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Hoisington, Larned wrestlers place first
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Hoisington, Larned wrestlers place first

LARNED – Two-time state champion Wyatt Pedigo led seven Hoisington Cardinals to first-place finishes as the Cardinals scored 183 points to capture the Larned Wrestling Tournament.

The Larned Indians also earned seven first-place finishes for a runner-up finish with 149.5 points.

Pedigo (12-0, 195) pinned Nickerson’s Sam Logan in 1:05 for first place. Other Hoisington champions were Evan Foltz (132), Cole Steinert (11-3, 152), Joshua Ball (5-0, 182), Cole Gilliland (9-2, 220); Tally Wikum (8-1, 136) and Bailey Sanders (7-0, 155).

In first-place matches, Foltz beat Larned’s Jacob Colglazier; Steinert edged Hugoton’s Michael Mendoza 9-7; Ball defeated Lakin’s Kayden Christiansen 5-2 and Gilliland downed Larned’s Hector Garcia 6-0.

Also, Wikum pinned Hugoton’s Suheila Rosas (3:09) and Sanders beat Nickerson’s Lauren Kinsey.

Hoisington’s runners-up were Quentin Boxberger (113), Deryk Yott (120), Dayne Yott (145), Hunter Morris (160), Blake Deines (170) and Cade Boxberger (285).

Placing third were Eastin Redetzke (106), Karter Wolf (126), Elliott Copp (195) and Logan Philbern (220).

Larned champions were Austin Armstrong (106), Dillen Hook (113), Michael Saenz (120), Gatlin Hoch (126), Brayden Lemuz (138), Samajay Alboyd (145) and Ava Mull (170).

In championship matches, Armstrong pinned teammate Cade Parr (3:01); Hook pinned Hoisington’s Boxberger (3:50); Saenz beat Hoisington’s Deryk Yott; Hoch pinned Lakin’s Bly Gosch (2:38); Lemuz defeated Hugoton’s Adam Mendoza 13-6; Alboyd defeated Hoisington’s Dayne Yott and Mull beat Nickerson’s Maddi Miller.

Larned’s runners-up were Jacob Colglazier (132) and Hector Garcia (220). Third-place finishers were Nathaneal Pfortmiller (160) and Carter Atteberry (182).


TEAM TOTALS—1—Hoisington 183; 2—Larned 149.5; 3—Lakin 73; 4—Hays-Thomas More Prep 55; 5—Hugoton 52.5; 6—Nickerson 47; 7—Stafford 37


106—Eastin Redetzke, H (11-7), 3rd; Redetzke pinned Ingham, N, 1:06; Redetzke pinned Kreutzer, N, 0:50; Parr, L def. Redetzke, 5-2; Armstrong, L def. Redetzke, 7-6; 3rd Place— Redetzke pinned McAlister, N, 0:29

113—Quentin Boxberger, (4-6) 2nd; Boxberger pinned Cruz, Hugoton, 4:00; Boxberger pinned Guzman, Hugoton, 1:31; Hook, L def. Boxberger, H, 13-3; Boxberger pinned Reimer, Lakin, 4:27; 1st Place—Hook, L pinned Boxberger, 3:50

120—Chase Steinert, (1-11), 8th; Steinert def. Holmes Hays, 2-1; Yott, H, pinned Steinert, 0:44; Zambrano, Hugoton def. Steinert, 14-3; Lima, Stafford def. Steinert, forfeit; 7th Place— Holmes, Hays def. Steinert, H, default

120— Deryk Yott, H (12-5), 2nd; Yott pinned Zambrano, Hugoton, 0:23; Yott pinned Steinert, H, 0:44; Yott pinned Holmes, Hays, 5:50; Yott pinned Weers, L, 2-3 3:27; 1st Place—Saenz, L pinned Yott, 1:50

126—In Doss, H (2-14), 5th; Hudsonpillar Hays pinned Doss, 1:06; Hoch, L, pinned Doss, 3:45; Gosch, Lakin pinned Doss, H, 1:39; Karter Wolf, H, 9-8 pinned Doss, 1:18; Doss def. VanKleek, N, 17-1

126—Karter Wolf, H (9-8), 3rd; Gosch, Lakin pinned Wolf, H, 9-8 5:32; Wolf pinned Hudsonpillar Hays, 2:46; Wolf pinned VanKleek, N, 0:25; Wolf pinned Doss, H, 1:18

Hoch, L pinned Wolf, 1:04

132—Evan Foltz, H (11-1), 1st; Foltz pinned Colglazier, L, 0:36; Foltz pinned Colglazier, L, 3:13

138--Tamari Howard, H (0-14); Mendoza, Hugoton pinned Howard, 4:28; Lemuz, L pinned Howard, 0:49

145—Dayne Yott, H (5-9), 2nd; Alboyd, L def. Yott, H, 1-0; Alboyd, L pinned Yott, 4:47

152—Cole Steinert, H (11-3), 1st; Steinert pinned Linsner, H, 1:00; Steinert def. Mendoza, Hugoton, 9-7; Steinert pinned Lovelady, Lakin, 5:18; Steinert pinned Metzger, Stafford, 1:48

152—Braxton Linsner 1-13, 4th; Mendoza, Hugoton pinned Linsner, H, 1:23; Steinert, H pinned Linsner, H, 1:00; Lovelady, Lakin pinned Linsner, 0:41; Linsner pinned Metzger, Stafford, 3:41

160--Hunter Morris, H (3-4), 2nd; Morris pinned Pfortmiller, L, 3:21; Morris pinned Edgington, Lakin, 2:53; Gantz, Stafford def. Morris, 5-2; Morris pinned Riese, H, 1:15

160—Jace Riese, H (1-11), 5th; Edgington, Lakin pinned Riese, 1:10; Pfortmiller, L pinned Riese, 3:13; Gantz, Stafford pinned Riese, H, 0:42; Morris, H pinned Riese, 1:15

170—Blake Deines, H (2-3), 2nd; Deines pinned Karataev, Stafford, 3:57; Pfeifer, Hays pinned Deines, 4:30; Deines def. Reed, Stafford, 9-1

182—Joshua Ball, H (5-0), 1st; Ball pinned Bonsall, Hugoton, 0:41; Ball pinned Monroe, N, 3:19; Ball pinned McCandless, Stafford, 0:19; Ball pinned Atteberry, L, 0:29; 1st Place—Ball def. Kayden Christiansen, Lakin, 5-2

182—Noah Deines, H (2-13), 8th; Atteberry, L pinned Deines, 0:38; Christiansen, Lakin pinned Deines, H, 0:30; Heimann, Hays pinned Deines, 1:11; Monroe, N pinned Deines, H, 4:46; 7th Place—Heimann, Hays pinned Deines, 0:52

195—Wyatt Pedigo, H (12-0), 1st; Pedigo pinned Logan, N, 1:05; Pedigo pinned Copp, H, 0:24; Pedigo pinned Seema , L, 0:08

195—Elliott Copp, H (3-7) 3rd; Copp pinned Seeman, L, 3:38; Pedigo, H pinned Copp, 0:24; Logan, N, pinned Copp, 2:58

220—Cole Gilliland, H (9-3) 1st; Gilliland pinned Gonzalez, Lakin, 0:46; Gilliland pinned Philbern, 0:41; Gilliland pinned Hawks Hugoton, 0:27; Gilliland def. Garcia, L, 6-0

220—Logan Philbern, H (4-6) 3rd; Philbern pinned Hawks, Hugoton, 5:38; Gilliland, H, pinned Philbern, 0:41; Garcia, L, def. Philbern 1-0; Philbern pinned Gonzalez, Lakin, 1:05

285—Cade Boxberger, H (8-3), 2nd; Boxberger def. White, N, injury; Coreno Hugoton 4-0 def. Boxberger, 5-1; Boxberger def. Rubio, Hugoton, 4-1; Boxberger def. Lagree, Hays, 1-0


109-116—Emily Lovett, H (3-3), 3rd; Ortiz, Lakin def. Lovett, 7-0; Ortiz, Lakin def. Lovett, 11-0

136-143—Tally Wikum, H (8-1), 1st; Wikum pinned Rosas, Hugoton, 3:09; Wikum pinned Sandman, L, 1:11

155—Bailey Sanders, H (7-0) 1st; Sanders pinned Kinsey, N, 1:54; Sanders def. Kinsey, N, 10-2




106—Austin Armstrong, L (11-3), 1st; Armstrong pinned White, N, 0:23; Armstrong pinned Ochs, N, 0:41; Armstrong pinned McAlister, N, 0:37; Armstrong def. Redetzke, H, 7-6; 1st Place—Armstrong pinned Parr, L, 3:01

106--Cade Parr, L (11-8), 2nd; Parr pinned Kreutzer, N, 1:03; Parr pinned  Ingham, N, 1:23; Parr def. Redetzke, H, 5-2; Parr, L, 11-8 pinned Ashton McAlister, N, 1:45; 1st Place—Armstrong, L pinned Parr, L, 3:01

113--Dillen Hook, L (12-1), 1st; Hook pinned Guzman, Hugoton, 0:53; Hook pinned Cruz, Hugoton, 0:31; Hook def. Boxberger, H, 4-6 13-3; Hook pinned Binder, Hays, 0:37; 1st Place—Hook pinned Boxberger, H, 3:50

120—Michael Saenz, L (5-0), 1st; Saenz def. Hayes, Lakin, 8-2; Saenz pinned Lima, Stafford, 0:39; Saenz pinned Weers, L, 0:38; Saenz pinned Zambrano, Hugoton, 1:08; 1st Place—Saenz pinned Yott, H, 1:50

120—Corbin Weers, L (2-3), 4th; Weers pinned Lima, Stafford, 2:43; Weers pinned Hayes, Lakin, 1:28; Saenz, L pinned Weers, 0:38; Yott, H pinned Weers, 3:27; 3rd Place—Zambrano Hugoton def. Weers, 8-0

126—Gatlin Hoch, L (10-3), 1st; Hoch pinned VanKleek, N, 1:30; Hoch pinned Doss, H, 3:45; Hoch def. Hudsonpillar, Hays, 6-0; Hoch pinned Gosch, Lakin, 2:38; Hoch pinned Wolf, H, 1:04

132— Jacob Colglazier, L (6-11), 2nd; Foltz pinned Colglazier, 0:36; Foltz, H pinned Colglazier, L, 3:13

138—Braydon Lemuz, L (12-0), 1st; Lemuz def. Mendoza, Hugoton, 13-6; Lemuz pinned Howard, H, 0:49

145— Samajay Alboyd, L (11-1), 1st; Alboyd def. Yott, H, 1-0; Alboyd pinned Yott, H, 4:47

160— Nathaneal Pfortmiller, L (9-9), 3rd; Morris, H pinned Pfortmiller, 3:21; Pfortmiller pinned Riese, H, 3:13; Pfortmiller pinned Edgington, Lakin, 4:11; Gantz, Stafford pinned Pfortmiller, 1:22

182— Carter Atteberry, L (15-5), 3rd; Atteberry pinned Deines, H, 0:38; Atteberry pinned Heimann, Hays, 2:50; Christiansen, Lakin def. Atteberry, 10-1; Ball pinned Atteberry, 0:29; 3rd Place—Atteberry pinned Bonsall, Hugoton, 1:13

195— Jarett Seeman, L (0-3), 4th; Copp, H pinned Seeman, L, 3:38; Logan, N pinned Seeman, 1:03; Pedigo, H pinned Seeman, 0:08

220— Hector Garcia, L (10-4), 2nd; Garcia pinned Hawks, Hugoton, 3:00; Garcia def. Philbern, H, 1-0; Garcia pinned Gonzalez, Lakin, 4:23; Cole Gilliland, H def. Garcia, 6-0


136-143—Cacia Sandman, L (0-2), 3rd; Rosas, Hugoton pinned Sandman, 0:33; Wikum, H pinned Sandman, 1:11

170-235—Ava Mull, L (2-0), 1st; Mull def. Miller, N, 18-1; Mull pinned Miller, N, 2:41


120—Paulo Lima, S (1-8), 6th; Weers, L pinned Lima, 2:43; Saenz, L pinned Lima, 0:39; Hayes, Lakin pinned Lima, 4:39; Lima def. Steinert, H, forfeit; 5th Place—Hayes, Lakin pinned Lima, 1:18

152—Dylan Metzger, S (7-10); Lovelady, Lakin pinned Metzger,1:43; Mendoza, Hugoton def. Metzger, 17-1; Linsner, H pinned Metzger, 3:41; Steinert, H pinned Metzger, 1:48

160—Dylan Gantz, S (18-4), 1st; Gantz pinned Edgington, Lakin, 1:06; Gantz pinned Riese, H, 0:42; Gantz def. Morris, H, 5-2; Gantz pinned Pfortmille , L, 1:22

170—Beka Karataev, S (7-7), 3rd; Deines, H pinned Karataev, 3:57; Karataev def. Reed, Stafford, 4-0; Pfeifer, Hays pinned Karataev 0:47

170—Dylan Reed, S (1-8), 4th; Pfeifer, Hays pinned Reed, 2:51; Karataev, Stafford def. Reed, 4-0; Deines, H def. Reed, 9-1

182—Caden McCandless, S (15-9), 5th; Monroe, N def. McCandless, 2-0; Bonsall, Hugoton def. McCandless, 5-2; Ball, H pinned McCandless, 0:19; McCandless def. Heimann, Hays, 5-0; 5th Place—McCandless def. Monroe, N, 12-6


106—Ashton McAlister, N (3-6), 4th; McAlister pinned Ochs, N, 0:18; McAlister, N, 3-6 pinned White, N, 0-5 1:43; Armstrong, L pinned McAlister, 0:37; Parr, L pinned McAlister, 1:45; 3rd place—Redetzke, H pinned McAlister, 0:29

106—Austin Kreutzer, N (3-2), 5th; Parr, L pinned Kreutzer, 1:03; Redetzke, H pinned Kreutzer, 0:50; Kreutzer pinned Ingham, N, 0:43; Kreutzer pinned White, N,1:52; 5th place—Kreutzer def. Ochs, N, 20-5

106—Nathan Ochs, N (2-3), 6th; McAlister, N, 3-6 pinned Ochs, 0:18; Armstrong, L pinned Ochs, 0:41; Ochs def. White, N, 16-1; Ochs pinned Ingham, N, 4:40; 5th Place—Kreutzer, N def. Nathan Ochs, 20-5

106—Payton Ingham 1-4,7th; Redetzke, H pinned Ingham, 1:06; Parr, L pinned Ingham, 1:23; Kreutzer, N pinned Ingham, 0:43; Ochs, N pinned Ingham, 4:40; 7th Place—Ingham def. White, N, 12-8

106—Malachi White, N (0-5); Armstrong, L pinned Malachi White, N, 0:23; Ashton McAlister, N pinned White, 1:43; Ochs, N def. White, 16-1; Kreutzer, N pinned White, N, 0-5 1:52; 7th Place—Ingham, N def. White, 12-8

113—Mason Smith, N (2-3), 7th; Binder, Hays pinned Smith, 3:43; Reimer, Lakin pinned Smith, 1:14; Smith pinned Caraway, N, 3:04; Guzman, Hugoton def. Smith, 3-2; 7th Place—Smith pinned Caraway, N, 0:21

113—Nick Caraway, N (0-5); Reimer, Lakin pinned Caraway, 0:42; Binder, Hays pinned Caraway, 0:50; Smith, N pinned Caraway, 3:04; Cruz, Hugoton pinned Caraway, N, 0:44; 7th place—Smith, N pinned Caraway, 0:21

126—Alerek VanKleek, N (0-5); Hoch, L pinned VanKleek, 1:30; Gosch, Lakin pinned VanKleek, 3:59; Wolf, H pinned VanKleek, 0:25; Hudsonpillar, Hays pinned VanKleek, 0:53; Doss, H def. VanKleek, 17-1

182—Matthew Monroe 7-8, 6th; Monroe def. McCandless Stafford, 2-0; Ball, H pinned Monroe, 3:19; Bonsall, Hugoton def. Monroe, 11-4; Monroe pinned Noah Deines, H, 2-13 4:46; 5th Place—McCandless, Stafford def. Monroe, 12-6

195—Sam Logan, N (2-4), 2nd; Logan pinned Seeman, L, 1:03; Logan pinned Copp, H, 2:58; 1st place—Pedigo, H pinned Logan, N, 2-4 1:05

285—Xavier White, N (0-4); Coreno, Hugoton pinned White, 4:34; Boxberger, H def. White, injury; Rubio, Hugoton def. White, forfeit; Lagree, Hays def. White, injury


123-130—Allison Carder, N (1-1), 2nd; Flores, Hugoton pinned A. Carder, 4:00; A. Carder, pinned C. Carder, N, 3:46

123-130—Cheyenne Carder, N (0-2), 3rd; A. Carder, N, pinned C. Carder, 3:46; Flores, Hugoton pinned Carder, 1:32

155—Lauren Kinsey, N (0-2), 2nd; Sanders, H, pinned Kinsey, 1:54; Sanders, H def. Kinsey, 10-2

170-235—Maddi Miller 0-2, 2nd; Mull, L def. Miller, 18-1; Mull pinned Miller, 2:41