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Larned girls edge Oilers for tennis title
kyla metro

CLAFLIN – Larned and Central Plains each won two titles, but the Indians edged the Oilers 24-22 for the Oiler Tennis Tournament title.

Larned’s No. 2 singles Ella McNett (20-0) stayed unbeaten defeating Hoisington’s Hailey Petersilie 8-0. No. 2 doubles Arianna Hemken/Breanna Hemken (22-3) downed Central Plains’ Elizeia Knapp-Blehm/Grace Lamatsch 8-1 in the finals.

The Oilers swept No. 1 singles with Kyla Metro (18-1) beating Larned’s Abby Holt 8-0 and No. 1 doubles Ashlyn Armstrong/Ryann Metro (15-6) defeating Larned’s Sarah Manry/Reese Watkins, 8-6 in the championship matches.


TEAM SCORES—1—Larned 24; 2—Central Plains 22; 3—Hoisington 9; 4—WaKeeney Trego 5

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Kyla Metro, CP def. Abby Holt, L, 8-2; 3—Claire Crutcher, H def. Darcy Draper, WT, 8-0; Metro def. Crutcher, 8-2; Metro def. Draper, 8-2; Holt def. Crutcher, 8-1; Holt def. Draper, 8-2

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Ella McNett, L def. Hailey Petersilie, H, 8-0; 3—Avery Daubert, WK def. Hailee Bonham-Debolt, H, 8-4; McNett def. Daubert, 8-1; McNett def. Bonham-Debolt, 8-1; Petersilie def. Daubert, 8-1; Petersilie def. Bonham-Debolt, 8-3

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Ashlyn Armstrong/Ryann Metro, CP def. Sarah Manry/Reese Watkins, L, 8-6; 3— Kya O’Banion/Anna Malsam, WK def. Emma Willesden/Reese Merlau, H, 8-4; Armstrong/Metro def. Willesden/Merlau, 8-5; Armstrong/Metro def. O’Banion/Malsam, 8-5; Manry/Watkins def. Willesden/Merlau, 8-3; Manry/Watkins def. Kya O’Banion/Anna Malsam, 8-3

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Arianna Hemken/Breanna Hemken, L def. Elizeia Knapp-Blehm/Grace Lamatsch, CP, 8-1; 3--Rayna Bray/Lauren Higgins, H def. Ashlynn Cramer/Jace Nix, WK, 8-4; Hemken/Hemken def. Bray/Higgins, 8-6; Hemken/Henken def. Cramer/Nix, 8-1; Knapp-Blehm/Lamatch def. Bray/Higgins, 8-4; Knapp-Blehm/Lamatch def. Cramer/Nix, 8-1