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Larned wrestling results


113—Aaron Ramirez, GB (7-12), 4TH; Ramirez pinned Pederson, Hutchinson, 2:01; Juenemann, Hoxie def. Ramirez, 6-4; Lind, Hays def. Ramirez, 8-6; Ramirez pinned Bough, Kingman, 2:28; 3RD—Moore, Scott City def. Ramirez, 3-1

126—Luis Gonzalez, GB (7-14), 4TH; Gonzalez def. Mendoza, Chaparral, 14-11; Gonzalez pinned Martinson, Hays, 0:44; Robidoux, Hutchinson pinned Gonzalez, 4:11; Luce, Lakin def. Gonzalez, 17-2; 3RD—Eldredge, Hutchinson pinned Gonzalez, 2:53

132—Caidynn Melton, GB (5-5), 7TH; Melton def. Ochoa, DC, 10-8; Lisenby, Scott City pinned Melton, 1:31; Johnson, Hutchinson pinned Melton, 1:31; Melton pinned Lewis, Hoisington, 0:40; 7TH—Melton pinned Hayes, Ellinwood, 1:00

150—Cruz Folk-Robinson, GB (4-14), 13TH; Martinez, Ellinwood pinned Folk-Robinson, 3:58; Gomez, Hoxie pinned Folk-Robinson, 4:02; Christians, Hutchinson pinned Folk-Robinson, 2:53; Folk-Robinson def. Roth, Phillipsburg, 3-2; 13TH—Folk-Robinson def. Gordon, Kingman, injury

157—Kenton Grauerholz (1-20); Johnson, Phillipsburg Grauerholz, 1:41; Geist, Hays pinned Grauerholz, 0:32; Cooley, Liberal pinned Grauerholz, 2:38; Minkler, Phillipsburg pinned Grauerholz, 0:47

165—Nathan Campbell (0-11); Burns, Stafford pinned Campbell, 0:27; Macias, Hays pinned Campbell, 0:16; Mater, Hoisington pinned Campbell, 0:48; Nickelson, Stafford pinned Campbell, 0:53

9TH—Anderson (Hutchinson) 1-4 won by fall over Nathan Campbell (Great Bend) 0-11 (Fall 0:21)

215—Ryder Morris, GB (9-16), 3RD; McBeth, Kingman def. Morris, 7-2; Morris pinned Beims, Ulysses, 3:00; Trejo, Liberal def. Morris, 5-2; Howard, Hoisington pinned Morris, 2:20

285—Jordan Angel, GB (1-16), 8TH;  Dinkins, Liberal pinned Angel, 0:38; Wilder, Larned pinned Angel, 1:43; Angel def. Mendoza, Hutchinson, injury; 7TH—Clifton, Liberal pinned Angel, 1:55


120—Nolan Jacobs, H (4-4), 7TH; Kasselman, Scott City pinned Jacobs, 1:00; Jacobs pinned Zepeda, Liberal, 1:49; Stowell, Hutchinson pinned Jacobs, 1:29; Howell, Phillipsburg pinned Jacobs, 4:59; 7TH—J acobs pinned Fabian Lopez, Hoisington, 2:19; Myers, Hays pinned Lopez, 1:59; Haley, Chaparral pinned Lopez, 0:26;; Lopez def. Romero, Ulysses, injury; Atkerson, Hays def. Lopez, 13-4

132—Eli Lewis, H (4-20), 9TH; Wiebe, Scott City pinned Lewis, 1:44; Lewis def. Hernandez, Liberal, 8-6; Latham, DC pinned Lewis, 1:36; Hayes, Ellinwood pinned Lewis, 0:34; 7TH—Melton, GB pinned Lewis  0:40

138—Micheal Hipp, H (19-9), 1ST; Hipp pinned Quezada, DC, 1:32; Hipp pinned Flores, Liberal, 0:58; Hipp pinned Evans, Hutchinson, 2:05; Hipp pinned John, Scott City, 1:59; 1ST—Hipp def. Cervantes, DC, 15-0

144—Taylen Morales, H (16-14), 2ND; Morales pinned Rohrbough, Scott City, 0:51; Morales pinned Bergkamp, Lakin, 2:33; Morales pinned Ludwig, Pratt, 2:45; Morales def. Shields, Phillipsburg, 7-0; 1ST—Cook, Scott City pinned Morales, 3:52

165—Alex Mater, H (14-16), 2ND; Mater def. Macias, Hays, 5-3; Mater pinned Nickelson, Stafford, 1:21; Mater pinned Campbell, GB, 0:48; Mater pinned over Burns, Stafford, 1:31; 1ST—Jacob Colglazier, Larned def. Mater, 8-2

215—Tamari Howard, H (8-8), 2ND;  Howard pinned Beims, Ulysses, 2:20; Howard pinned McBeth, Kingman, 0:28; Howard pinned Morris, GB, 2:20; 1ST—Trejo, Liberal def. Howard, 2-1

285—Noah Deines, H (11-4), 3RD; Deines pinned Trejo, Liberal, 1:38; Deines pinned Clifton, Liberal, 4:29; Deines def. Nichols, Hays, injury; Cabrera, Liberal def. Deines, 6-4; 3RD—Deines def. Mendoza, Hutchinson, forfeit 


150—David Colglazier, L (2-3), 10TH; Graham Hutchinson pinned Colglazier, 2:28; Groth, Lakin pinned Colglazier, 4-2; Colglazier def. Roth, Phillipsburg, 3-1; Colglazier def. Martinez, Ellinwood, 11-0; 9TH—Eddington, Hutchinson pinned Colglazier, 3:00

157—Matthew Figger, L (2-3), 6TH; Figger pinned Minkler, Phillipsburg, 2:15; Figger pinned Gattis, Kingman, 1:24; Miller, Hutchinson def. Figger, 22-13; Dougherty, Phillipsburg pinned Figger, 0:53; 5TH—Geist, Hays def. Figger, 16-5

165—Jacob Colglazier, L (5-0), 1ST; Colglazier pinned Aguilar, Ulysses, 2:29; Colglazier def. Merritt, Ellinwood, 10-7; Colglazier pinned Anderson, Hutchinson, 0:31; Colglazier pinned Halbert, Hutchinson, 0:52; 1ST—Colglazier def. Mater, Hoisington, 8-2

285—Joseph Wilder, L (1-3), 6TH; Mendoza, Hutchinson pinned Wilder, 3:33; Wilder pinned Angel,1:43; Dinkins, Liberal pinned Wilder, 1:11; 5TH—Trejo, Liberal pinned Wilder, 4:27


132—Adam Hayes, E (6-18), 8TH; Herl, Hoxie pinned Hayes, 1:00; Couchman, SC pinned Hayes,  0:46; Hayes pinned Lewis, Hoisington 4-20  0:34; Melton, GB  pinned Hayes, 1:00

150—Gabe Martinez, E (5-15), 11TH; Martinez  pinned Folk-Robinson, GB, 3:58; Christians, Hutchinson pinned Martinez, 1:36;  Gomez, Hoxie pinned Martinez, 1:34; Colglazier, Larned def. Martinez, 11-0; 11TH—Martinez pinned Hassel, Phillipsburg, 2:11

157—Zach Siefers, E (2-20); Dougherty, Phillipsburg pinned Siefers, 0:16; Pablo, Liberal pinned Siefers, 0:19; Gattis, Kingman pinned Siefers, 1:37;  Johnson, Phillipsburg pinned Siefers, 0:41

165—Cason Merritt, E (12-20), 4TH; Merritt pinned Anderson Hutchinson, 2:25; Colglazier, Larned def. Merritt, 10-7; Merritt pinned Halbert, Hutchinson, 3:48; Merritt pinned Aguilar, Ulysses, 2:25; 3RD—Macias, Hays def. Merritt, 9-4

190—Jonas Kern, E (0-12), 10TH; Mendoza, Ulysses pinned Kern, 0:43; Browning, Scott City pinned Kern, 2:03;  Zimmerman, Hays pinned Kern, 0:14; McQueen, Hutchinson pinned Kern, 0:29; 9TH—Roth, Phillipsburg pinned Kern, 2:57


144—Lane Schwab, S (11-24), 5TH; Schwab def. Rosales, Ulysses, injury; Cook, Scott City pinned Schwab, 1:39; Schwab pinned Neidermann, Kingman, 1:38; Schwab pinned Varela, Scott City, 2:08; Ludwig, Pratt pinned Schwab, 2:06

165—Zander Nickelson, S (2-4), 6TH; Mater, Hoisington pinned Nickelson, 1:21; Nickelson def. Keaton Burns, Stafford, 11-6; Macias, Hays pinned Nickelson, 1:36; Nickelson pinned Campbell, GB, 0:53; 5TH—Aguilar, Ulysses pinned Nickelson, 2:56; Keaton Burns, S (8-17); Burns pinned Campbell, 0:27; Macias pinned Burns, 4:43; Mater pinned Burns, 1:31; 7TH—Halbert, Hutchinson pinned Burns, 2:17