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Larned Indian Lemuz places first at Herington
Larned's Braydon Lemuz pins Hugoton's Kraft.jpg
Larned's Braydon Lemuz pins Hugoton's Kraft at the Larned Tournament.

Larned wrestler captures first

HERINGTON — Larned Indian Brayon Lemuz (15-1, 145) captured first place at Saturday’s Herington Wrestling Invitational. Lemuz defeated Jefferson West’s Evan Davis, 19-4 in the championship match.

Larned’s Austin Armstong (9-6), 106) and Dillen Hook (13-5, 113) placed third. Armstrong pinned Mulvane’s Hunter Dietrich in 3:03 in the third-place match. Hook defeated Clay Center’s Garett Kalivoda 8-1 for third place.

Larned finsihed seventh with 87 points. Abilene placed first with 237 points.

Stafford’s Laithen Shocklee (22-0, 14-2) placed runner-up. Abilene’s Brandon Parker pinned Shocklee in 2:36 in the championship match.



1—Abilene, 237

2—Mulvane, 178.5

3—Council Grove, 158.5

4—Clay Center, 155

5—Chapman, 149

6—Hillsboro, 108

7—Larned, 87

8—Herington, 49

9—Halstead, 45.5

10—Chase Co. 44

11—Stafford, 43

12—Jeff West, 40.5

13—Onaga, 35.5

14—Wabaunsee, 30

15—Bluestem, 26

16—St John`s Military, 24.5

17—Burden-Central, 7


106—Austin Armstong, Larned (9-6), 3rd; Koppes, CC def. Armstong, 1:17; Armstong def. Picking, Chapman, 3:45; Armstong def. Schwab, SSJ, 15-0; 3rd place—Armstong def. Dietrich, Mulvane, 3:03

113—Dillen Hook, Larned (13-5), 3rd; Hook def. Major, Hillsboro, 2:00; Hook def. Brozek, Stafford, 1:04; VanValkenburg, CG def. Hook,  1:15; Stroda, Abilene def. Hook, 0:21; 3rd place—Hook def. Kalivoda, CC, 8-1

126—Corbin Weers, Larned (5-14), 6th; Bacon, CG def. Weers, 0:43; Moses, Mulvane def. Weers, 1:03; Tipsword, CC def. Weers, 1:14; Weers def. Vanwinkle, SSJ 4:11; 5th place—Bacon, CG def. Weers, 2:30

138—Samajay Alboyd, Larned (14-4), 4th; Alboyd def. Willis, Herington, 0:43; Alboyd def. Bacon, CG, 6-0; Alboyd def. Russell, Mulvane, 8-1; Bachman, Hillsboro def. Alboyd, 5-3, OT; 3rd Place—Jackson Randles, Abilene def. Alboyd, 1:18

145—Braydon Lemuz, Larned (15-1), 1st; Lemuz def. Wuthnow, Abilene, 2-0; Lemuz def. Schanz, Mulvane, 1:32; Lemuz def. Witt, Chapman, 1:38; Lemuz def. Rathbone, Hillsboro, 1:16; 1st Place—Lemuz def. Davis, Jeff West, 19-4

170—Ethan Flock, Larned (5-5); Flock def. McAmis, Bluestem, 1:29; McElravy, Mulvane def. Flock, 1:10; Scott, Jeff West def. Flock, 11-0; Rempel, Hillsboro def. Flock, forfeit; 7th Place—McAmis, Bluestem def. Flock, injury

182—Joshua Kramer, Larned (5-9), 5th; Hayden, Chapman def. Kramer, 1:27; Flaming, Hillsboro def. Kramer, 4:21; Kraus, CG def. Kramer, 13-0; Mohr, Abilene def. Kramer, 2:21


113—Cayden Brozek, Stafford (3-17), 6th; VanValkenburg, CG def. Brozek, 0:27; Hook, Larned def. Brozek, 1:04; Major Hillsboro def. Brozek, 9-7; Brozek def. Rose, Chapman, 6-3; 5th Place—Major, Hillsboro 7-8 def. Cayden Brozek 3-17 1:50

132—Kyle Foos, Stafford, (0-9); Bergman, SSJ def. Foos, 0:41; Haws, Herington def. Foos, 4:48; Helmer, Hillsboro def. Foos, forfeit; Welling, Chapman def. Foos, forfeit

138—Bryson Enfield, Stafford (3-11); Thelen, Jeff West def. Enfield, 0:34; Knitter, CC def. Enfield, 0:58; Enfield def. Willis Herington, 7-2; Meria, SSJ def. Enfield, 3:16; Mumpower, Wabaunsee def. Enfield, 1:20

220—Laithen Shocklee, Stafford (14-2), 3rd; Shocklee def. Williams Mulvane, 8-4; Shocklee def. Anschutz Herington, 7-4; Shocklee def. Helbing, Burden-Central, 3:17; Ferris, Chapman def. Shocklee, 1:21; 3rd place—Shocklee def. Parker, Abilene, 2:36

285—Logan Serviss, Stafford (19-6), 4th; Serviss def. Lara, Onaga, 2:35; Serviss def. Doolittle, Chapman, 1:08; Serviss def. Chizek CG, 0:37; Smith, Mulvane def. Serviss 0:30; 3rd place—Wayne Hitt, Herington def. Serviss, 0:18