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Larned girls win Lyons JV tennis title
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Larned wins Lyons JV title

LYONS – Larned’s No. 1 singles Keirstin Pinkston, No. 2 singles Jozlyn Mead and No. 2 doubles Lili McKenna/Leah Pinkston captured first place as the Indians (28) won Tuesday’s Lyons junior varsity tennis tournament.

Pinkston defeated Lyons’ Neveah Becker 5-2 for first place. Mead defeated Haven’s 5-1 in the championship match. McKenna/Pinkston defeated Hoisington’s Melody Braddy/Kaylen Noffsinger 5-2 in the title match.

Lyons’ No. 1 doubles Mia Bryant/Willa Bryant (3-1) lost to Great Bend’s Maddie Siefkes/Olivia Boone 5-1, but won their other three matches.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Larned 28; 2—Lyons 25; 3—Hoisington 19; 4—Haven 15; 5—Great Bend 13

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Keirstin Pinkston, Larned def. Becker, Lyons, 5-2; 3—Rose, Haven def. Kassie Linsner, Hois, 5-2; Pinkston def. Rose, 5-3; Pinkston def. Linsner, 5-0; Pinkston def. Isabel Castruita, GB, 5-0; Linsner def. Castruita, 5-0; Becker def. Linsner, 5-3; Rose def. Castruita, 5-0; Becker def. Castruita, 5-1

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Jozlyn Mead, Larned def. Minnis, Haven, 5-1; 3—Faith Kelty, Larned def. Heather Ward, Hois, 5-2; 5—Reazin def. Alessandra Madrid, GB, 5-1; Mead def. Ward, 5-0; Mead def. Madrid, 5-1; Mead def. Kelty, 5-3; Kelty def. Reazin, Lyons, 5-2; Minnis def. Kelty, 5-2; Ward def. Madrid, 5-0; Minnis def. Ward, 5-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Mia Bryant/Willa Bryant, Lyons, 3-1; 2—Maddie Siefkes/Olivia Boone, GB, 2-2 (53.6%); 3—Haylee Holinde/Addi Gotts, Hois, 2-2 (51.7%); 4—Cooprider/Thalmann, Haven, 2-2 (46.9%); 5—Maggie Haas/Emma McNett, Larned, 1-3; Siefkes/Boone def. Bryant/Bryant, 5-1; Bryant/Bryant def. Holinde/Gotts, 5-2; Bryant/Bryant def.  Haas/McNett, 5-1; Siefkes/Boone def. Haas/McNett, 5-2; Holinde/Gotts def. Siefkes/Boone, 5-0; Cooprider/Thalmann def. Siefkes/Boone, 5-4; Holinde/Gotts def. Haas/McNett, 5-3; Cooprider/Thalmann def. Holinde/Gotts, 5-3; Haas/McNett def. Cooprider/Thalmann, 5-2

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Lili McKenna /Leah Pinkston, Larned def. Melody Braddy/Kaylen Noffsinger, Hois, 5-2; 3—Sheridan Johnson/Jacklyn Garcia, GB def. Webb/Clayton, Lyons, 5-1; McKenna /Pinkston def. Johnson/Garcia, 5-1; McKenna /Pinkston def. Webb/Clayton, 5-3; McKenna /Pinkston def. Carlson/Foster, Haven, 5-0; Braddy/Noffsinger def. Johnson/Garcia, 5-3; Braddy/Noffsinger def. Webb/Clayton, 5-4; Braddy/Noffsinger def. Carlson/Foster, 5-2; Johnson/Garcia def. Webb/Clayton, 5-1; Johnson/Garcia def. Carlson/Foster, 5-1