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Larned wrestler captures gold medal
3A W - Alboyd faces off with his Kingman opponent.jpeg
Larned’s Alboyd faces off with his opponent Colby Schreiner from Kingman

LARNED — Larned Indian Carter Atteberry (220) captured first place in Saturday's Larned Wrestling Invitational. Atteberry (24-4) pinned Buhler's Jackson Childs (0:58) in the championship match.

Buhler's No. 1 ranked Sam Elliott (25-0) edged Larned's No. 4 ranked Samajay Alboyd 3-0 in the 160-pound championship match. Alboyd (24-3) won a 3-1A state wrestling championship last year.

Larned's Dillen Hook (25-4, 120) pinned Oakley's Gabe Weiland (1:09) for third place.


106—No. 5 Younger, Ellis pinned Riffey, Pratt, 1:08

113—No. 5 Dalton Weber, Pratt def. Chavez, Ulysses, injury

120—Pauda, Ulysses pinned Pelnar, Mc, 1:12

126—No. 2 Devon Weber, Pratt def. Lira, Ulysses, 9-1

132—Pelland, Pratt def. Winter, Ellis, 12-1

138—No. 2 Cain, Oakley def. Thompson, Pratt, 16-8

145—Haag, Ellis pinned Mendoza, Hugoton, 2:40

152—Thompson, Pratt pinned Ryburn, Oakley, 5:20

160—No. 1 Elliott, Buhler def. No. 4 Samajay Alboyd, Larned, 3-0

170—No. 1 Rodriguez, SE def. No. 4 Pfeifer, Ellis, 4-2

182—Gottchalk, Ellis pinned Cook, Pratt, 1:01

195—No. 5 Romero, Ellsworth pinned Woodworth, Ellis, 4:41

220—Carter Atteberry, Larned, pinned Childs, Buhler, 0:58

285—Jirak, Oakley def. Ornelas, Pratt, 9-4


120—Dillen Hook, L, 25-4, 3rd; Hook pinned Nuss, Russell, 1:43; Pelnar, Mc def. Hook, 9-7; Pauda, Ulysses def. Hook, 17-4; 3rd—Hook pinned Weiland, Oakley, 1:09

126—Corbin Weers, L 2-14, 8th; Schoenberger, Oakley pinned Weers; Lara, Ulysses pinned Weers, 1:22; Weers def. Andalon, Ellsworth, 6-5; Lugafet, Buhler pinned Weers, 1:10; 7th—Andalon, Ellsworth def. Weers, 12-10

132—Gatlin Hoch, L 21-6, 5th; Farley, Mc pinned Hoch, 1:50; Hoch pinned Ney, Russell, 3:35; Hoch pinned Winter, Ellis, 3:19; 5th—Hoch pinned Ney, Russell, 2:36

145—Jacob Colglazier, L, 6-13, 8th; Haag, Ellis pinned Colglazier;Thompson, Pratt pinned Colglazier, 1:10; Anguiano, Ulysses pinned Colglazie, 2:56; 7th—Johnson SE, pinned Colglazier, 3:40

160—Samajay Alboyd, L, 24-3, 2nd; Alboyd  pinned Vopat, Ellsworth, 1:55; Alboyd def. Lamatsch, Pratt, injury; Alboyd pinned Garcia, Ulysses, 3:07; 1st—Elliott, Buhler def. Alboyd, 3-0

170—Nathanael Pfortmiller, L, 10-8, 7th; Pfeifer, Ellis pinned Pfortmiller, 1:45; Frantz, Mc pinned Pfortmiller, 1:10; Pfortmiller pinned DeLair, Ellsworth, 0:44; Whitmer, Russell pinned Pfortmiller, 3:03

220—Carter Atteberry, L, 17-4, 1st; Atteberry pinned Lewis, Ellis, 0:58; Atteberry pinned Koch, Oakley, 6:00; 1st—Atteberry pinned Childs, Buhler, 4:52

285—Konner Dill, L, 4-21, 8th; Jackson, SE pinned Dill, 1:53;Self, Russell pinned Dill, 3:26; Brack, Ellis pinned Dill, 2:39; Villezcas, Ulysses pinned Dill, 0:58; 7th—Brack, Ellis pinned Dill, 5:39