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Larned Indian wins Scott City tennis title
Sarah Manry
Larned Indian No. 2 singles Sarah Manry competes. She placed fourth at the Larned Invitational.

Larned Indian captures first place

SCOTT CITY — Larned’s No. 2 singles Sarah Manry (13-1) survived a pair of tiebreakers and edged Colby’s Paige DeGood 6-4 in the championship match at the Scott City Tennis Invitational. Manry won identical 7-6 (7-5) tiebreakers against Garden City’s Danica Galia and Scott City’s Brynna Barnett. Great Bend’s kaylin Wahlmeier handed Manry her lone singles loss, 8-2.

Larned’s No. 1 singles Ella McNett finished runner-up with a 6-0 loss to Colby’s Hayden Bellamy. No. 1 doubles Kathryn Holt/Abby Holt (13-5) placed third with a 6-3 victory over Colby’s Sam Diedrich/Jeana Unruh. No. 2 doubles Reese Watkins/Breanna Hemken finished 2-2. 

Scott City’s girls (44) edges Larned (41) for the team title.  


TEAM SCORES—1—Scott City 44; 2—Larned 41; 3—Colby 40; 4—Tribune Greeley County 29; 5—Cimarron 24; 6—Liberal 16; 7—Norton 12; 8—Garden City 9; 9—Ulysses 5; 10—Goodland 3 

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Hayden Bellamy, Colby def. Ella McNett, Larned, 6-0; 3—Emily Goetz, Cimarron def. Malory Cupp, SC, 6-3; McNett def. Bella Ayers, GC, 6-3; McNett def. Anissa Terrazas, Ulysses, 6-2; McNett def. SC, 6-4

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Sarah Manry, Larned def. Paige DeGood, Colby, 6-4; 3—Jaciana Rivera, L def. Brynna Burnett, SC, 6-0; Manry def. Brynna Barnett, SC, 7-6 (7-5); Manry def. Danica Galia, GC, 7-6 (7-5); Manry def. Kelly Donahay, Norton, 6-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Bella Myers/Sadie Hermosillo, SC def. Karlyn Woelk/Payton Walk, Greeley County, 6-1; 3—Kathryn Holt/Abby Holt, Larned def. Sam Diedrich/Jeana Unruh, Colby, 6-3; Holt/Holt def. Dylan Haeks/Dahn Hanlon, Norton, 7-5; Holt/Holt def. Kourtney Kneeland/Jocelyn Kennedy, GC, 6-1; Holt/Holt def. Isis Hill/Mariana Guillen, Ulysses, 6-1; Myers/Harmosillo, SC def. Holt/Holt, 7-5 

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Madison Westergard/Rhiley Stoppel, SC def. Kyra Nolan/Kalli Knobbe, Greeley County, 6-4; 3—Zoey Jantz/Kiera Buchols, Cimarron def. Tatylor Mapes/Abi Davis, Norton, 6-3; Mapes/Davis, Norton def. Reese Watkins/Breanna Hemken, L, 7-5; Westergard/Stoppel, SC def. Watkins/Hemken, 6-1; Watkins/Hemken def. Leyda Enriquez, GC, 6-2; Watkins/Hemken def. Rose Garay/Taalya Martinez, Ulysses, 6-2