H; Linsner pinned Wills-Dirks, Hillsboro, 0:58; Crain, SV pinned Linsner, 1:09; Herbert, Larned pinned Linsner, 3:37; Linsner pinned Ledford, Hesston, 4:30

125—Madaline Kolas, H; Kramer, Hesston pinned Kolas, 0:40;  Reed, SV pinned Kolas, 5:25; Hembree, P pinned Kolas, 0:14; Kelley, Hillsboro pinned Kolas, 2:16

130—No. 3 Daijah Jones, H, 2ND; Jones pinned Schneider, N, 0:46; Jones pinned Simmons, Larned, 0:42; Jones pinned Williams, Haven, 0:34; 1ST—No. 2 Divine, Halstead pinned Jones, 1:37

135—Clair Birzer, H; No. 2 Mullen, SV pinned Birzer, 0:31; Guzman, Lyons pinned Birzer, 1:42; No. 1 Thompson, P pinned Birzer, 0:56; Birzer pinned Metoyer, Halstead, 4:26; Birzer pinned Garcia, Haven, 1:26

140—Marly Brewer, H; Richardson, P def. Brewer, 11-4; French, SV pinned Brewer, 0:33; Munden, Larned pinned Brewer, 3:28; Brewer pinned Foster, Halstead, 3:28; Brewer pinned Rusche, Hesston 1:00

145—Lyrica Orosco, H, 1ST; Orosco pinned Westfall, Halstead, 0:31; Orosco pinned Carter, SV, 1:12; 1ST—Orosco pinned Webb, P, 0:43

155—Peyton Schneider, H; Schneider pinned Woltje, Hesston, 1:50; Schneider pinned Armstrong, Halstead def. Schneider, 2-1; No. 5 Primrose, P pinned Schneider, 0:38; 5TH—Schneider pinned Edwards, Hillsboro, 2:10

170—Neveah Graves, H, 1ST; Graves pinned Pope, Halstead, 0:47; Graves pinned Atteberry, Larned, 2:55; Graves pinned Baker, P, 1:10; 1ST—Graves pinned Griffin, SV, 3:27

190—Zayda Urban, H; Eilert, Hesston pinned Urban, 1:58; Stimatze, P pinned Urban, 1:44; Kelly, Haven pinned Urban, 3:39

235—Haylee Holinde, H, 1ST; Holinde pinned Watkins, Halstead, 4:35; Holinde pinned Dick, N, 5:37


145/155—Jaylin Kolas, H (4-1), Riedel, SV pinned Kolas, 0:30; Kolas pinned Alexis Orosco, H, 2:53; Kolas pinned Gonser, P, 1:43; Kolas, H pinned Miette Kaiser, H, 1:32; Kolas pinned Morey, Hillsboro 2:40; Orosco (3-2) pinned Kaiser; Orosco pinned Gonser, 1:08; Riedel pinned Orosco, 0:51; Orosco pinned Morey, 1:16; Morey pinned Kaiser (0-5); Gonser pinned Kaiser, 3:58; Riedel pinned Kaiser, 0:40

130/135—Triston Compton, H pinned Koontz, P, 1:43; Pedroza, P pinned Compton, 3:59


100—Teagan Walker, L, Walker pinned Wesley, SV, 4:53; Blasi, P pinned Walker, 0:51

110—Liliana McKenna, L; McKenna pinned Hembree, 3:41; McKenna pinned Bailey, Hoisington, 3:31; McKenna pinned Riedel, SV, 12-8

115—Cortney Craft, L, Schwartz, Hoisington pinned Craft, 4:41; Pavlovich, SV pinned Craft, 4:41; Creadick, P pinned Craft, 3:09

120—Cara Herbert, L; Herbert pinned Wills-Dirks, Hillsboro, 1:03; Herbert pinned Linsner, Hoisington, 3:37; Webb, P pinned Herbert, 3:17; Craig, SV pinned Herbert, 4:57

125—Reese Watkins, 3RD, L; Hembree, P pinned Watkins, 1:30; 3RD—Watkins def. Reed, SV, forfeit

130—Allison Simmons, L; Candia, P pinned Simmons, 0:42; Jones, Hoisington pinned Simmons, 0:16

140—Mia Munden, L; Munden pinned Brewer, Hoisington, 1:10; French, SV pinned Munden, 1:39; Munden pinned Richardson, P, 2:52

170—Kinley Atteberry, L; Atteberry def. Baker, P, 10-3; Graves, Hoisington pinned Atteberry, 2:52; Griffin, SV pinned Atteberry , 3:26


120/125—Wilson, Hillsboro pinned Ariahna Krob, L, 4:18; Cervantes, P pinned Krob, 0:28; Schoshke, SV pinned Krob, 2:35


130—Brooklyn Schneider, N,; Jones, Hoisington pinned Schneider, 0:46; Candia, P pinned Schneider, 0:18

235—Elizabeth Dick, N; Holinde, Hoisington pinned Dick, 5:37