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Larned, Great Bend wrestlers place first
Ava Mull

LARNED — Larned’s No. 3 state-ranked Ava Mull (21-0, 170) and Great Bend’s Emanuel Prieto (113) caaptured first-place medals at Saturday’s Larned girls/junior varsity boys tournament. Mull pinned two opponents.

Prieto defeated Hugoton’s Zane Paulsen, 14-3 in the championship match.

Placing runner-up were Great Bend’s Daizy Gomes (120), Lexi Deines (132), Kaidemn Hoffman (120) and Stafford’s Dylan Metzger (160B).

In championship matches, No. 5 ranked Dodge City’s downed No. 6 Gomez, 12-0; No. 2 Hoxie’s Marissa Porsch edged Deines 5-0;  Ulysses’ Cole Krug pinned Hoffman (2:23) and Dodge City’s Randy Rodriguez pinned Metzger (1:33).  



109—Caitlyn White, GB; Nichols, DC, pinned White, 1:19; French, WN pinned White, 0:49; Armenta, DC dec. White, 5-2 

115—Ashlyn Weber, GB; Alonzo, DC pinned Weber, 5:51; Bengi, WN pinned Weber, 0:16 

120—Daizy Gomez, GB, 2nd; Gomez pinned Jimenez, Hutchinson, 1:39; 1—De La Rosa, DC pinned Gomez, 12-0

126—Katie Kuhlman, GB, 3rd; Keesee, P def. Kuhlman, 8-3; Kuhlman pinned Arroyo, WN, 3:29; Kuhlman pinned Guzman, Ulysses, 1:43; Colchado, WN  pinned Kuhlman, 2:44; 3—Kuhlman pinned Watkins, Larned, 2:29; Jaydon Davis, GB, 7th; Arroyo, WN, pinned Davis, 3:22; Davis pinned Abreau, DC, 1:43; Watkins def. pinned Davis, 8-4; Keesee, P def. Davis, 2-0; 7—Davis pinned Abreau, DC, 0:37 

132—Lexi Deines, GB, 2nd; Deines pinned Garcia, DC, 0:53; Deines pinned Tyler, WN, 2:20; Deines pinned Salas, WN, 0:40; 1—Marissa Porsch, Hoxie def. Deines, 5-0 

138—Sierra Ferguson, GB, 3rd; Arellano, WN pinned Ferguson, 5:21; Garcia, DC pinned Ferguson, 2:20; 3—Ferguson pinned Carder, NHS, 3:24 

170—Adleigh Humberg, GB; Alamaraz, DC pinned Humberg, 0:15; Mull, Larned pinned Humberg, 0:59 

191—Dakota Baldwin, GB; Martinez, DC pinned Baldwin, 3:16; Howell, WN pinned Baldwin, 1:31; Torres, Liberal pinned Baldwin, 1:09; Miller, NHS pinned Baldwin, 0:36 


126—Reese Watkins, L, 8-18, 4th; Keesee, P pinned  Watkins,1:45; Watkins def. Davis, 8-4; Watkins def. Abrea, DC, 10-5; Colchado, WN  pinned Watkins, 2:50; 3—Kuhlman, GB pinned Watkins, 2:29 

170—Ava Mull, L, 21-0, 1st; Mull pinned Humberg, 0:59; Mull pinned Jolette Almaraz, DC, 2:51 


143—Morgan Gunter, S, 2-15; Flores, Hugoton pinned Gunter,1:26;  Moore, Phillipsburg def. Gunter, 11-0;  Boyle, Trego pinned Gunter, 0:33;  Hansen WN pinned Gunter, 3:56 

235—Cassidy Kennedy, S 0-6; Guiteriez, DC pinned Kennedy, 0:47; Guiteriez, DC Kennedy, 1:25 


138—Cheyenne Carder, N, 5-13, 4th; Garcia, DC pinned Carder, 1:13; Arellano WN pinned Carder, 3:12; 3—Ferguson, GB pinned Carder, 3:24

155—Lauren Kinsey, N, 18-8, 2nd; Kinsey pinned Mitchell, P, 1:19;  Kinsey pinned Hernandez, DC, 2:58; Kinsey pinned Shawna Monroe, NHS, 2:38;  Kinsey pinned Sterling, DC, 0:22; 1—Ashley Arroyo, DC def. Kinsey, 8-1; Arroyo, DC pinned Monroe, 0:14; Mitchell, P pinned Monroe, 0:20; Hernandez, DC pinned Monroe, 3:17; Sterling, DC pinned Monroe, 0:23

191—Maddi Miller, N, 13-4, 1st; Miller pinned Torres Liberal, 3:03;  Miller pinned Martinez, DC, 3:41;  Miller pinned Baldwin, GB, 0:36;  Howell WN pinned Miller, 5:46 



113—Emanuel Prieto, GB, 1st; Prieto pinned Caraway, NHS, 1:50; Prieto pinned Paulsen, Hugoton, 4:28; Prieto def. Jonathan Lira, GB, 16-5; 1st—Prieto def. Paulsen,  Hugoton, 14-3; Lira, GB, 5th; Lira pinned Hernandez, Liberal, 1:37; Paulsen, Hugoton pinned Lira, 2:57;  5—Lira pinned Desaire, Hays, 1:37 

120—Kaiden Hoffman, GB, 2nd; Hoffman pinned Mancillas, Hutchinson, 2:41; Hoffman pinned Ochs, NHS, 1:24; Hoffman pinned Sublett, Hutchinson, 4:40  Hoffman pinned Kasselman, SC, 0:58 1—Krug, Ulysses pinned Hoffman, 2:23 

132—Ramiro Rocha, GB, 4th;  Rocha pinned Salas, DC, 1:53; Luck, Hays def. Rocha, 7-5; Rocha pinned Smith , NHS, 2:37; 3—Cruz, Hugoton pinned Rocha 2:48 

132—Adrian Fabela, GB, 7th; Cruz, Hugoton def. Fabela, 9-0; Mendez, Liberal pinned Fabela, 1:56; Fabela pinned Stout, NHS, 3:08; Irwin, P pinned Fabela, 2:21; 7—Fabela pinned Smith, NHS, 0:28 

160—Xavier Ehster, GB, 4th; Grismore, P pinned Ehster 0:15; Ehster pinned Ramos, Liberal, 2:03; Medellin, SC pinned Ehster, 0:22; 3—Lehr, Hutchinson pinned Ehster, 0:36 

235—Blake Davis, GB, 5th; Davis pinned Ortiz, Stafford, 0:55; Conger, Hays pinned Davis, 1:33; McGuire, Hays pinned Davis, 3:33; Yauch, Hays pinned Davis, 2:46; Schippers, Hoxie pinned Davis, 1:23 


126—Marcus Searight, L, 2-17, 6th; Giles, NHS pinned Searight, 4-2; Schumacher, Hays pinned Searight, 2:09; Salinas, Ulysses pinned Searight, 1:42;  Ruddick, Stafford pinned Searight, 1:55; 5—Moncayo, Ulysses pinned Searight, 3:36 

145—Jacob Colglazier, L, 10-19, 3rd; Gower, P pinned Colglazier, 1:00; Mandl, Pratt pinned Colglazier, 3:36; Colglazier pinned Cosgriff, Hays, 2:40; Colglazier pinned Llanas, Stafford, 2:02; 3—Colglazier pinned Aguilar, Ulysses, 1:42 


126—Gatlin Ruddick, S 4-12, 3rd; Ruddick pinned Moncayo, Ulysses, 3:34; Salinas, Ulysses pinned Ruddick,1:39; Schumacher, Hays pinned Ruddick, 3:09; Ruddick pinned Searight, Larned, 1:55; 3—Ruddick pinned Giles, NHS, 1:23 

145—Abe Llanas, 2-16, 5th; Mandl, Pratt pinned Llanas, 2:00; Gower, P pinned Llanas, 1:47; Aguilar, Ulysses def. Llanas, 12-11; Colglazier Larned pinned Llanas, 2:02; 5—Llanas def. Cosgriff, Hays, 9-1

160 B—Dylan Metzger, S, 7-15, 2nd; Metzger pinned Hugunin, P, 0:50; Metzger pinned Quach, Hays, 2:21; Metzger pinned Kelly, NHS, 2:43; 1—Rodriguez, DC pinned Metzger, 1:33  

285—Axel Ortiz, S, 0-12; Davis, GB pinned Ortiz, 0:55; McGuire, Hays pinned Ortiz, 1:33; Yauch, Hays pinned Ortiz, 1:25; Schippers, Hoxie pinned Ortiz, 3:08; Conger, Hays pinned Ortiz, 0:09;


113—Nick Caraway, N, 4-7, 4th;  Caraway pinned Hernandez, Liberal, 1:50;  Caraway pinned Desaire, Hays, 1:44; Meyer Hoxie pinned Caraway, 1:58; Prieto pinned Caraway, 1:50; 3—Meyer, Hoxie pinned Caraway, 3:15 

120—Nathan Ochs, N, 2-15; Hoffman, GB pinned Ochs, 1:24; Kasselman, SC pinned Ochs, 1:47; Mancillas, Hutchinson pinned Ochs, 1:29; Sublett, Hutchinson pinned Ochs, 0:35; 9—Covarrubias Liberal pinned Ochs, 2:43

126—Koltyn Giles, N, 8-11, 4th; Giles def. Searight, Larned, 4-2; Schumacher, Hays def. Giles. 7-2; Giles pinned Moncayo. Ulysses. 4:38; Salinas, Ulysses pinned Giles. 0:18; 3—Ruddick, Stafford pinned Giles, 1:23 

132—Logan Stout, N, 0-9; Irwin, P pinnd Giles, 1:35; Fabela, GB pinned Stout, 3:08; Mendez, Liberal pinned Giles, 1:22; Cruz, Hugoton pinned Giles, 3:08 

132—Mason Smith, 4-19; Luck Hays pinned Smith, 3:39; Salas, DC pinned Smith, 3:39; Rocha pinned Smith, 2:37; 7—Fabela, GB pinned Smith, 0:28

160B—Cage Kelly, N, 3-7, 4th; Rodriguez, DC pinned Kelly, 3:00; Kelly pinned Hugunin, P, 3:18;  Metzger, Stafford pinned Kelly, 2:43; 3—Quach, Hays def. Kelly, 9-7   

195—Matthew Monroe, N, 5-7, 1st; Monroe def. Rodriguez Ulysses, injury; Monroe def. Liam Primrose, Pratt,12-9