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Ball brothers earn championship medals
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ELLIS – Hoisington's No. 1 state-ranked Joshua Ball (182) and No. 6 ranked Josiah Ball (113) earned first-place medals at the Ellis Round Robin Wrestling Tournament.

Josiah Ball pinned Beloit's Ayden Loomis (2:40) in the championship match. Joshua Ball defeated Beloit's No. 2 ranked Brennan Walker 7-5 in a classic championship match.

Runner-up Logan Philbern (220) was pinned (3:46) by Beloit's Cameron Konkel. Third-place finisher Evan Foltz (138) pinned Hillsboro's Garret Helmer (1:23). Eastin Redetzke (120) defeated Stockton's Markeis Spiller on an injury default.

Cardinals Deryk Yott (132) and Quentin Boxberger (145) placed fourth. 

The Cardinals competed without several solid wrestlers who will return Friday at the Corner Classic.  

"I was pleased as many wrestlers had a handful of practices due to playing in the state football championship game," said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. "Every Cardinal posted wins on the night. No doubt by the end of the year we could become a good team. We hope to prove we're better than eighth in our state ranking."


TEAM SCORES–1–Beloit 154.5; 2–Ellis 146.5; 3–Hoisington 123; 4–Stockton 93.5; 5–Hillsboro 91.5; 6–Oberlin 82; 7–Cimarron 46; 8–Lincoln 24.5; St. Francis 24.5; 9–Osborne 11.5; 10–Trego 9; 11–Goodland 7


106–Mason Alderdice, HH, 1-3, 4th; Alderdice def. Neilson, Beloit, 10-5; Juenemann, Oberlin pinned Alderdice, 0:54; Younger, Ellis pinned 

Alderdice, 0:46; Garcia, Cimarron pinnedAlderdice, 4:33

113c–Josiah Ball, HHS, 4-0, 1st; Ball pinned Fickes, Hillsboro, 0:25; 1st Ball pinned Rickard, Goodland, 0:47; Ball 

pinned Fort, Oberlin, 0:53; place–Ball pinned Ayden Loomis, Beloit, 2:40

120–Eastin Redetzke, HH, 2-3, 3rd; Mader, Ellis def. Redetzke, 6-5; Redetzke def. Major, Hillsboro, 10-0; Cosand, Beloit def. Redetzke, 7-0; Zodrow, Oberlin def. Redetzke, 10-4; 3rd place--Redetzke def. Spiller Stockton, injury; 

132–Deryk Yott, HHS, 1-3, 4th; Yott pinned Mayfield, Hillsboro, 1:10; Winter, Ellis def. Yott, 6-2; Fuller, Beloit def. Yott, 6-1; 3rd place—Gannon Winter, Ellis pinned Yott, 4:28

132–Nick Rubio, HH, 2-2, 5th; Colburn, Stockton pinned Rubio, 2:59; Fuller, Beloit pinned Rubio, 1:12; Rubio pinned Carroll, Ellis, 1:22; 5th place—Rubio pinned Carroll, Ellis, 1:06

138–Evan Foltz, HH, 3-1;  3rd; Grafel, Oberlin pinned Foltz, 1:11; Foltz pinned Opat, Trego, 3:20; Foltz pinned Pyle, Ellis, 1:21; Knoll, Stockton pinned 

Foltz, 2:35; 3rd place—Foltz pinned Helmer, Hillsboro, 1:23

145—Quentin Boxberger, HH, 2-2, 4th; Boxberger def. Iwanski, Stockton, 13-5; Haag, Ellis pinned Boxberger,  2:40; Boxberger pinned Kite, 

Cimarron, 3:44; 3rd place–Ryder Norstrom, Hillsboro def. Boxberger, 3-0

160–Hunter Morris, HH, 3-2, 5th; Bedore, Stockton pinned Morris, 5:06; Kadel, Beloit pinned Morris, 5:49; Morris pinned Boor, Lincoln, 1:19; Morris pinned Sefried, Cimarron, 2:25; 5th place–Morris  3-2 pinned George Crawford, Ellis, 1:37

182–Joshua Ball, HH, 5-0, 1st; Ball pinned Rogers, Hillsboro, 0:54; Ball pinned Crow Goodland, 0:27; Ball pinned 

Woodworth, Ellis, 2:27; Ball def. Uehlin, Oberlin, 4-0; 1st place–Ball def. Walker, Beloit, 7-5

220–Logan Philbern, HH, 4-1, 2nd;  Philbern pinned Suelter, Lincoln, 0:53; Philbern pinned Lewis, 

Ellis, 5:54; Philbern pinned Dinkel, Ellis, 0:10; Philbern pinned Weeks, Hillsboro, 1:03; 1st place–Konkel, Beloit pinned Philbern, 3:46

285–Elliot Copp 1-3, 5th; Johnson, Ellis pinned Copp, 0:49; MacCrory, Beloit def. Copp, 4-2; Barrientes, Lincoln pinned Copp, 0:28; Copp def. 

Funk, Cimarron, 1-0