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Hoisington, Larned girls win titles
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HOISINGTON — Hoisington's trio of Daijah Jones (24-3, 130), Neveah Graves (10-7, 170) and No. 5 ranked Haylee Holinde (19-2, 235) captured first-place medals at the Hoisington Round Robin Wrestling Tournament.

In championship matches, Jones pinned Lyons' No. 5 Alexa Guzman (1:13); Graves pinned Hill City's Lilliana Spino (2:21) and Holinde pinned Hill City's No. 6 Gracie Penrod (1:35).

Placing third were Kassie Linsner (16-9, 120) with a 14-0 win over Lyons' Nicole Becerra and No. 2 ranked Lyrica Orosco (15-4, 145) with a pin over Smoky Valley's Gemma Carter (0:42).

Larned's threesome of Liliana McKenna (23-6 110), Cara Herbert (21-6 120) and Reese Watkins (19-6, 125) placed first.

In championship matches, Herbert defeated Smoky Valley's Kenzlie Crain, 7-6; McKenna pinned Lyons' Kennedy Grizzle (2:00); and Watkins defeated Smoky Valley's Taytum Reed 12-2.


TEAM RESULTS—1—Plainville 117; 2—Hoisington 114; 3—Smoky Valley 100; 4—Larned 96; 5—Abilene 76; 6—Russell 62.5; 7—Lyons 58; 8—Hill City 51.5; 9—Osborne 50; 10—Ellis 43.5; 11—Ell Saline 39; Wichita Count 39; 13—Kingman 10; 14—Chaparral 6; Oxford 6; 16—Stafford 5.5; 17—Bluestem 2


100—M.J. Sneath, H (2-11); Klein, Plainville pinned Sneath, 0:30; Elliott, Abilene pinned Sneath, 0:20; King, Russell pinned Sneath, 0:27; Wesley, SV pinned Sneath, 0:42

105—Bailey George, H (3-12), 6TH; Christian, HC pinned George, 3:39; George pinned McClung, Ellis, 2:28; Raybern, Russell pinned George, 1:20; 5TH—McClung pinned George, 4:15

110--Jayda Bailey, H (11-11), 6TH; Bailey pinned Baldwin, HC, 3:33; Grizzle, Lyons pinned Bailey, 1:32; Dinkel, Russell pinned Bailey, 1:07; Bailey pinned Loya-Magadan, Wichita Co, 1:17; 5TH—Becker, Plainville pinned Bailey, 1:25

120—Kassie Linsner, H (16-9), 3RD; Herbert, Larned pinned Linsner, 3:09; No. 6 Crain, SV def. Linsner, 7-6; Linsner pinned Schoshke, SV, 0:58; 3RD—Linsner def. Becerra, Lyons, 14-0

125—Madaline Kolas (7-15), 4TH; Watkins, Larned pinned Kolas, 1:26; Reed, SV pinned Kolas, 1:59; Kolas pinned Martinez-Perez, Wichita Co. 0:34; Kolas def. Gunter, Stafford, forfeit; 3RD—Bieker, Plainville pinned Kolas, 1:09

130—Daijah Jones (24-3), 1ST; Jones pinned Bachman, Russell, 0:58; Jones pinned Simmons, Larned, 1:45; Jones pinned Dohe, Plainville, 0:15; Jones pinned Barrera, Wichita Co. 4:24; 1ST—Jones pinned No. 5 Guzman, Lyons, 1:13

135—Tristin Compton, H (3-11), 6TH; Weibert, Abilene pinned Compton, 0:54; Vine, Ellis pinned Compton, 0:28; Compton def. Haskins, Stafford, injury; Compton pinned Gillenwater, Oxford, 2:43; 5TH—Hegema, Plainville pinned Compton, 3:14

140—Marly Brewer, H (10-13), 4TH; Brewer pinned Smith, Abilene, 3:10; Normandin, Plainville pinned Brewer, 4:55; Brewer pinned Morris, Oxford, 1:25; Haag, Elli pinned Brewer, 2:16; 3RD—Kasyn French, SV pinned Brewer, 1:07

145—No. 2 Lyrica Orosco, H (15-4), 3RD; Orosco pinned Simmons, Abilene, 1:52; Orosco pinned Sanders, Oxford, 0:51; Orosco pinned Hemken, Larned, 1:30; Brown, Plainville def. Orosco, 13-4; 3RD—Orosco pinned Carter, SV, 0:42; Miette Kaiser, H (1-9), 9TH; Carter, SV pinned Kaiser, 0:39; Black, Kingman pinned Kaiser, 4:29 No. 1 Ney, Russell pinned Kaiser, 1:16; Dooley, HC pinned Kaiser, 4:51; 9TH—Kaiser def. Sanders, Oxford, 12-7;

155—Peyton Schneider, H (11-15), 2ND; Schneider def. Kolas, Hoisington, 11-3; 1ST—Garcia, Plainville def. Schneider, 8-4; Jaylin Kolas, H (5-8), 3RD; 3RD—Kolas pinned Lopez, Lyons, 4:26

170—Nevaeh Graves, H (10-7), 1ST; Graves pinned Mendoza, Chaparral, 0:32; Graves pinned Orosco, Hoisington, 1:47; Griffin, SV pinned Graves, 2:34; Graves pinned Atteberry, Larned, 3:30; 1ST—Graves pinned Lilliana Spino, HC, 2:21; Alexis Orosco, H (6-10), 6TH; Griffin pinned Orosco, 2:21; Orosco pinned Mendoza, 3:48; Orosco pinned Urban, Hoisington, 1:15; 5TH—Pope, Stafford pinned Orosco, 4:02; Zayda Urban, H (7-12), 7TH; Atteberry pinned Urban, 1:26; Spino pinned Urban, 1:03; Pope, Stafford def. Urban, 9-5; 7TH—Urban pinned Mendoza, 1:34; 

235—No. 5 Haylee Holinde, H (19-2), 1ST; Holinde pinned Calzada, Ell-Saline, 3:18; Holinde pinned White, Chaparral, 0:47; Holinde pinned Hinz, Hoisington, 1:13; 1ST—Holinde pinned No. 6 Gracie Penrod, HC, 1:35; Amerie Hinz, H (7-10), 4TH; Penrod, HC pinned Hinz, 5:27; Calzada pinned Hinz, 1:37; Hinz pinned White, 0:48


100—Teagan Walker, L (13-10), 4TH; Walker pinned Wesley, SV, 1:00; Walker pinned Will, Ell-Saline,  5:05; Klein, Plainville pinned Walker, 1:40; 3RD—Erica Will, pinned Walker, 0:41

110—Liliana McKenna, L (23-6), 1ST; McKenna pinned Loya-Magadan, Wichita Co. 1:36; McKenna pinned Becker, Plainville, 1:04; McKenna pinned Kendig, Osborne, 3:48; McKenna pinned Dinkel, Russell, 0:44; 1ST—McKenna pinned Kennedy Grizzle, Lyons, 2:00

115—Cortney Craft, L (3-14), 6TH; Keener, Abilene pinned Craft, 2:44; Young, Lyons def. Craft, 6-5; Kendig, Osborne pinned Craft, 2:59; Reich, Bluestem def. Craft, injury; Hernandez, Wichita County def. Craft, forfeit;

120—Cara Herbert, L (21-6), 1ST; Herbert pinned Linsner, Hoisington, 3:09; Herbert pinned Schoshke, SV, 0:43; Herbert pinned Becerra , Lyons, 1:57; 1ST—Herbert def. No. 6 Kenzlie Crain, SV, 7-6

125—Reese Watkins, L (19-6), 1ST; Watkins pinned Kolas, Hoisington, 1:26; Watkins pinned Gunter, Stafford, 2:49; Watkins pinned Martinez-Perez, Wichita Co. 2:24; Watkins pinned Bieker, Plainville, 2:22; 1ST—Watkins def. Taytum Reed, SV, 12-2

130—Allison Simmons, L (0-5); Dohe, Plainville pinned Simmons, 3:42; Jones, Hoisington pinned Simmons, 1:45; Batteras, Wichita County pinned Simmons, 0:46; Guzman, Lyons pinned Simmons, 0:21; Bachman, Russell pinned Simmons, 0:37

140—Mia Munden, L (15-8), 5TH; French, SV pinned Munden, 1:56; No. 1 Haag, Ellis def. Munden, 8-0; Munden pinned Vopat, Russell, 6:11; Munden def. Smith, Abilene, forfeit; 5TH—Munden pinned Vopat, Russell, 4:24

145—Breanna Hemken, L (5-15), 5TH; Brown, Plainville pinned Hemken, 0:51; Hemken def. Simmons, Abilene, 3-2; Orosco, Hoisington pinned Hemken, 1:30; Hemken pinned Sanders, Oxford, 1:41; 5TH—Hemken def. Black, Kingman, 8-4

170—Kinley Atteberry, L (19-10), 4TH; Atteberry pinned Urban, Hoisington, 1:26; Atteberry pinned Pope, Stafford, 3:29; Atteberry def. Spino, HC, 4-1; Graves pinned Atteberry, 3:30; 3RD—Kate Griffin, SV pinned Atteberry, 0:51


125—Morgan Gunter, S (3-10); Martinez-Perez, Wichita Co. def. Gunter, 14-12 Watkins, Larned pinned Gunter, 2:49; Reed, SV pinned Gunter, 3:27;  Bieker, Plainville pinned Gunter, 1:05; Kolas, Hoisington def. Gunter, forfeit

135—Kyle Haskins, S (6-12); Compton, Hoisington def. Haskins, injury; Vine, Ellis def. Haskins, forfeit; Weibert, Abilene def. Haskins, forfeit; Hegeman, Plainville def. Haskins, forfeit; Gillenwater, Oxford def. Haskins, forfeit

170—Trynity Pope, S (5-11), 5TH; Spino, HC pinned Pope, 1:40; Atteberry, Larned pinned Pope, 3:29; Pope def. Urban, Hoisington, 9-5; Pope pinned Mendoza, Chaparral, 5:18; 5TH—Pope pinned Orosco, Hoisington, 4:02