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Larned wins Hoisington JV tennis title
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Larned win Hoisington title

HOISINGTON – Larned’s Maggie Haas/Emma McNett won No. 1 doubles as the Indians (33) edged Great Bend (30) for the Hoisington junior varsity tennis team title.

Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Clarice Snapp and No. 2 singles Fabiola Lara swept the singles titles.

Hoisington’s Jessica Lovett/Haylee Holinde won the No. 2 doubles championship.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Larned 33; 2—Great Bend 30; 3—Hoisington Red 9; Hoisington White 9; Scott City 9

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Clarice Snapp, GB def. Jozlyn Mead, Larned, 6-4; 3—Miette Kaiser, HoisRed def. Ella Frank, SC, 6-3;

Snapp def. Kaiser, 6-1; Snapp def. Addi Gotts, HoisWhite, 6-3;  Snapp def. Frank, 6-0; Mead def. Kaiser, 6-2; Mead def. Gotts, 6-5; Mead def. Frank, 6-4; Frank def. Gotts, 6-3

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Fabiola Lara, GB def. Faith Kelty, Larned, 6-0; Lara def. Melody Braddy, HoisRed, 6-0; Lara def. Crisler, SC, 6-2; Lara def. Kaylen Noffsinger, HoisWhite, 6-3; Kelty def. Braddy, 6-3; Kelty def. Crisler, 6-4; Kelty def. Noffsinger, 6-4; Crisler def. Braddy, 6-4; Crisler def. Noffsinger, 6-3

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Maggie Haas/Emma McNett, Larned def. Kaelynn Axman/Bailey George, HoisRed, 6-4; 3—Mackenzie LaViolette/Kylie McCormick, GB def. Emma Grandclair/Lyrica Orosco, HoisWhite, 6-5; Haas/McNett def. LaViolette/McCormick, 6-4; Haas/McNett def. Grandclair/Orosco, 6-2; Haas/McNett def.  Ruiz/Jimenez, SC, 6-2

Axman/George def. LaViolette/McCormick, 6-5; Axman/George def. Ruiz/Jimenez, 6-1; Grandclair/Orosco def. Ruiz/Jimenez, 6-2

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Jessica Lovett/Haylee Holinde, HoisWhite def. Keirstein Pinkston/Leah Pinkston, Larned, 6-0; 3—Beth Hammeke/Kennedi Stalcup, GB def. Salinas/Steffen, SC, 6-1; Lovett/Holinde def. Salinas/Steffen, SC, 6-1; Lovett/Holinde def. Hammeke/Stalcup, 6-3; Pinkston/Pinkston def. Salinas/Steffen, 6-2; Pinkston/Pinkston def. Jaylin Kolas/Kassie Linsner, HoisRed, 6-1; Pinkston/Pinkston def. Hammeke/Stalcup, 6-5; Hammeke/Stalcup def. Kolas/Linsner, 6-0; Hammeke/Stalup def. Salinas/Steffen, 6-1; Salinas/Steffen def. Kolas/Linsner, 6-5