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It doesnt fit
Charlies Inside Corner
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LARNED — After the Royals finished putting the broom to the California Angels I thought, “I’d better get out that old blue ballcap with the KC on it and my blue Royals T-shirt.
I think it says ‘BRETT’ on the back.  
Funny thing. The T-shirt doesn’t fit.
It must have shrunk.  
After all, it’s been 29 years since they were needed!
The ball cap is old and dusty.
Tired looking.
Much like the Angels and A’s players must look this morning.  
The thing is, a lot of fans didn’t abandon the Royals over these last three decades.
The neat thing is, these players recognize that.
Following their sweep of the Angels, Eric Hosmer and a bunch of his teammates used social media to invite fans to a downtown bar to celebrate with the team.
This team heard the tremendous noise in Kauffman Stadium during these playoff games.
Players from the A’s, Angels and Royals have said they had never experienced anything like it. It was like being at a Chiefs game!
Friday night when James Shields walks out to the mound in Baltimore to attempt to continue this fairy tale season, those fans are going to be back in Kansas City and spread out all over Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and the Midwest, stomping their feet and vibrating the brackets that hold their television sets in place.
Get ready for another earthquake report. They’ll say it was caused by fracking the oil wells when we all know, it’s just those Royals fans.
October is Bullying Prevention Month.
With that in mind, we are asking all Big 12 teams remaining on the Kansas Jayhawk schedule to back off and stand down!
Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Baylor, Iowa State, TCU, Oklahoma and especially those nasty Kansas State Wildcats!
Your bullying of these fragile Jayhawks will not be tolerated!
I just checked the National Education Association’s handbook on bullying. It says, “Bullying is intentional, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance, is directed at a specific target and is usually repeated over time. It includes physical and verbal bullying. Those bullied are negatively affected, physically, emotionally and psychologically.”
If that isn’t an accurate description of what’s been happening to the Kansas Jayhawks then I’m Charlie Weis!
CHALK TALK — Hang in there Great Bend. The Panther offense is getting better and better. Win No. 2 is on the horizon. Great Bend 30, Liberal 19 ... SPORTS, the toy department of human life ... Okie State 44, Kansas 20 ... The Oh-So-Close-To-Undefeated Larned Indians continue on a roll. Larned 31, Haven 14 ... Big 12 coaches weighed in that they were disappointed that KU’s Charlie Weis was fired. Well sure! They don’t want Kansas to bring in somebody they can’t beat like a drum! ... Remember when your teacher was trying to teach you to spell MISSISSIPPI? Make a little rhyme out of it? Well, football fans, you’d better learn as both Ole Miss and the Mississippi State Bulldogs have moved into the big time, tied for third in some polls! ... Texas, once again, has won the distinction for having the most high school football players earn Division I FBS scholarships with 371 signees. Kansas had 11. Now you know why football coaches walk around humming “Deep in the heart of Texas.”

Charles Tabler is a contributing writer from Larned.