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Larned's Ava Mull finishes state runner-up
Two Cardinals wrestle for third place
Ava Mull

SALINA – Council Grove's No. 2 ranked Jolier Ziegler edged Larned's Ava Mull 4-3 for the 170-pound 4-1A state wrestling championship. Mull (29-2) lost an overtime tiebreaker to Ziegler last week at 4-1A substate.

Mull advanced to the finals with a pin over Fort Scott' s Russell (3:54) and a 7-2 victory over Abilene's No. 5 ranked Lyndsey Buechman 7-2. Buechman upset Baldwin's No. 1 ranked Hayleigh Wempe 6-2 in the quarterfinals.

Hoisington earned a pair of fourth-place finishes by Sheena Gocela (22-9, 101) and Emily Lovett (22-10, 120). 

Burlington's No. 3 ranked M.J. Huff pinned Gocela (3:26) for third place. Fort Scott's Montojo pinned Gocela in the semifinals (3:36). 

Oakley's No. 3 ranked Mikyah Cain edged Lovett 2-1 for third place. Lovett lost 10-1 to Rossville's Kendra Hurla in the quarterfinals.


101–1–No. 1 Bosserman, Oakley def. No. 2 Montojo, Fort Scott, 5-3; 3–No. 3 M.J. Huff, Burlington pinned No. 4 Sheena Gocela, Hoisington, 3:26; 5–Lopez, Burlingame pinned No. 5 Greene, Cimarron, 1:25; CONSOLATION–Gocela def. Greene, 2-0; SEMIS–Bosserman def. Huff, 6-3; Montojo pinned Gocela, 3:36; QUARTERS–Bosserman def. Soman, Ottawa, 7-0; Huff pinned Greene, 0:45; Gocela def. Maliyah Lopez, Burlington, 6-1; Montojo def. Herrman, Pratt, 2:31

120–No. 2 Hurla, Rossville pinned No. 1 Younger, Paola, 3:47 3–No. 3 Cain, Oakley def. No. 4 Emily Lovett, Hoisington, 2-1; 5–No. 5 Reck, Coffeyville def. No. 6 Jaeger, Colby, 6-5; CONSOLATION–Lovett pinned Reck, 1:32; SEMIS–Younger pinned Heck, 0:37; Hurla pinned Cain, 5:01; QUARTERS–Younger pinned Smyth, Plainville, 0:34; reck def. Jaeger, 4-3; Hurla def. Lovett, 10-1

170–1–No. 2 Jolie Ziegler, Council Grove def. No. 3 Ava Mull, Larned, 4-3; 3–No. 5 Buechman, Abilene def. No. 4 Cokeley, Douglass, 6-3; 5–No. 1 Wempe, Baldwin pinned Isch, Burlington, 1:46; SEMIS–Mull def.; Buechman, 7-2; Ziegler pinned. Cokeley, 0:21; QUARTERS–Mull pinned Russell, Fort Scott, 3:54; Buechman def. Wempe, 6-2; Ziegler def. Isch, 3-1; Cokeley pinned Dodd, Eureka, 4:23 


109–1–Cullens, Wellington def. Pflaster, Abilene, 6-4; 3–Saporito, Columbus pinned Cagle, Fort Scott, 4:17; 5–Ortiz, Lakin def. Clements, Chanute, 8-2

115–1–Ortiz, Lakin def. Allen, Indy, 5-0; 3–Thompson, Pratt def. Lacock, Rossville, 5-1; 5–Codney, Burlington pinned Rozell, Douglass, 1:58

126–1–Knecht, Paola pinned Konrade, Winfield, 0:17; 3–Tindle, Fredonia def. Gross, Holton, 3-2; 5–Cranwell, Ellis def. Rusk, Fort Scott, 9-7

132–1–Blake, Mission Valley def. Rose, Marysville, 2-1; 3–Porsch, Hoxie pinned Hoglel, SL, 2:33; 5–High, Augusta def. Hain, Wellington, 6-4

138–1–Schanz, Mulvane pinned Holt, Circle,3:55; 3–Darnell, Baldwin pinned Peters, SV, 3:54; 5–Morrison, Rawlins Co. def. Ogden, RV, 4-2

143–1–Swift, Pratt def. Haag, Ellis, 4-2; 3–Boyle, Trego pinned Grossoehme, Baldwin, 1:29; 5–Schmidt, Circle def. Escareno, Eureka, 14-5

155–1–Weidl, Ottawa def. King, Oskaloosa, 13-5; 3–Giddings, Mc pinned Horton, SL, 0:45; 5–Thompson, Pratt pinned Kinsey, Nickerson, 2:55

191–1–Forbes, Effingham pinned Colvert, Tonganoxie, 5:37; 3–Tolle, SV def. Lanning, SC, 7-5; 5–Miller, Nickerson pinned Sholander, Douglass, 2:18

235–1–Schweizer, Buhler pinned Armbruster, Chapman, 3:04; 3–Hargett, Baldwin pinned Burns, Wellington, 2:03; 5–Meredith, Sabetha pinned Halliburton, PV, 2:24